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How to Make Money on Vinted: A Step by Step Guide 

Embracing the sustainable fashion trend, many are turning to Vinted to transform their wardrobes into cash.

With the rise of online resale, decluttering meets profit-making. Whether it’s designer clothes or seasonal pieces, discover the ins and outs of selling on Vinted with this essential guide.

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Listing Your Clothes: A Step-by-Step Process

Ready to sell your old clothes for extra cash on Vinted? Here’s our step by step guide.

Uploading Pictures:

A picture is worth a thousand words. Start by taking clear, well-lit photographs of the clothing items you’re selling. A white background or any neutral setting works best to make the item pop.

If there are any marks or slight damages on the clothing, ensure you capture those too. Transparency is key to building trust with potential buyers.

Some sellers even add videos, which can dramatically improve your chances of a sale.

Crafting the Perfect Title:

The title is the first thing a potential buyer sees. Make it descriptive and keyword-rich. For example, “Mint Condition Vintage Levi’s Jeans” gives the buyer a clear picture and boosts visibility in search results.

Writing a Detailed Description:

This is where you can truly sell the appeal of your item. Provide measurements, fabric details, and any other specifics.

Give styling tips or suggest other clothing items it pairs well with. Mention the brand and condition. It helps in attracting buyers looking for specific brands or designer clothes.

Pricing Strategy:

Pricing your items correctly is pivotal to ensure they sell. Check out similar items on Vinted to gauge the average price range. Remember, being open to negotiation can speed up the selling process.

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Sending Items you have Sold

Once your item sells, the next big step is ensuring it reaches the buyer seamlessly.


Presentation can enhance the buyer’s unboxing experience. Consider using recyclable packaging or reusing delivery bags. A personalised thank-you note can also make a big difference.

Shipping Costs:

Vinted provides multiple shipping options. As a seller, you can choose who bears the shipping cost. Some sellers opt to incorporate it into the item’s price, offering ‘free shipping’ as an attractive proposition for buyers.

sell clothes online, selling clothes.

Receiving Payments:

One of the standout features of Vinted is its secure payment process. When a buyer makes a payment, the amount goes into a holding area within Vinted’s payment system.

Once the buyer receives the item and confirms its condition, the payment is released. Sellers can either withdraw this to their bank account or use it as credit to buy other items on Vinted.

Always remember to retain your post office receipt as proof of postage to ensure there are no hiccups in the payment process.

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How to Use SEO to Increase Vinted Sales

When it comes to selling online, it’s not just about having great items to sell but also about making sure potential buyers can find them.

Just like how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for ranking websites on search engines, similar principles apply when listing products on platforms like Vinted.

Here’s how you can leverage SEO tactics to increase your sales on Vinted:

Keywords in Titles and Descriptions:

Research popular search terms:

Think about what potential buyers might type into Vinted’s search bar when looking for items similar to yours. These are your target keywords.

Optimise your title:

Make sure to incorporate the most relevant keyword for your item in the title. If you’re selling a “vintage denim jacket,” those words should definitely appear in your listing title.

Detailed descriptions:

When describing your item, naturally weave in related keywords. This not only increases the chances of your listing showing up in searches but also gives potential buyers all the information they need.

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High-Quality Photos:

While not directly an SEO tactic, clear, high-quality photos can impact how often your listing is clicked on when it does appear in search results.

The more clicks and interactions a listing gets, the more ‘relevant’ it can seem to Vinted’s internal search algorithms, potentially boosting its visibility.

Engage with the Vinted Community:

The more active and reliable you are as a seller, the better your overall profile might rank. This can indirectly benefit your individual listings.

Respond promptly to queries, engage in forums, and maintain a good seller rating.

Price Competitively:

Conduct market research on Vinted to understand the going rate for items similar to yours.

While pricing isn’t a traditional SEO factor, items that are priced right are more likely to sell, leading to better reviews and more visibility.

Use Tags and Categories Wisely:

Vinted allows you to tag your items and place them in specific categories. Ensure you’re using the most relevant tags and categories, as these can influence how your item appears in filtered search results.

Encourage Reviews:

Just as online reviews can boost a website’s SEO, positive reviews can boost your seller profile on Vinted.

A higher seller rating can increase trust and, in turn, sales. After a successful sale, kindly remind buyers to leave a review.

Incorporating these SEO-inspired tactics can help you maximise your visibility on Vinted, bringing your listings in front of more potential buyers and increasing your chances of making a sale.

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Final Thoughts

Selling on Vinted is more than just a transaction; it’s an experience. It’s about giving clothes a second life, promoting sustainable fashion, and making some extra cash along the way.

Whether you’re offloading designer gear or kids clothes, Vinted is the platform where every item finds its new home. So, dive into your wardrobe, start listing, and watch as your old favourites transform into treasure for another.

Learn More about Vinted:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about selling your unwanted clothes on Vinted? Well we answer the most common questions here.

Is it worth selling things on Vinted?

Vinted provides a platform for users to sell their pre-loved clothes, accessories, and more. Many users find value in decluttering their wardrobes, connecting with a community of fashion enthusiasts, and making some extra cash in the process.

How do sellers get paid on Vinted?

Once an item is sold and the buyer confirms its receipt in good condition, the payment is released from Vinted’s payment service provider. The seller can see this under their ‘Available Balance’ and can then withdraw the money to their associated bank account or use it to make purchases on Vinted.

How can I increase sales on Vinted?

High-quality photos, detailed descriptions, competitive pricing, and active engagement with potential buyers can boost your sales. Regularly updating your listings and offering bundle discounts can also attract more buyers.

Is shipping easy with Vinted?

Vinted simplifies the shipping process by offering integrated shipping options. Once an item sells, Vinted provides the seller with a shipping label, making the process straightforward.

What if a buyer isn’t satisfied with their purchase on Vinted?

Buyers have a set timeframe after receiving an item to mark it as ‘received’ and leave a review. If there’s a dispute about the item’s condition, Vinted offers a protection system to mediate between the buyer and seller.

How does Vinted compare to other online selling platforms?

While there are many platforms to sell clothes online, Vinted stands out for its user-friendly interface, focus on community, and no listing fees for sellers. However, it’s always a good idea to explore multiple platforms to see which aligns best with your selling goals.

Are there any restrictions on what I can sell on Vinted?

Vinted is primarily designed for selling clothing, accessories, and beauty items. It’s essential to ensure that items are in good condition and meet Vinted’s selling criteria. Prohibited items are listed in Vinted’s terms and conditions.

Can I sell men’s and kids’ clothing on Vinted?

Yes, Vinted isn’t just for women’s fashion. You can list and sell men’s clothing, kids’ clothing, and even handmade or unique vintage items.

What happens if my item doesn’t sell on Vinted?

If an item doesn’t sell, you can consider adjusting the price, enhancing the listing photos, or updating the description. Alternatively, you can delist the item or try selling it on other platforms such as Poshmark and Depop.