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The Best Free Stock Photo Websites to use in 2024

If you’re a blogger, use of images is crucial. Creating your own images is highly encouraged, but it’s time-consuming. With free stock photo websites, you can save time and money.

In this guide, we list free stock photo websites perfect for bloggers.


free stock photo websites

1. Pexels

For free stock photos you can use anywhere in your content, Pexel is your best bet. Free for commercial use, you can find thousands of beautiful photos taken from free images sources. Founded in 2014, Pexels has over 1 million royalty-free images to use in your content.

You can find photos on nature, food, people, fashion, lifestyle and more. All photos available on Pexels are under the Creative Commons Zero license. As such, they are available for personal and commercial use.


free stock photo websites

2. Pixabay

With over 2.2 million stunning free images, Pixabay is another free stock photo site perfect for bloggers. Launched in 2010, it is a vibrant community of photographers and creatives who share copyright-free images for all to use.

On Pixabay, you can search for various stock images- nature, flowers, money, business, food, office, computer, wallpaper and more. Like Pexel, all photos on Pixabay are also released under the Creative Common Zero license.


free stock photo websites

3. Gratisography

Gratisography has the quirkiest collection of free stock images for bloggers. All images are high resolution, and you can use them for your personal and commercial projects. The owner of Gratisography is Ryan McGuire, a graphic and web designer. He offers a collection of more than 500 high-resolution photos of his own authorship.

All photos are unique and available under a custom license, similar to the Creative Commons Zero. If you’re looking for unique stock photos and illustrations, we recommend Gratisography.


free stock photo websites

4. Flickr

Flickr is one of the earliest and most popular free stock photo websites. Launched in 2004, it’s a photo-sharing and hosting website with powerful features. Flickr has an active and engaged community of creatives.

Each day, over 3.5 million images get uploaded on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons License, the photos are free to use. To find a photo(s) for your blog, visit the Flickr.



5. Skitterphoto

Skitterphoto is a photo-sharing site for public domain photos. You can find all types of photos – animals, food and drinks, music, people, sports, business and finance. Since the images are usually licensed under the Creative Commons Zero, you can use them in your personal and commercial projects.

On Skitterphoto, you don’t need to sign up to download or search for photos. But if you want to upload unique images to share with the world, sign up for an account. It’s free.



6. Life of Pix

For free high-resolution photos, check out Life of Pix. Life of Pix is an incredible community of creatives and photographers who want to share their best photos with the world. The stock photo site has a fine selection of unique high-resolution images you can use in your blog. Life of Pix has an easy to use search function, which allows you to discover their amazing collection.



7. Unsplash

For beautiful, free images you can use in your blog, check out Unsplash. Headquartered in Montreal, Unsplash generates more than 17 billion photo impressions per month. Over 207,000 photographers add unique photos daily to Unsplash’s library of over 2 million photos.

On Unsplash, you can find free images on nature, people, feelings, art, music, technology and more. You don’t need to sign up to search or download photos for use on your blog. All photos are currently licensed under Creative Commons Zero. You can use them for your personal and professional projects. But Unsplash forbids image compiling.

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8. has an ever-expanding collection of beautiful stock photos. Licensed under Creative Common Zero, you can use these photos with no attribution required. Every week, creatives add hundreds of high-resolution images, free from copyright restrictions.

On, you can find stock images on technology, nature, health, love, food, business, family and more. To find the perfect photos for your blog post, use search function.


9. Snapwire Snaps

Snapwire Snaps has an extensive collection of free stock photos. As a visual content platform, it collaborates with creators to offer a selection of high-resolution photos. In fact, it collaborates with more 200,000 talented photographers. To keep the feed fresh, photographers upload new photos every day.



10. Canva

Canva is a graphic design platform that you can use to create presentations, posters, and other visual content. Founded in 2012, Canva allows you to create beautiful designs together with your team.

Thanks to its drag and drop feature, you can edit photos and images for use on your blog. Canva is free to use, but you need to create an account to save your projects and download your complete designs. They do have an Android app which allows you to create visual content on the go.

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11. Good Stock Photos

Good Stock Photos is a free stock photo-sharing website. It’s owned by Steven Ma, a marketer and web designer. He shoots and uploads several photos each week. Today, Good Stock Photos has a collection of over 1000 unique photos.

Free to use even for your commercial projects, the Good Stock Photos collection has a strong editorial influence. To grant free usage to bloggers and others, Steven Ma uses a custom license. This license restricts selling, redistributing or compiling of the photos.


12. Kaboompics

For the best stock images, check out Kaboompics. Kaboompics is a photo-sharing site where you can download images for use in your projects. Owned by Karolina, over 83,000 people from more than 209 countries visit Kaboompics.

Downloaded more than 21 million times, these photos appear on sites such as Forbes, CNN, BBC, HubSpot, BuzzFeed and more. To find the perfect photo on Kaboompics, use its super search engine.


13. Rawpixel

Get royalty free photos and public domain illustrations from Rawpixel. Rawpixel is a stock photos website that has diverse photos you can use in your projects. Headquartered in the UK with a creative hub in Thailand and Bangkok, Rawpixel offers three membership plans.

The free plan allows you to download ten images per day from the Rawpixel free collection. For unlimited downloads for personal use, select Casual membership($3/m). For unlimited downloads for commercial use, choose the Business plan($19/m).

14. Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos started as a simple solution for a social media agency called Sculpt. In 2014, the team at Sculpt saw the potential in Startup Stock Photos. They launched the site as a host for free, high-quality stock photos.

Today, tens of millions worldwide have downloaded photos from Startup Stock Photos. They’ve been made into social media posts, blog posts and trending memes. All Startup Stock Photos images are currently licensed under Creative Commons Zero, and you can use them in your blog without credit.



15. Styled Stock

Are you looking for feminine themed photos for your blog? Styled Stock is a feminine stock photo-sharing site with freestyles images. Full of high-resolution images portraying feminine topics, Styled Stock photographers submit all photos.

They are totally free, and you can use the photos for any commercial or non-commercial project. However, image copyright remains the property of the photographer.


16. Libreshot

Libreshot is an aggregator of free stock photos. Owned by Martin Vorel, Libreshot started as a personal project to host free stock photos for non-commercial and commercial use. The site owner uploads all photos, and you can use them without attribution.

However, the site owner requests that you link the images to Libreshot. The images have no watermark, and you can download them for free.


17. New Old Stock

Are you looking for vintage photos free of any copyright restrictions? New Old Stock is a photo-sharing site that offers a collection of vintage images. Created by Cole Townsend, New Old Stock has over 1500 vintage images available for free.

Cole selects and aggregates the photos from Flick Commons listed institutions such as NASA, museums and others. All these vintage photos are available for free.


18. Scatter jar

For free food photographs, check out Scatter jar. The photo-sharing site hosts thousands of delicious free food photographs. Free to download and use for commercial projects, these images celebrate food photography.

Available in high resolution, new food photos get added every month. You can browse the growing collection of cakes, fruits, vegetables, drinks and many more. The photos are perfect if you’re blogging about recipes, healthy eating and many more.



19. FoodiesFeed

Another stock photo-sharing site perfect for food bloggers is FoodiesFeed. The site has thousands of stock free images for you to browse. You can find photos of coffee, cake, pizza, meat and others. If you’re looking for top view photos of food, check out FoodiesFeed.

Each month, users worldwide view over 108,732 photos and download more than 1.7 million photos. All images are free and licensed under the Creative Common Zero license.


20. Barn Images

Find free high-resolution images to use on your blog at Barn Images. Launched in 2015 by Roman Drits and Igor Trepeshchenok, Barn Images redefines traditional stock imagery. It offers fresh and unique images that you’ll not find anywhere else.

That is why the team behind Barn Images refers to their collection as “non-stock.” Each week, they add new images to their ever-growing collection. The photos are available for free, but you can consider donating in support of the site.


21. NegativeSpace

NegativeSpace is a community of talented photographers who want to share with the world. The site offers a platform where photographers can share high-resolution images. NegativeSpace has something for everyone.

You can check out its categories: animals, business, food, nature, people, sport, street, transport and work. All photos are free in cost and use under a Creative Commons Zero License.


22. Splitshire

Download free stock images with no copyright restrictions from Splitshire. Launched in 2014 by Daniel Nanescu, Splitshire started as a side project. Since then, people worldwide have downloaded millions of photos.

Today, the site has a vast collection of free stock photos and high-resolution images. Licensed under the Creatives Common Zero license, the photos are free to use in your commercial projects.


23. RGBStock

With more than 110,000 stock photos and images, RGBStock has valuable images you can use in your blog. Created by a group of talented graphic artists, RGBStock offers high-quality images on a plethora of subjects and styles.

These images are usually sourced from the site founders and user submissions. You can download them for free and use them in your personal and commercial projects.

commercial purposes

24. PikWizard

With a vast library of royalty free photos, PikWizard is your best source for high-quality images. The site has over 1 million free stock photos in its image library. Under PikWizard’s free licensing model, you can download the images for free to use in your personal and commercial projects.

Grouped into popular topics, it’s easy to search the site and download photos. Besides the royalty-free images, PikWizard offers free stock videos with no attribution required.

commercial purposes

25. FreeStocks

FreeStocks is a stock photo-sharing site that has an extensive collection of themed photos. There are several categories, such as animals, fashion, people, nature, and many more. These photos are under popular tags such as black, blue, autumn and more.

All stock images are available in high resolution. Licensed under Creative Commons Zero, you can use them in your personal and commercial projects. FreeStocks allows for redistribution and resale of its stock photos.

commercial purposes

26. PicJumbo

PicJumbo is the best site to find beautiful images you can use on your blog. Launched in 2013, PicJumbo stock photos are 100% free with no watermark. Victor Hanacek launched PicJumbo after stock photo sites rejected his images citing lack of quality. Two years after launching the site, people downloaded more than 2.5 million stock photos.

free stock photo platform

27. Albumarium

Albumarium is another photo-sharing site where you can find and share beautiful stock photos. The brains behind Albumarium is Vilem Ries, a Swiss UI designer. All stock photos are categorised into albums as follows nature, people, babies, dogs, cats, redheads, woods, love and much more.

You can choose from over a thousand beautiful images licensed under the Creative Commons 2.0 license. The license allows for commercial use of the images as well as modification.

free photos

28. Burst

For stunning images perfect for websites and blogs, check out Burst. Powered by Shopify, Burst has an image library with thousands of high resolution and royalty-free images. Shopify developed the free stock photo platform to provide bloggers with easy access to beautiful stock photos.

All the photos are free for commercial use with no attribution required. You can crop, add filters, add text and resize the photos.

free photos

29. Foca Stock

Foca Stock is a provider of free stock photos licensed under the Creative Commons Zero. Formerly known as MMT Stock, Jeffrey Betts created it. Launched in 2014, Jeffrey developed the site to share his passion for photography with the world.

Over the years, he took countless photos which now are part of the Foca Stock collection. The photos span many categories, including workspaces, city scenes, nature and others.

free photos

30. Stockvault

With over 137,222 free photos, Stockvault is the best free stock photo library where you can find photos for your blog. It has thousands of photos of animals, people, streets and buildings. The site also has a large collection of free textures ranging from paint, rock to plastic and wood.

Stockvault is free to browse, and all images are 100% free. You can modify any way you desire to achieve the best results.

free photos

31. Getrefe

Getrefe is an online marketplace for royalty-free and high-quality stock photos. You can find all types of images – from people to buildings and nature. All photos are always licensed under Creative Commons, and you can use them for commercial and non-commercial projects.

As a stock photo-sharing site, Getrefe allows talented photographers to make money by selling their photos. For each image sold, the talented photographer will earn 50%. The minimum payout is 50%, and earnings are always made at the end of the month.

32. Fancy Crave

For free, trendy stock photos to use on your website or blog, check out Fancy Crave. Developed by Igor, Ovsyannykov, Fancy Crave has a catalogue containing thousands of photos. Tightly curated and organised in theme packs, the photos are under Creative Commons Zero license. As such, they’re free to use for your commercial and non-commercial projects.

free photos

33. ISO Republic

ISO Republic is an independent website. It has a collection of high-resolution stock photos licensed under the Creative Commons Zero license. The site allows users to download, modify and use its photos on blogs and websites.

You can find stock photos of people, city, landscape, travel, animals, textures, fashion, technology, food, nature and more. You don’t need to sign up to download photos. Just browse the site and download your free photo(s).

free photos

34. Reshot

Reshot is a library of non-stocky images you can use on your blog. 100% free with attribution required, the site has thousands of images that span several categories. They include people, nature, food, education, animals, business and technology. All images are usually sourced from talented photographers.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. The top 35 free stock photo websites for bloggers. Now you can download any photos from the stock photo sites above, modify it and post it on your blog.

Remember, always check the license agreement before downloading and using the stock photos. Some of the sites use a custom license that restricts modification, redistribution and resale.

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free stock photo sites

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we answer your questions on finding free stock photos for your small business.

What are stock photos?

Stock photos are professional photographs of common places, landmarks, nature, events, or people that are bought and sold on a royalty-free basis and can be used and reused for commercial purposes.

Where can I find free stock photos?

There are several websites that offer free stock photos. Some popular sites include Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay. These websites have a vast collection of photos that can be downloaded for free.

Are all stock photos royalty-free?

No, not all stock photos are royalty-free. Some photos require you to pay a one-time license fee or a subscription fee to access and use them. However, there are many websites that offer royalty-free images.

Can I use free stock photos for commercial use?

Yes, most free stock photos are available for commercial use. However, it is always recommended to check the license of the photo before using it for commercial purposes.

Do I need to give credit to the photographer?

Some websites require you to give credit to the photographer, while others do not. It is always best to check the website’s license terms before using the photo.

Can I edit the free stock photos?

Yes, most free stock photos can be edited and used in your beautiful designs. However, some websites may have restrictions on the edit and commercial use of the photos.

Are there any websites that offer free stock videos?

Yes, there are websites like Pexels and Pixabay that offer free stock videos as well as photos.

Can I find photos of animals or almost anything specific?

Yes, free stock photo websites usually have a search function that allows users to search for photos of animals, nature, people, and almost anything specific.