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5 Gmail Alternatives

5 Gmail Alternatives for your Business

There’s many Gmail Alternatives which you can use to run your business, in this article we list them all.

Google’s Gmail is the most popular email platform with more than 1.8 billion users worldwide. In 2014, Google introduced Gmail, which quickly replaced Yahoo mail as the best email platform. Today, business people, students and other professionals use Gmail to communicate.

In 2020, the email platform owns 43% of the email service market share. Despite its popularity, some alternatives offer better features such as enhanced security.

In this post, we list the 5 best Gmail alternatives you should try…


ProtonMail is a privacy-focused email service that uses end to end encryption. Founded in 2013, the email service uses client-side encryption to protect user data and email content. This means no one can decrypt and read users emails, even the team at ProtonMail.

Since the servers are currently located in Switzerland, all user data is also protected by strict Swiss privacy laws. As such, third parties cannot access your email, nor does the company keep IP logs. Basically, ProtonMail puts the users’ privacy first.

ProtonMail has a next-generation inbox that helps you access your emails faster. It’s easy to use and optimized for productivity. The user-friendly interface allows users better send, read and organize their emails.

While ProtonMail provides a free basic account, it’s available with limited features, including…

  • 500 MB
  • 150 messages per day
  • Limited support

You can upgrade to Plus (€4/month), Visionary (€24/month) and Professional (€6.25/month/user). The email service is available on Android, iOs and the web.


Another privacy-focused email service is Tutanota. Launched in 2011, Tutanota uses end to end encryption just like ProtonMail. The built-in encryption guarantees users that no one will read or decrypt their email content and user data. It also allows you to send and receive emails with the knowledge that the contents are always protected from prying eyes.

As a free secure email service, Tutanota does not serve ads. As such, there are no distractions when reading, replying and organizing your email. The email service also hosts your business email on secure servers in Germany. Thanks to the Tutanota cloud, businesses enjoy benefits such as…

  • Automatic backup
  • Flexibility
  • Security

This enables companies to save money and time.

The free plan is available for private use only. Users receive 1 GB storage, Tutanota domains only, limited search and one calendar. You can upgrade to Premium (€12) and Teams (€48). Tutanota is available on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS and the web.

Microsoft Outlook

Connect and communicate with family, friends and co-workers with Microsoft Outlook. Outlook is a free email service from Microsoft. Unlike other email providers, Outlook does not scan your emails to serve you ads. What the email client does is bring all your emails in one convenient spot.

Microsoft Outlook comes with other benefits. It offers additional functions such as…

  • Contact management
  • Task managing
  • Calendaring
  • Journal logging
  • Note-taking

You can even customize your inbox and calendar to stay on top of your busy day.

Besides the functions above, Outlook provides other helpful ways to stay organized. For example, you can use your voice to find contacts, people, emails, attachments and events with Search. Instead of typing out message responses, Outlook allows you to use suggested replies. This helps you get tasks done faster.

Outlook is available on Android, iOS and the web. It’s free to sign up, and users receive 15GB of email storage space per free account. For Microsoft 365 subscribers, they get 50GB of space. This option is not available to trial subscribers.

GMX Mail

GMX Mail is a free ad-supported email service. Founded in 1997, GMX Mail has over 20 million customers. It provides individuals and businesses with an opportunity to communicate worldwide.

Security is always a top priority for GMX Mail. In fact, it provides advanced virus protection that scans emails and attachments for all types of malware. It scans inbound and outbound emails for worms, viruses, and trojans, even in compressed files.

Besides virus protection, GMX Mail offers spam protection. It has seven anti-spam modules, ensuring that your email account has less than 98% unwanted emails. GMX Mail allows users to organize appointments, import their address book and manage everything even on the go.

The free plan comes with 65 MB of mail storage. You can also have up to 10 alias addresses and send large attachments up to 50 MB (This is twice the size allowed by Gmail). GMX Mail is available on Android, iOS and the web.

Zoho Mail

Another free Gmail alternative that you will love is Zoho Mail. As an excellent email service, it’s fast and user friendly. It has a powerful control panel that provides access to all settings, customization, and configuration.

Like ProtonMail, Zoho Mail servers have top-notch security with reliable 99.9% uptime. It supports encryption both end to end and at rest, along with MIME message encryption. As a secure email service, it protects your data and that of your organization.

Zoho Mail also offers secure access to your email account across multiple devices. It provides ironclad authentication that keeps out unauthorized persons. One of the security measures that protect your email account is two-factor authentication.

The email provider has a Forever Free plan. It’s free for up to five users, provides 5GB of storage per user and a 25 MB attachment limit. The free plan also includes email hosting for a single domain, web access and free mobile apps.

Final Thoughts

Gmail is an excellent email solution. But with the growing security concerns, it’s critical to start using a privacy-focused email provider. Email providers such as Proton Mail, Tutanota, Zoho Mail and Outlook do not scan your emails to serve you ads. Instead, they put your security and privacy first. To guarantee your privacy, choose one of the secure email providers above.

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