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Pick my Postcode Lottery

How to play Pick my Postcode Lottery in the UK

Pick My Postcode Lottery is one of the UK’s biggest lottery competitions. Formerly known as Free Postcode Lottery, it’s a fun competition that provides free draws every day. Launched in 2011, Pick My Postcode gives away more than £800 to multiple winning postcodes each code.

All you need is a postcode. Winning postcodes are usually selected at random from a list of registered postcodes. If your postcode wins on any of the draws, you can claim your prize.

How Pick My Postcode Lottery Works

All you need to do is register for an account. Visit Pick My Postcode and enter your email plus postcode. Each day at noon, a computer at Pick My Postcode selects a registered postcode randomly for the £200 main jackpot. You don’t need to re-enter your postcode every day.

Once you register your postcode, Pick My Postcode will enter it in all draws except the bonus draw. However, if you stop checking the site for a long period, Pick My Postcode will remove your postcode. If you start checking again, they will add your postcode again.

You must check online before noon the following day to know if you’re a winner. If the £200 prize goes unclaimed, it goes up. The biggest prize ever claimed since Pick My Postcode launched is £2,500. The lottery competition has already awarded several winners with this amount.

If more than one person registers the same postcode, it’s twice likely to be drawn. But both members may split the prize if they check the site and claim the prize. If you’ve more than one property, you cannot register both properties.

To keep the lottery fair, Pick My Postcode requires you to register only one postcode. If found breaking this rule, the lottery competition site will permanently disqualify you from playing. In fact, they will disqualify you without sending a notification.

Multiple people in one property can register the same postcode as Pick My Postcode only allows one entry each.

Pick My Postcode Draws

There are five draw categories:

Main Draw…

In the main draw, a computer picks one of the registered postcodes randomly. The main draw has the biggest prize – £500, but during the coronavirus crisis, it was £200. This draw is usually visible on the Pick My Postcode homepage.

The prize usually rolls over each day if no winner claims the prize. If there are multiple winners, the prize is usually split between the winners. This draw takes place midday every day, and players have until midday the next day to claim their prize. For checking the site each day, Pick My Postcode rewards you with a 1p bonus.

Survey Draw…

This is available on the survey draw page, and the prize is £50. Players may have to answer a survey to see the postcode, while others may see the postcode straightaway. The draw usually takes place midday every day, and you also get a 1p bonus for checking the page. If you win, Pick My Postcode adds the bonus amount to the prize amount.


Prizes are £10 for each postcode. The draw is at 9 AM and 9 PM every day, and players have until the next draw to claim the prize. Only one person can claim the prize per postcode. So, if there are multiple entries for a single postcode, it’s first come, first served. Every time a draw takes place, Pick My Postcode adds three more postcodes.

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Video Draw…

The postcode usually appears after watching a video, and the prize for the draw is normally £100, but during the coronavirus, it was £50. For each day you visit the page, you get a 1p bonus. Like other draws, if there are multiple winners, the prize is usually split between them.

Bonus Draw…

Pick My Postcode has three bonus draws. The first has a bonus of £5 or more, the second has a bonus of £10 or more and the third, £20 or more. The draw happens at noon, and if the prize is not claimed, it rolls over.

£5 Flash Draw…

The £5 Flash Draw appears randomly on different ad slots. Unlike other draws where your bonus is usually added to the prize amount. This is not the case with the £5 Flash Draw. Also, clicking normal ads on the site does not reveal the winning ads faster.

Mini Draw…

This is a sneaky draw that you can find at the bottom of any Pick My Postcode webpage between 6 PM and 2 AM. The prize is £100, and unlike other draws where the prize rolls over if no winner claims it, this does not. There are no multiple winners. One postcode, one winner.

How Do I Claim My Winnings?

If your postcode wins, you should see a collect button. Once you click the button, the Pick My Postcode team will receive a notification containing your email address, prize money and bonus. If you don’t see the collect button, it means:

  • You did not register before the draw
  • Your account has been dormant or in holiday mode
  • Your postcode is not similar to the winning postcode

Pick My Postcode pays via PayPal to your email address. Remember, to be eligible to claim your prize, you must have visited the Pick My Postcode website in the last 7 days.

What Happens If You Mark Pick My Postcode as Spam?

Pick My Postcode sends hundreds of thousands of emails each day. Since the site has a double-opt-in process, you’ll only receive reminder emails if:

  • You verified your email address
  • Registered for an account

If you mark Pick My Postcode emails as spam or junk mail accidentally, it will affect how other members receive their reminder emails. If you do so, Pick My Postcode automatically stops sending reminder emails. To avoid this, re-enable the reminders and whitelist the Pick My Postcode email.

How Does Pick My Postcode Make Money?

Pick My Postcode is an ad-supported site and makes money from all the ads that appear on its sites. This is along with surveys and other freebies. The site does not sell your personal details including your email to third parties. Also, they will never require you to enter your credit card details.

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