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Free Lotteries

Free Lotteries | Where to Play Free Lottery Online 

The chances of winning the lottery are so small that it is almost inevitable that you will spend more money on tickets than you will actually win. This is one of the reasons why free lotteries are so popular. There are several online lotteries that you can enter completely free of charge, and the odds of actually winning a prize are much better.

It is natural to feel a bit sceptical about these sites because it is not often that you get something for nothing. However, the websites are still making money from companies that pay to advertise on the site. The running cost of the website is taken from this money and the rest is used for prizes for members.

If you are looking for legitimate free online lotteries that have a proven track record of paying prizes, then the following list is a good place to start.

List of Free Lotteries you can play in the UK…

Free Lotteries

Pick My Postcode 

Pick my Postcode is one of the longest running and best-known free lotteries that operates in the UK. You can win over £200 in the main draw and this is the biggest prize available in the lotteries on this list. The prize was £500 before the pandemic and so there is always the possibility that it will rise to that amount again in the future. You will need to check the site every day to see if you have won, and you will receive a 1p bonus for each day you log on, which will be added to your prize if you win.

There are also four additional draws that take place each day with prizes that range from £5 to £150. You also need to check on the site to see if you have won one of these draws.

Free Lotteries

Freemoji Lottery

Even though the prize for the Freemoji Lottery is in dollars, the company is based in the UK. In order to win a prize you have to match the five emojis you have chosen with the five that are drawn every day. If you match all five emojis then you can win the current jackpot. This can be into the thousands of dollars if no one has claimed the prize for a while, but the prize is usually claimed before the jackpot gets that high.

There is another draw that takes place every day called the Fivers draw. Five different combinations are drawn here and if one of these matches your chosen emojis then you will win £5.

Free Lotteries

Free Birthdate Lottery

At the Free Birthdate Lottery a random date is chosen from the past on a daily basis, and if this is the day you were born, then you will be a winner. Only dates of birth from registered users are included in the draw so there should be someone that wins every day. Users have to log on to claim their prize but if it is not claimed then it will not rollover. The daily prize for the main draw is £10.

You get another chance to win each day by answering a survey which will reveal another birthdate. The prize for this draw is also £10.

Free Lotteries

Lucky Emoji

Lucky Emoji is another lottery that is based on picking emojis. In this lottery you need to pick three emojis. There are a smaller amount of emojis to choose from in the Freemoji Lottery. The prize does not rollover if it is not claimed and the jackpot amount is currently £10.

You can increase any potential winnings on this site by referring your friends and family. You will receive a bonus amount for every person that signs up and this will be paid on top of the main prize if you were lucky enough to win.

Free Lotteries

Free Lucky Lottery

When you sign up for the free lucky lottery, you will be asked to choose a four digit number. This number will be entered into every draw and you have a 1 in 10,000 chance of winning the jackpot which can be between £10 and £52. You will need to log into your account every day to check whether you have won.

Some of the revenue that Free Lucky Lottery generates is donated to charities that are based in the UK. It has been able to support charities such as Cancer Research, the NSPCC and the Red Cross in the past.

Selfie Lottery

As you may have guessed, you need to take a photo of yourself to participate in the Selfie Lottery. This selfie will be submitted when you register on the site and it will then be entered into the daily draw. The draw takes place at 1PM each day and you have 24 hours to claim your prize if you are a winner. You can also add to the bonus that you will get if you win by taking part in surveys and free trials.

If you do win, then the selfie that you have entered with could be posted on the Selfie Lottery social media channels. However, you can ask them not to do this if you do not want your photo used in this way.

Free National Lotto

To enter the Free National Lotto you will need to choose five numbers that will be entered into every draw. You can’t change these numbers once they have been chosen. The main draw only includes sets of numbers which have been chosen by players so there should always be a winner.

Free National Lotto also has another two draws. You can complete a survey to draw another five numbers and you will win £5 if you match those numbers. 5 Ball picks five numbers completely at random and the odds of matching these are considerably higher. If someone is lucky enough to win the 5 Ball draw, then the prize could be as much as £2000.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of joining a free lottery that is not on this list, then there are things you can check to make sure that the lottery is legitimate. A quick Google of the company name should bring up reviews from other users. You could also check dedicated review sites such as Trustpilot. Social media is also a good place to find out what other people are saying about the company.

There is no reason why you can’t sign up to as many of these free lotteries as you like, which will increase your chances of winning. There is no guarantee that you will win, but as you are not paying to enter, then you do not really have a lot to lose. You need to make sure that you check each site every day so you do not miss out on your prize if you do win.

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