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LIDL Plus App – Save Money on your LIDL Shopping

LIDL is one of the cheapest supermarkets in the UK, and just when you thought you couldn’t save more, the supermarket introduces the Lidl Plus app. This is LIDL’s first loyalty scheme, and it rivals the likes of Sainsbury’s Nectar scheme and others.

Want to know more about the LIDL Plus app, how it works, how to get LIDL coupons and how it can save you money? Here is everything you should know about the LIDL Plus app.

What is the LIDL Plus App?

The LIDL Plus app is a brand new rewards app introduced by the budget retailer to help loyal customers save more when shopping. It offers shoppers personalised deals and bargains based on your favourite products and what you’re buying. Launched in September 2020, the app is available on Android and iOS.

Unlike other supermarket loyalty schemes where you collect points, with LIDL Plus, there are no points. Just instant rewards and savings every time you shop.

When you spend more than £200, you unlock money off coupons. In fact, LIDL will give you a £10 off coupon once you reach your spending targets. Basically, the more you spend at LIDL, the more you save. Each Thursday, you’ll receive 4 new coupons for products sold in-store.

As a lifestyle app, not only does it make your shopping experience better. It allows you to track your spending. This eliminates the need to collect piles of paper receipts. Also, you no longer have to stress about finding a physical loyalty card in your wallet as you get a LIDL Plus digital card once you sign-up and start activating your coupons.

How Does the LIDL Plus App Work?

To use LIDL Plus, download the app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Launch the app and register your details, including your phone number and email address. Registration is simple. Go to the menu at the bottom of your smartphone screen, tap More > Profile > Login or Register. You must be over 18 years to register.

If you’re unable to register, check if you filled all the required fields during registration. Make sure you entered a valid phone number. Once you do so, you should receive a validation code via SMS that you should correctly enter to complete the registration process.

Once you’re in, the app will request you to select your local store. It will display a section for coupons with several deals. Such deals include 15% off Chef Select Asian Ready Meals and Sides, 15% off Bella Caffe and Bellarom Coffee Capsules and Pods, and much more.

To use the coupons you’ve in your app, activate them via the activation button at the bottom of each coupon. You must activate your coupon(s) before getting to the till.

These offers change weekly, and LIDL will take into account what shoppers are buying. All coupons are for one use only and expire within two weeks if you fail to activate them. At checkout, scan your LIDL virtual loyalty card generated by the app. Once you do so, the app will apply all activated coupons. A digital version of the receipt will then appear on your app once you swipe your loyalty card.

My Lidl Plus Coupon Has Not Been Applied to My Purchase. What Can I Do?

On rare occasions, the LIDL Plus app may not apply your activated coupon to your purchase. If this happens, ensures that:

  • You’re logged in to the app
  • You’re registered in the LIDL Plus app
  • The coupon is valid
  • The coupon is activated before scanning your digital card
  • You’ve a good internet connection

You should also check if the item’s final price is lower than the coupon’s price. If this is the case, the LIDL discounts will not apply. You must verify all the points above, and if not working, close and reopen the LIDL Plus app. If this does not work, call 1800 20 10 80 or ask a member of staff in-store.

What is LIDL Coupon Plus?

LIDL added a new feature to its rewards app called Coupon Plus. This feature rewards you with more coupons for spending targets each month. The spending targets are usually high, but it’s easy to reach them if shopping for a big family. For example, if you spend £100, you get a £2 coupon, and if you spend £200, you’ll receive a £10 coupon.

You can spend the coupons earned any time. There is no minimum spend, but you have to hit the spending targets every month. So if you shop at the end of each month, the rewards will not roll over to the next month. The LIDL Plus app will update you on your spending targets each time you scan your QR code.

What are LIDL Plus Partners Offers?

Besides rewarding you with coupons, LIDL loyal customers will benefit from special prices on products at LIDL stores. This is a limited offer. To enjoy the offers, identify yourself as a LIDL Plus member at checkout.

Within the app, there is a tab labelled Partner Offers. Brands associated with LIDL give out these offers. They look like standard offers but are not available for everyone. Examples of partner offers include:

  • Free 2 month Readly magazine subscription
  • 25% off Rakuten TV
  • 20% off Sky TV
  • £25 LIDL Plus coupon when you switch energy with U Switch
  • Free 6 month Day Out With The Kids membership
  • 2 months free Pet insurance with Waggel
  • Up to 40% off cinema tickets with the Cinema Society
  • 50% off LIDL Mudder tickets

These promotions are available to UK residents only.

What is the LIDL Scratch & Win Scheme?

Scratch and Win is a LIDL Plus promotion where everyone’s a winner. When you purchase at a LIDL store, a digital scratch card will appear on your smartphone screen. Before it expires, try your luck by opening your scratch card.

Just run your finger across the screen. If your digital scratch card has a prize, the LIDL Plus app will automatically add it to the “Coupons” section.

How Do I Claim My LIDL Scratch & Win Prize?

All coupons won with Scratch and Win are available through the ‘Treats” section of your LIDL Plus app. Digital scratch card prizes range from 25p to £20. Failed to receive your scratch and win following your purchase? Confirm that you scanned your LIDL Plus digital card when making your purchase.

You should also check that you’ve a good internet connection. Each LIDL Plus member receives a maximum of 1 Scratch and Win per day.

Final Thoughts…

The LIDL Plus app is one of the best supermarket loyalty schemes in the UK. It comes with nifty features such as Scratch and Win, Partner Offers, Weekly Digital leaflets, digital receipts, and coupons. Each week, shoppers have a chance to save, win prizes and unlock exclusive offers. For a tailored, shopping experience, download the LIDL Plus app.