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Schuh imperfects

Schuh imperfects – Save Money buying Ex-Display at Schuh

Schuh Imperfects sells shoes that do not make it into their stores because they are not in perfect condition. They may have small marks or scuffs on them, or they may be shoes that were part of a window display. When you receive the shoes, they may not be in their original packaging. However, this means that they are able to be sold for a fraction of their usual price.

Where can I buy Schuh Imperfects?

You can purchase Schuh Imperfect Shoes directly from the Schuh website in the Imperfects section. You will see photos of the exact shoes that are for sale, so you can see for yourself what the issues are. There will also be a description of the shoes, which should explain why there are in this section. The shoes that they have for sale tend not to be listed on the site for long, as once they have been purchased, they are no longer available for sale.

There is a £3 delivery charge for all orders, whether you have them delivered to your home, or if you arrange for click and collect.

Does Schuh Imperfects Offer A Student Discount?

You can use the same student discount that you get from Schuh when shopping in the Imperfects section. This means you are able to save even more money. Enter the code in the normal way at the checkout, and your discount will be applied.

What Brands Of Footwear Can You Buy On Schuh Imperfects?

There are several other brands that are available on Schuh Imperfects. The stock that they will have in at any one time can vary, but in the past they have had brands such as Ugg and Converse on sale. They sell shoes in adult and child sizes so there is something for the whole family.

There can be over 1000 pairs of shoes at any one time on Schuh Imperfects and so it always worth browsing through to see which brands are on offer at any particular time.

What Is The Average Saving At Schuh Imperfects?

There are shoes for sale on the Schuh Imperfects website that have a discount of up to 80%. However, this does not apply to every pair of shoes. On average, you will save between 25% and 50% on the RRP of the shoes that you buy from Schuh Imperfects.

Can You Return Schuh Imperfects Orders?

You cannot exchange the shoes you have bought from Schuh imperfects for a different size, colour or design. However, you can return your order if you are not completely satisfied. This cannot be done in a Schuh store though, you will have to send the shoes back as a return.


If you can live with your shoes being slightly less than perfect, then buying from Schuh Imperfects can save you a lot of money. You can see exactly what you are getting from the photos on the website, so there is no risk of the shoes being in a worse condition than you expected when you receive them.

Schuh Imperfects is a popular place to buy shoes for children because they tend to be high quality but cheap enough that they can be easily replaced when they no longer fit.

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