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How Much Money can you Save with an Iceland Bonus Card?

Shopping with an Iceland Bonus Card is one way savvy shoppers can save on groceries and a range of household items. With minimal effort, shoppers can save hundreds, if not thousands of pounds every year on purchases with the Bonus Card. Besides saving, shoppers have access to competitions and special deals which allows them to save more money.

So, what is the Iceland Bonus Card? In this post, we take a look at what an Iceland Bonus Card is, how it works, tips to save money and much more.

What is the Iceland Bonus Card?

The Iceland Bonus Card is a savings card that allows shoppers to enjoy savings both in-store and online. Iceland launched the Bonus Card scheme in April 2021, and since then, shoppers have been saving money every time they buy groceries and other products. Not only that. They have had access to exclusive discounts and special offers.

In the UK, there are more than 900 Iceland stores. Since its introduction, more than 1 million shoppers have signed up and downloaded the digital Bonus Card. Members of the Bonus Card scheme can purchase tinned food, fresh meat, and bread. They can also purchase ice-creams, pizza, frozen peas, and other products for a cheaper price than non-members. In fact, the savings are half price in some cases.

Each time shoppers load money onto the Bonus Card, they receive cashback. For every £20 you save, Iceland rewards you with a £1 Bonus. Iceland also offers free Home Delivery service when you spend £25 or more online and in-store.

How Does the Iceland Bonus Card Work?

Unlike other rewards schemes where members earn points every time they shop, Iceland Bonus Card rewards its members with up to £1 Bonus. As a member, you can preload the Bonus Card with your food budget.

Then, use the funds for shopping and Iceland will reward you for doing so. As aforementioned, you can load £20 to your Bonus Card. Every time you spend £20 in Iceland by purchasing groceries and other products, Iceland will reward you with a £1 Bonus.

Previously, shoppers could only use the Iceland Bonus Card in-store. But the retailer extended the scheme to online shoppers allowing members to save even more money.

How Can I Get an Iceland Bonus Card?

There are two ways of getting an Iceland Bonus Card. The first method is where you get a physical card. To do so, visit your local Iceland store to pick up your Bonus Card. Then head to the Iceland website, click “Add a Card” or “Join Bonus Card.”

On the next page, click “Create Account,” then enter your first name, last name, phone number, address, email and password. In the Bonus Card section, check “Yes, I have a card from a store,” then enter the last 11 digits of your Bonus Card. Complete the form, and submit it. Now you’re ready to save on your shopping.

The other option is to download the Bonus Card app. The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store so, simply search for “ Iceland Bonus Card.” It’s compatible with smartphones running at least Android 6 or Apple iOS 11.

Once you download the app, you can shop online via the app, a quick way of doing your weekly shopping. As a member, you’ll also be the first to hear about upcoming promotions, top offers and giveaways.

Remember to carry with you the physical or digital Iceland Bonus Card every time you go shopping. If you forget the card, you’ll not be able to put savings onto your card. If you’re shopping online, you can only add one card but if shopping in-store, you can use multiple Bonus Cards.

How Does the Iceland Bonus Card App Work?

To use your Bonus Card, use your email address and password to sign in to the app. If you cannot remember your password, use the available option to reset it. At the checkout (in-store), your app will generate a barcode which the cashier will scan allowing you to save and claim the benefits of the scheme.

Can I Use the Bonus Card App if I Have the Physical Card?

Yes, you can still use the physical Bonus Card if you already downloaded the app. To enjoy the savings and other benefits, link your physical card with the app. Simply scan the barcode on the physical card and it will show in the app. If you already linked your card online, it should show automatically on your app.

How Do I Check My Bonus Card Balance?

You can check your Bonus Card balance via your app, online or in-store. If checking online, simply sign in, go to “My Account”, click “Bonus Card,” and you should view your balance on your account dashboard. If shopping in-store, check your Bonus Card balance at the bottom of your receipt. But if using the Bonus Card app, you’ll always have your balance with you.

Will My Bonus Card Work in the Food Warehouse?

Yes, your Bonus Card and the app will work at the Food Warehouse Stores. However, offers vary between the two stores. Simply swipe your Bonus Card barcode at the checkout when shopping in-store.

Can I Have My Shopping Delivered for Free With the Bonus Card?

Yes, Iceland can deliver your shopping to your doorstep for free if you’re a member of the Bonus Card scheme. However, there is a minimum spend of £25 for you to qualify for free home delivery.

Besides the minimum spend, your home should be around 10 miles from the nearest Iceland store. Once you shop online, use the Bonus Card to activate free home delivery. Remember, if your shopping is below the minimum spend/order, Iceland will charge you a £3 delivery fee.

Tips To Save Money with your Iceland Bonus Card

To collect great benefits, swipe your Bonus Card at the checkout every time you shop, and you’ll qualify for more offers. When shopping in-store, simply inform the cashier how much you would like to save. Then, Iceland will load it directly to your Bonus Card whenever you want to spend it.

If shopping online, link your Bonus Card to your online account. Now, you can top up and spend your savings online and in-store as well. Basically, if you can add at least £2 to the Bonus Card every week, you’ll have at least £100 or more by Christmas. This includes the extra £1 earned for every £20 you save.

Final Words

The Iceland Bonus Card scheme can help you save more than ever whether shopping in-store or online. Hundreds of thousands of Iceland shoppers are already saving for the big moments throughout the year. As a member, you’ll also receive exclusive promotions, offers, discounts and news allowing you to save more. Always remember to carry your physical Bonus Card or smartphone with the Bonus Card if shopping in-store. Failure to do so means you’ll not enjoy the savings.

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