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Beginners guide to Shopmium

Shopmium App | Claim Free Groceries every week 

Heard about Shopmium and want to know how it can save you money? read on…

What Is Shopmium?

Shopmium is an app that lets you claim cashback on your grocery shopping. It can be downloaded for free for both Android phones and iPhones. It gives you offers on everyday items that you buy from the supermarket. The app was developed in 2011 and was originally only available in France before also becoming available in the UK. 

How Does Shopmium Work?

Using Shopmium works in basically the same way as using coupons. However, instead of redeeming coupons in-store to pay less, you claim the money back once you have paid.

After you have downloaded the app, you can specify how you want to be paid. You can have your cashback paid straight into your bank account or into a PayPal account. You are now ready to start shopping.

When you buy an item that Shopmium has an offer for, you upload the receipt and scan the barcode of the item. After the purchase has been approved, then the cash back will be added to your account ready for you to withdraw.

If you want to be sure that the item you are purchasing is eligible for cash back, then there is a tool within the app that will let you do this. You can scan the barcode of the item while you are in store and it will tell you if there are any offers on that item.

How Much Money Can You Save Using Shopmium?

Shopmium claims that users can save over £50 every week on their shopping when using the app. While there may be this amount in offers, this does not mean that you will save this amount each week.

Some of the offers may be on products that you don’t use, and if you are not getting the full amount back, then there is no real point in buying the item.

Occasionally, there will be offers where you can get an item for free by receiving back all of the money you paid for it. Most of the offers though will only give you a percentage of the overall cost of the item back.

How Long Does Shopmium Take To Pay Out?

Once you have claimed cash back by uploading your receipt, you will need to wait for your purchase to be approved. You should not have to wait more than two days for this. Once it has been approved, then you will be eligible to cash out. You will receive an email from Shopmium when your purchase has been approved.

The amount of time that it takes to get paid by Shopmium depends on the payment method that you have chosen. It takes an average of three days to get paid into your PayPal account. If you have chosen to be paid directly into your bank account, then this can take seven days.

What Is The Shopmium Refer A Friend Scheme?

You can increase the amount of money you earn with Shopmium by referring your friends and family to the app. You will receive £3 when someone signs up to the app and uses your referral link. The person who has signed up will also receive a free item. This is usually a sweet treat such as a jar of Nutella or a tub of ice cream. Your referral will need to purchase the item, but they will receive 100% cash back, which will make the item free for them.


Using Shopmium is a really easy way to save money on your grocery shopping. Although the savings are not as immediate as you would get using coupons, they can soon mount up to a decent amount of money. It is also a lot more convenient than using coupons.

It only takes a few minutes to check through the list of offers each week. You can also search for offers by supermarket, so you can select the store you usually shop at. For only a small amount of effort, Shopmium can make a real difference to the amount you pay for your groceries each week.

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