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University Degrees Most Likely to Make You a Millionaire

We all have dreamt of being millionaires. The good life of yachts, caviar, champagne, private jets and exotic vacation spots. Unfortunately, being a millionaire can remain a dream if you fail to put in effort and time.

One of the best approaches every millionaire has tried and succeeded in is having a university degree. Research shows that a majority of millionaires have been to university. They have put in the time to study to prosper in life.

If you’re thinking of becoming a millionaire, study for a degree. Want to know which university degree will most likely make you a millionaire.

In this guide, we look at  university degrees that will most likely make you a millionaire.


Engineering degrees yield the greatest number of billionaires and millionaires. One of the contributing factors is the number of disciplines the field encompasses. For example, software, civil, electrical, biological and others. As an engineer, you’ll use your experience and skills to create products that meet a specific need.

Highest paying jobs if you have an engineering degree are…

Big Data Engineer – £112,791

Complex data sets pose unique challenges for businesses. They are more difficult to prepare and analyse than simple data. Enter a big data engineer. A big data engineer can create hardware and system architecture that allows others to interpret and use the data.

Petroleum Engineer – £95,949

A petroleum engineer develops methods for discovering new petroleum reservoirs. For example, the engineer develops ways to inject chemicals, water and gases into an oil reserve to force out more gas and oil.

Computer Hardware Engineer – £83,502

For analytical problem solvers, computer engineering is an excellent field.


A medical degree is a long but rewarding course. Most medical degree graduates go on to become doctors. They can work in residential nursing homes, research institutes, private hospitals and more.

In the UK, NHS doctors earn a basic salary of £28,243 to £32,691 in foundation training. If the doctor starts specialist training, the basic salary is £38,694 to £49,036. Here are the high paying jobs in the medical field.

Surgeons and Physicians – £119,004

In the healthcare field, surgeons and physicians are the highest-earning professionals. Surgeons treat patients through surgery. They operate to repair injuries and ailments such as cancerous tumours and broken bones. Physicians diagnose, treat and prescribe medication to patients.

Pharmacists – £92,910

Pharmacists are responsible for dispensing prescription medications to patients. They also offer advice on the safe administering of the medication. This helps to prevent adverse effects.

Podiatrist – £91,568

Podiatrists provide surgical and medical care for ankle, lower leg and foot problems.

Other top-paying jobs in the healthcare world are plastic surgery, otolaryngology, and cardiology.


There is something marvellous about imagining a building and putting the idea on paper or into a computer as a 3D design. Architecture degrees teach how to design and plan out buildings. Key parts of architecture degrees include environmental design and building material studies. You also have architectural history, structural engineering and others.

Throughout your architecture degree program, you’ll take classes in areas such as…

  • Math – geometry, calculus, trigonometry and algebra
  • Science – engineering and physics
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science – Linear programming and 3D modelling
  • Art – art history and drawing

Like marketing and biology, architecture will always be a key part of our lives. Why you may ask. Well, we all go to hospitals, banks, stores, schools and recreational centres. These areas need to be in beautifully designed buildings. This is where architects come in.

Here are career examples in architecture…

Architecture Manager – £109,102

Architecture managers are responsible for solving technical problems preventing project completion. They propose budgets for projects and determine training and equipment needs.

Industrial Architect – £84,140

An industrial architect specialises in integrating industrial building code requirements into industrial buildings. For example, warehouses, power plants, warehouses, storage buildings and factories.

Preservation Architect – £73,985

Preservation architects preserve old buildings with historical value. They do so by making renovations and repairs without altering the building’s appearance.

Architecture is a fantastic degree, and you can make a lot of money as the world is expanding.


Biology is a critical subject for careers in the health and science sectors. Research shows that 56% of professional self-made millionaires are doctors. Dentists and surgeons earn the most money and are wealthy.

In the UK, a general surgeon makes £70,776 while a dentist earns between £50,000 to £110,000. A wholly private dentist can earn £140,000+. Biology is a fast-growing field with highly rewarding jobs, both financially and emotionally.

Here are the highest paying biology jobs.

Oncologist – £139,645

An oncologist coordinates treatment plans for cancer patients and assists with pain management. He orders tests and coordinates with other medical professionals to create a treatment plan.

Physician – £146,801

Physicians treat and diagnose patient injuries and illnesses. They prescribe screening tools and medications to reduce the risk of illness and enable patients to stay healthy.

Microbiologist – £47,106

As a microbiologist, you’ll be studying the smallest of life forms, such as fungi and bacteria. You’ll collect samples, perform research and present findings.

Respiratory Therapist – £49,712

A respiratory therapist examines patients affected by respiratory disorders. He also performs diagnostic tests for respiratory function.

The diversity of opportunities in biology offers you a wide selection of career options.

Computer Science…

Computer Science is one of the most popular college degrees. The demand for computer science whizz kids is continuing to grow thanks to the juggernaut that is the tech industry.

Google is one of the most influential tech companies in the world. Its co-founders – Larry Page and Sergey Brin hold a master of science in computer science from Stanford University. Today, they are both billionaires with a combined net worth of $192.8 billion.

Before they became billionaires, they were millionaires.

Here are the highest paying computer science jobs.

Software Architect – £90,906

A software architect collaborates with stakeholders to determine software requirements. He also creates high-level product specifications and design documents.

Software Developer – £77,982

A software developer is responsible for computer programs and applications. Depending on the field, you must be familiar with the following programming languages – Python, PHP, C++, Java and more.

UNIX System Administrator – £74,909

A UNIX system administrator is responsible for maintaining a UNIX computer system. While many organisations do not use UNIX systems, some do. This explains why UNIX system operators command high pay.

Taking the entrepreneurial route can ensure you become a millionaire. You can build software, web and mobile apps. People are willing to pay a lot of money to have custom-built apps for their businesses.

Mathematics and Statistics…

Galileo once said, “The universe cannot be read until we learn the language and become familiar with the characters in which it’s written. It’s written in mathematical language.” Math is the abstract science of space, numbers and quantity. Statistics is the process of collecting and analysing data for the objecting of inferring proportions.

Fluency and understanding in Math and Statistics is a definite advantage in several disciplines. This explains why the subject has many millionaires. A Mathematics and Statistics degree will teach you to spot patterns in data and make careful predictions about the future.

From engineering to marketing, Math and Statistics are necessary to understand the world around us. For people who love Math and Statistics, the following are the high paying positions:

  • Mathematician – £81,645
  • Statistician – £61,248
  • Physicist – £85,953
  • Mathematical Science teacher – £56,062
  • Operations Research Analyst – £61,059
  • Astronomer – £79,933

If you want to solve problems using mathematical methods in various fields, this is the best career path.


With a marketing degree, you can promote brands, their products and services to customers. As one of the forces that has us chasing after material goods we don’t need, marketers have the skills to convince customers to buy their products.

They are creative, and they use data from market research to assess their target audience’s needs. Successful marketers are good at what they do because they understand what their target audience want. They can match up a suitable service or product with the customer’s pain points.

A marketing degree can teach you how to identify the pain points. This helps you evaluate your audience. Here are the best jobs for a marketing degree…

Brand/Product manager (£56,622)

use customer research to create marketing strategies. Oversee the marketing of products and services. Directs other departments that conduct advertising and research regarding the brand.

Market Research Analyst (£40,000 and £70,000+)

Carry out research and assessments of customer behaviour. Gather data behind marketing strategies and ad performance.

Social Media Manager (£30,000 and £40,000)

Promote the brand, product and services on social media platforms. Track and monitor performance of social media marketing campaigns and ads.

Event planner (£20,853)

Plan events such as weddings, press conferences, alumni gatherings, etc.

Admissions Representative (£22,092)

Market the university or college to potential students and their parents.

Sales Representative (£37,500)

Meet and exceed sales goals, and generate leads. Give sales presentations to prospective clients.

As a marketing degree holder, you can achieve millionaire status. This is because marketing is necessary for all businesses.


An economics degree prepares you for a career that requires problem-solving and analytical skills. It also helps you to make decisions that optimise the outcome and think strategically. Economists have skills that enable them to gather and interpret data using mathematical formulas. This helps you to analyse problems and provide solutions.

In economics, you also learn about…

  • Perfect and imperfect competition
  • Taxation
  • Supply and demand
  • Price controls
  • Monetary policy and others.

Most students find jobs as economists after graduation as their skills are necessary in most businesses.

The highest-paying jobs for people with an economic degree are:

Financial Manager – £92,837

Financial managers have the responsibility of keeping track of a company’s expenses and revenue. They examine a company’s finances to help the business achieve its long term financial goals. Different types of financial managers include risk managers, credit manager, and insurance managers.

Actuary – £74,624

Actuaries are economic specialists who analyse the potential risk of a specific event. For example, illness or natural disasters. They help organisations plan and minimise the cost and effects of the said risk.

Personal Financial Advisor – £30,000 and £45,000

A personal financial advisor is a professional who offers expert advice to individuals. The advice helps them make sound financial decisions. Such decisions involve college funds, retirement savings, and other types of investments.


A finance degree prepares you to work with businesses and streamline their operations. You can do so through budgeting, problem-solving, investing and financial planning. Students in finance degree programs are key to helping businesses grow and keep their profits. Basically, a finance degree helps you learn how money works.

Jobs you can get with a finance degree are…

Financial Manager – £94,215

As a financial manager, you’re responsible for the financial health of the company. You’ll create financial reports for short and long term goals and the growth of the company. Other duties include analysing targets, daily reporting, and monitoring cash flow.

Personal Finance Advisor – £63,722

Personal finance advisors assess individuals’ financial needs to help them with decisions. Advisors help their clients save for retirement through investments and other goals.

Management Analyst – £61,843

A management analyst assists the company manager to operate efficiently. The analyst conducts studies and evaluations, designs procedures and systems. He advises managers on reducing costs and making the company more profitable.

If you want to become a millionaire, a finance degree is an excellent choice.

Agribusiness and Agriculture…

Agribusiness involves the production, sales and marketing of agricultural produce. Agriculture is the practice of farming for the growth of crops and the rearing of animals.

Can you become a millionaire farmer? The simple answer is yes. The world has a severe food problem, and the only way to solve the problem is to bring more people back to agriculture and agribusiness.

Due to the mismatch of finite resources and population growth, it’s becoming impossible to feed over 7 billion people. If you get a university degree in agriculture or agribusiness, invest in a farm and operate it. This can help you grow your wealth and become a millionaire.

Careers in agriculture and agribusiness are…

  • Agricultural Consultant – £27,000 to £50,000
  • Estate Manager – £27,000 to £55,000+
  • Plant Breeder – £39,808 to £68,997
  • Geneticist – £24,490 to £35,608
  • Soil Scientist – £25,000 to £55,000

Graduates with an agribusiness degree can become millionaires even though they work in another industry.

Bachelor of Business Administration…

If you wish to make waves in the corporate world, a bachelor of business administration is the best choice.

This is true when it comes to the development of communication, decision making and managerial aptitude. Below is a list of what you can learn:

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of UK business
  • Learn the fundamentals of the UK economic system
  • Learn marketing, human resources, social responsibility, entrepreneurship, accounting and sales.
  • Be prepared to communicate effectively in the business setting
  • Be trained in business communications and office procedures.

A bachelor of business administration (BBA) is a four-year course. It’s intended for students who want to enter the business management field. Classes address areas such as…

  • Ethics and legality
  • Statistics
  • Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Human Resources
  • Business theory and practices

The highest paying bachelor of business administration jobs are…

  • Marketing Executive – £25,000
  • Business Development Manager – £38,000
  • Project Manager – £37,000
  • Operations Manager – £35,000
  • Office Manager – £27,000

To strengthen your business acumen, get a BBA degree from an accredited institution.


As a communication major, you’ll study the best practices for conveying information. This will help you know to speak and write persuasively and effectively. Communication majors have strong interpersonal and critical thinking skills. They’re adept at information gathering and detail-oriented.

This can prepare you for a wide range of careers. For example, film, music, journalism, television, public relations, advertising and media. The highest-paying jobs for a communications major are:

  • Executive Producer – £108,000
  • Public Relations Director – £93,200
  • Marketing Communications Director – £88,500
  • Communications Director – £85,500
  • Brand Strategist – £84,100

Final Thoughts

Hundreds of thousands of young people in the UK apply to universities every year. What they don’t know is that their choices make a significant difference to future earnings. Careers that would make you a millionaire include engineering, medicine, computer science and more.

Many do not require an advanced degree such as engineering, medicine and economics. If you harbour dreams of becoming a millionaire, select one of the degree programs listed above.