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uk digital railcards

UK Digital Railcards 2023 – Discount Railcards for all ages

Want to know more about UK Digital Railcards and how they can save you money? Well we have you covered!…

If you get a Railcard you can enjoy big savings on train travel. All railcards make train travel financially accessible. However, finding the perfect railcard that will save you money is a daunting task. To help you enjoy savings associated with a railcard, here is our guide on UK digital railcards.

Types of UK Digital Railcards

The following are digital railcards that will save you at least ⅓ on your train journeys.

Family & Friends Railcard…

Save ⅓ off train travel for adults and more than 60% off for kids with the Family & Friends railcard. With this railcard, people can save more than £114 per year. The Family & Friends Railcard is valid at off-peak for journeys in London and SE.

To enjoy the savings, keep the railcard with you when you travel. You can store the railcard in your wallet or phone. Remember, you must travel with a child for the discount to apply. The 1-year railcard is £30 while the 3-year card is £70.

Network Railcard…

For just £30, you can enjoy ⅓ off rail fares in London and the South East or save up to £136 per year. When you buy your Network railcard, you can travel anytime on public holidays and weekends.

To purchase your Network railcard, visit the National Rail website or at any National Rail station – ticket office or ticket machine within the Network Railcard area. The digital railcard will be available to you immediately. You’ll also receive an email with instructions on how to download the digital railcard.

16-17 Saver…

The 16-17 Saver can save you up to 50% on train travel. It gives you 50% off on standard off-peak, standard anytime, standard advance and season tickets for travel at any time of the day. This digital card is valid for a year or until your 18th birthday, and it’s aimed at leisure travel.

For journeys starting between 4.30 AM and 10.00 AM on weekdays, a £12 minimum fare applies. The digital railcard is for everyone aged 16 and 17 years. If you buy your 16-17 Saver online, you can renew it online, but if you bought it at a train station, you cannot renew it online.

16-25 Railcard…

Designed for everyone aged 16 to 25 years and mature students, the 16-25 Railcard allows you to save £189 per year. You can buy and renew the 1 year 16-25 digital railcard up to and before your 26th birthday and use it until it expires.

But with the 3-year 16-25 railcard, you can buy it until the day before your 24th birthday which makes the expiry date your 27th birthday. The 1 year 16-25 railcard goes for £30 while the 3-year card costs £70.

26-30 Railcard…

Want to enjoy annual savings of up to £251? Get the 26-30 railcard. Available for just £30 for a year, the digital railcard is for everyone aged 26 to 30. Visitors to Britain can buy the 26-30 railcard. However, they must either provide a UK driving licence, a valid passport or a national identity card number.

Once you buy the digital card, it will be available for use straight away. You’ll receive a download code in your email and instructions to download the digital railcard. Note, the 26-30 railcard is available only in digital format.

Veterans Railcard…

The Veterans railcard is for UK veterans who served at least one day in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and Merchant Mariners. A 1 year Veterans railcard is £30 while a 3-year card is £70. With the Veterans railcard, you can enjoy up to ⅓ off train travel.

The application of the plastic Veterans railcard takes up to 5 working days. If you ordered a digital railcard, it will be available for download after your application gets approved. Once you download the digital railcard, you can start using it right away.

Senior Railcard…

Save up to £98 annually with the Senior Railcard. Available for everyone aged 60 and over, the railcard saves you ⅓ off train travel. The 1-year railcard costs £30 while the 3-year Senior railcard costs £70.

The Senior Railcard is valid in London and SE after the morning peak. During the morning peak period, the railcard is not valid for train travel between two stations in the Network Railcard area. Note, these restrictions do not apply on public holidays

Disabled Persons Railcard…

You and your companion can get ⅓ off Anytime Day travelcard with the Disabled Persons railcard. To qualify, your companion must travel with you for the whole journey for you to get the discount.

When you buy the Disabled Persons Railcard, you’ve to upload proof of disability. You can do so via the upload proof disability documentation webpage. The file needs to be in PDF or JPEG format. The 1-year Disabled Persons railcard costs £20 and £54 for the 3-year digital railcard.

Two Together Railcard…

Save an average of £98 per year with the Two Together railcard. Available for you and the person you travel with most, the railcard costs £30 and pays for itself in just a few journeys.

The Two Together railcard is for you and the second named adult on the digital railcard. To get the discount, the two named cardholders must always travel together for the entire journey.

How Much Is a Railcard?

All digital railcards cost £30 for a year. However, the Disabled Persons railcard costs £20 for the whole year. The good news is the digital railcards pay for themselves in just a few journeys. Some of the railcards are available as a three-year option for £70.

These digital railcards allow you to save on most tickets, including advance tickets. To get the discount, always have the railcard with you on your phone when you travel.

When Can I Use a Railcard?

You can use the digital railcards on discounted tickets during off-peak times, bank holidays and weekends. However, you can use the Disabled Persons railcard at any time.

The Senior railcard gets you ⅓ off Standard and First class Anytime, Advance and Off-peak fares. Since there is no limit to the number of times you can use the digital railcard, the potential for adventure is big.

The majority of railcards are not valid during the morning peak period when travelling between two stations. Before buying your discounted ticket, check locally to confirm morning peak times eligibility.

Which Tickets Can You Save Money On?

You can save on Standard, First Class Anytime, Anytime Day singles and returns. Railcard holders can also save on Standard, First Class Off-Peak, Off-peak Day singles and returns.

If you want to save more money, book your trip in advance. Rail operators usually release tickets 12 weeks in advance. If you book the tickets earlier, the better chance for you of getting the best price.
You can also buy a Season ticket, especially if you’ll be making the same journey over a week or month. Use the National Rail calculator to help you know how much you can save.

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