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50 Amazing TikTok Video ideas for Small Businesses

TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world. It gained immense popularity thanks to the 15 to 60-sec videos accompanied by music and visual effects. In 2019, it was the 4th most popular app in the world with over 1.9 billion downloads.

TikTok has more than 3.7 million active users in the UK and has been downloaded more than 1 million times a month. As a small business owner, TikTok is a great platform to advertise your products and services, connect with new and existing customers.

Want to know how TikTok can boost your brand’s popularity and increase your revenue? in this post, we take you through 50 TikTok video ideas for small businesses.

Introduce Your Brand…

1. Make Brand-Boosting Videos

Want to connect with new customers? The best way to do so is to introduce yourself. Creating a TikTok video introducing your brand will enable people to relate more with you. In your video, share your brand name, a little about your company, a few fun facts and more. This will help you establish your brand on TikTok and help you get your first followers.

2. Tour of Workspace

Give your customers a tour of your workspace. Whether it’s a home office or a retail location, people love to see where you create your products or offer your services. Showing off your workspace will make people relate to your products, services and brand.

3. Offer a One Day Tour

Another way to engage your followers and make them relate to your brand is by offering a one day tour. Let’s assume you’re running a bakery. The one day tour will offer a glimpse of how you and your team go about your day – from receiving orders to baking the pastry goods and delivering them. You can include other things such as the actual product delivery, paperwork and more. Remember to use attractive captions with hashtags related to your video.

4. Share Your Success Stories

What’s your success story? TikTok has lots of success stories. You can share your success story that details how you bounced back from homelessness to become the owner of a successful business. In the video, you can document how you had a successful career, but COVID-19 rendered you homeless. You spent 6 to 8 months sleeping in your car until a friend took you in. He gave you start-up cash (£1,000 or less), and that’s how you became the owner of a successful business.

5. Introduce Your Team

It’s nice to introduce the team that helps your business stay afloat. If you’re running a family-owned business, you can create a video of family members who run and support the business. You can also make a TikTok video where each team member introduces themselves.

6. Introduce Your Furry Co-Workers

Besides introducing your employees, make a TikTok video introducing the company’s furry co-workers. Pets promote productivity and improve socialization in the workplace. They also reduce stress which means fewer healthcare costs accompanying them.

7. About Your Business

There is a lot to share about your brand. But since TikTok only allows 15 sec to 20-sec videos, it’s best to use the time to tell your followers how you came up with your business name. In the video, share a story of how you spent days searching for the right business name, how you found it and its meaning.

8. Supporting Your Local Community

Share a video of how you support your local community. For example, if you run a grocery or restaurant, you can showcase fresh vegetables, fruits and locally raised meats. Charitable donations and community festivals are other ways to support your local community.

9. Share Your Business Mission and Vision

What’s your business mission and vision? Share what defines your business, its objectives and approach to achieve these objectives. Include a vision statement describing the future position of your company. Such a video will help your customers learn what drives you.

10. Interact With Followers

By now, you probably have over 100 followers. To keep growing your followers, it’s crucial to engage with your audience. TikTok is an interactive platform as it allows users to leave comments on videos they enjoy. Each day, take a few minutes to reply to comments, whether they’re positive or negative. Always share positive remarks.

11. Create Engaging Content

Introducing your business, team, furry co-workers and how you support your local community is great start. To be active on TikTok, create engaging content. By doing so, your videos will drive your followers to your profile where they can leave a comment or tap on a link to visit your online store or blog.

Your Brand Operations…

12. Product Selection: How-To

The time has come to create videos that showcase your products. These videos should teach your customers what goes on in making your products. For example, if running a bakery, you can create an instructional video on baking cakes and other pastries.

13. List Your Products Online

If you’ve a retail location or warehouse, showcase your products and services. Whether you’re a baker, boutique owner or auto repair shop owner, you can display your baked goods, clothing, shoes and services offered. This helps your customers learn what you offer and why they need to visit your retail location or online store.

14. Setting up Product Displays – How To

How do you set up your product displays? Do you use freestanding displays, display cases, end cap displays, garment racks or shelf-talkers? Your customers would love to know the process involved in setting up your product displays.

15. Supplies Required

What tools do you use to run your small business? For example, if you’re a baker, you probably use a rolling pin, whisk, measuring cups, spatula, pastry brush, oven thermometer, mixer, POS and more. This content is interesting and helpful to aspiring business owners. It also helps your customers understand what’s involved in making the final product.

16. Show off Your Best Selling Products

Share videos of your best selling products. In your TikTok video, highlight one or two of your best sellers and explain to your customers why people love them. You can always make this video every time you restock your best sellers.

17. Most Requested Service

If you’re running a service-based business, you need to make a TikTok video about your most requested service. For example, if you own an auto repair shop, your most requested service could be…

  • An oil change
  • Wheel alignment and tire rotations
  • Air conditioning and heating

Highlighting your trending services is the perfect way to get more sales.

18. Share Stunning Details About Your Products

Want your product descriptions to elicit emotions in your followers? Share stunning details about your products. These details will not only convince your buyers and prospective customers to buy from you. But they pack an emotional punch.

19. Stockroom Organization

Besides sharing stunning details about products, you can create a video of how you organize your inventory. This is important, especially if you are running a product-based business. A video of you organizing your inventory allows your customers to have a glimpse of your hard work.

20. Packaging Your Orders

Videos on packaging orders are common on TikTok. A short video of you packaging your first order and more is satisfying to your customers. How you may ask. They get to see the packaging process before they receive their order(s).

21. Announce Upcoming Sales

Customers love and enjoy sales. This is because it is an opportunity to purchase discounted products and save. To drive customers to your retail store or online store, share a video of you announcing an upcoming sale. Don’t forget to include a clear CTA.

22. Educate Your Customers on Using Your Products

Some products are easy to use while others require a few minutes to read the owner’s manual. This is common with electronics and machines. To aid your customers, it’s wise to educate them about using your products. To do so, create TikTok videos instructing your customers how to use your products.

23. Share Stock Updates

Have you recently updated your stock? Making a TikTok video-sharing your stock updates will build excitement among your customers. By announcing that new products are available for sale, customers will visit your retail store or online store to make purchases. The more you sell, the higher your revenue.

24. Start to Finish Time-lapse

Your followers will love watching certain processes at high speed. For example, you can show off a day in your life or your team baking and decorating a wedding cake. To shoot the best time-lapse video, use a low ISO and higher light setting. They’ll reduce photographic graininess and noise.

Business Tips…

25. Your Inspiration

What inspires you? How do you motivate your team? Your customers want to know what inspires you. Inspiration awakens new possibilities and transforms the way people perceive their capabilities. If you want to awaken other small business owners to new possibilities, make an inspiration video.

26. The Idea

What prompted you to come up with your business idea? Create a video and share your story detailing how you came up with the idea, how you shared the news with family and encouraged you to take your first step.

27. Obstacles You Overcame

Starting a business is not easy. There are lots of challenges ahead. For example, uncertainty about the future, financial management, and recruiting the right talent. You can create a series of TikTok videos explaining how you overcome your obstacles. This information is useful primarily to other small business owners following you. This is because it offers solutions to problems they are experiencing themselves.

28. Mistakes You’ve Made

Besides obstacles, new entrepreneurs make a lot of mistakes. Examples of mistakes include:

  • Spending too much money.
  • Not spending enough money.
  • Not setting attainable goals.
  • Not thinking about marketing and more.

TikTok videos of the many mistakes you made will educate your followers.

29. Share Your Wishes or Regrets

It’s a common thing for people to have regrets. Create and share a video of your wishes and regrets you had known sooner in your journey as a small business owner. This will teach other upcoming entrepreneurs that success can be engineered by following the right process.

30. Behind the Scenes Look

More behind the scenes videos of your small business helps to strengthen your brand relationship with your customers. When you made your first TikTok video of your brand, your garage was your operations centre. Six months later, you’ve opened a small store where customers can shop in-store and order online. Keeping your customers informed shows that you value them, and you’ll do everything to keep them in your business.

31. Make a Shout Out

TikTok videos help you make a memorable, human connection with your followers/customers. You can use them to make a shout out in support of other small business owners. A shout out video offers an excellent opportunity to thank someone or people who helped grow your business. After creating the shout out video, you can request other business people to post or share your shout out.

For Fun…

32. Request Likes and Follows

Having more likes and followers not only boosts your brand. But it increases your sales and revenue. When you share your videos on TikTok, you can request viewers to like and follow you. Besides using your TikTok videos to make sales, use them to support your loyal fans and build a community around them

33. Share Life Hacks

One way you can increase the number of video likes and followers is to share life hacks. If you’ve come across a life hack video you liked, put your own spin by recreating the video and sharing it. For example, you can share life hacks such as growing roses from cuttings, drying your clothes faster, or finding small lost items.

34. Host a Giveaway

Host a giveaway on TikTok and get more followers and likes. Like Facebook and Instagram, you can offer a giveaway on TikTok to drive customers to your retail location, or online store. People love free stuff, and you can give away a popular product from your inventory or offer a free service.

35. Share Discount Codes

You can get more sales by sharing a discount code. If people can order easily from your online store or retail location, you can give them an exclusive discount code. This will encourage them to visit your store to redeem the discount code.

36. Offer Product Photo Shoot Tips

Poor product photography affects sales and brand reputation. To convince customers that a business is reputable, offer product photoshoot tips. For example, get your lighting right, use a tripod, pick the right camera, set up your background and more.

37. Spread Awareness About Small Businesses

Traditionally, business people host social events or distribute brochures to raise awareness. Today, you can create TikTok videos to spread awareness about small businesses. When you share love with your favourite small businesses, they too will share their love for your business with their followers.

38. Create a Duet

Another way to engage your followers or other small business owners on TikTok is to make a duet. The duet allows you to record your own videos alongside a video of another small business owner they already posted. For example, you can stage a life hack duet or giveaway duet during Valentine’s Day or other holidays.

39. Share DIY Videos

Share DIY videos on TikTok. The more you share DIY videos, the more you provide useful information to your followers. This helps them solve problems or experience fresh education. You can share a DIY video on wrapping gifts, assembling furniture or even making your own soap.

40. Work With Influencers

Want to drive more customers to your retail or online store? Looking for the best way to go viral? The secret is working with influencers. Influencer marketing works because influencers have built their following. Recommendations from them will drive your sales. For this to work, choose the best influencers that match your target audience.

41. Start a Hashtag Challenge

Hashtag challenges provide an incredible way to spread awareness about your brand. It’s also a fantastic way to engage your followers and prospective customers. To ensure your hashtags challenges go viral, be creative. Not only about the hashtag but the video content.

42. Follow a Hashtag Challenge

On TikTok, there are several hashtag challenges. Joining a hashtag challenge is a great way to boost your brand reputation, gain more followers, drive traffic to your channel and website. To jump on somebody’s hashtag challenge, look for trending fun contests or challenges. Make sure they match your niche.

43. Create Super Satisfying Videos

People love super satisfying videos. For example, if you’re a baker, you can share a video of you baking and decorating a Games of Thrones or FRIENDS themed birthday cake. If you own a restaurant, share a video of you and your team preparing a tasty dish.

44. Ask for Feedback

Customer feedback can help you make better business decisions and measure customer satisfaction. It also enables you to generate personal recommendations and improve support team performance. So, from time to time, ask for feedback.

45. Use Music

On TikTok, you can add sounds or music to your videos. The app has a vast library of music, sounds and voice-overs. By adding custom sounds to your TikTok videos, they become entertaining. They also attract more followers especially if you incorporate a trending sound or music.

46. Add Unique Effects

TikTok has thousands of unique visual effects you can add to your videos. Examples include:

  • Galaxy glasses
  • Emoji face
  • Split-screen
  • Fiery eyes
  • Film photography
  • Colour switch and many more

To access the unique effects, look for the red record button and tap it.

47. Make a Funny Skit

Make a funny skit taking place in your studio, office, or workstation. You can also create a funny skit about your product or service. Base the performance on funny interactions you’ve had with your product, service, employees or clients.

48. Share Reasons to Shop Small

There are huge reasons why customers need to shop from small businesses. Small businesses give back more to the community. They have a major economic impact, provide better customer service and create a sense of community. Create videos and share reasons why it’s essential to support small businesses.

49. Curate and Share User-Generated Content

Several brands are curating and sharing user-generated content on TikTok. A great example is Nike. They are sharing user-generated content and not posting their own. You’ll find videos of users wearing, dancing or painting their Nikes.

50. Thank Your Followers

It’s important to thank your family, friends, and customers who follow you on TikTok and support your business. At the end of your videos, always say thank you.