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Student Jobs

Where to find Student Jobs Online

Job hunting is not easy, whether you are a student looking for part-time work or a graduate searching for an internship. Simultaneously, multiple apps and websites are offering you the chance to earn while learning.

But with several options, getting overwhelmed is easy as you might not yet know these platforms’ reputation. Therefore, we have done in-depth research through the web to find you the best job websites for students.

The list below comprises the best platforms for students to find jobs, including festival jobs, internships, and international student job opportunities.

Save the Student is one of the best platforms to find jobs if you are a student. You can easily find your position of choice by filtering with location, keyword, and job type.

It is a student-friendly platform and is mostly known to help students find part-time jobs.

StudentJob – This platform is more diverse when it comes to student jobs. Here, you can find holiday jobs, part-time jobs, internships, and graduate placements as well.

Additionally, you can also filter the job search depending on your skills, such as language and earn from them.

Syft isn’t an only student job finding platform. It’s a progressively growing app that assists job seekers in finding flexible, temporary work owned by reputable employees.

This makes it one of the best platforms for students to find part-time jobs because employees on this platform won’t necessarily require you to commit to a long-term contract.

Employment 4 students abbreviated as ‘e4s’ is one of the best job websites from students. This platform is full of opportunities ranging from internships, part-time jobs, gap year jobs, graduate roles, among others.

Graduate Recruitment Bureau The GRB is the UK’s leading recruitment agency for recent graduates and offers opportunities present in small startups to large corporations.

Additionally, you can get internship roles via GRB, and you can sign up even before your final year.

Student Employment ServicesThis platform is an expert in internship placements and gives students real-world experience while still in school. It’s also a career ladder for recent graduates and would be a great place to start your search.

Flair Events is a platform with a nationwide reputation for helping people find jobs in the festival, sport, promotion work, and hospitality.

The good thing is that most job opportunities in this platform don’t require you to have years of experience in any particular field. You only need the right attitude for work and some polished communication skills. Hospitality is a lucrative venture, making employment demand in this field. stands out as one of the best job websites for students looking to start their hospitality careers.

The job descriptions here are divided into restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars, and food services. This will help you find the exact job of choice that you want.

AmeriCamp is one of the best agencies to sign up with if you are looking for a summer camp job. The platform doesn’t have too much work because it doesn’t offer any packages with flights, but it’s still a fantastic place to find a job as a student.

Retail Choice The retail sector is full of job opportunities for students, whether in-school or recent graduates. And Retail Choice is the best place to find such jobs with the chance to filter your job search by location or company.

Indeed is a website where you can search millions of jobs online (including jobs for students) Indeed is a great place to find Student Internships and Private Tutor Jobs with a wide range of jobs being home based.

MyTutor is a website that provides tutoring jobs in the UK, it only takes a few minutes to sign-up and you can find a wide range of home based tutoring jobs (with the average pay of £10 per hour). is a great job website to find Internships with competitive salaries. Reed was voted the Best Overall Job Website for 2020 and highly recommended by students.

Milkround is a well-known site where students can apply for hundreds of internships, Placements and Graduate Jobs. Milkround is the UK’s most widely used student and graduate job website.

Prospects Over the years Prospects has matched students to their perfect jobs by matching their skills and personalities to each job role. Prospects is a highly recommended site and easy to use (making it a favourite with students).

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