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Nicerebate Get Amazon Products for FREE to Review

Wouldn’t be great if you could earn up to 100% cashback for reviewing products on Amazon? Well you can at Nicerebate! in this post, we review Nicerebate, how it works, how to join and more….

What is Nicerebate?

Nicerebate is an online platform that allows users to select an item they want to test and purchase it from Amazon. When shoppers do so, they leave a review and Nicerebate will offer up to 100% cashback. You can shop for products such as beanie hats for skiing, LED strip lights, LED vanity mirror lights, high waist corset and more.

How Does Nicerebate Work?

If you’ve joined a cashback site before, Nicerebate is almost similar. To get started, visit the Nicerebate site and click ‘Sign up’ from the top right corner of the web page. There are three ways to sign up. First, fill in your email, PayPal email address, Amazon Profile URL and your password. Verify you’re not a robot and click ‘Sign up’.

To find your Amazon URL, log in to your Amazon account, click ‘Your Account’ from the top menu. Scroll down, and until you see ‘Order and Shopping Preferences’ Click on ‘Profile’ and from your web browser’s address bar, copy the URL. Remember, once you enter your Amazon URL during registration, you cannot change it.

Alternatively, you can sign up with Facebook or Google. Make your request to buy your favourite products then submit your order ID to Nicerebate. The online platform will confirm your Order ID and then require you to leave a review to receive the ordered product.

Amazon takes two to four days to approve a review. You need to submit your review link or trial report to Nicerebate. Once they verify your link, you’ll get cash back. Nicerebate recommends that shoppers spend more time with the product to learn about its features, pros and cons. Also, shoppers should not leave a trial report before receiving their ordered product.

After approval, Nicerebate will transfer your cashback through PayPal.

Is Nicerebate a Trusted Website?

Yes, Nicerebate is a trusted website. Many people have used the site, shopped and tested for products. After leaving reviews for tested products, they received cashback from Nicerebate.

There have been a few cases where the cashback is not sent immediately after a purchased product gets delivered. As such, many people request a refund from Amazon.

Nicerebate confirms that this is common. What shoppers need to do after the product gets delivered is to wait for the seller’s confirmation. This may take a few more days. Instead of applying for a refund from Amazon, shoppers need to be a little patient.

What Kind of Products Are Available to Test?

There are plenty of products to choose from, although most relate to electronics and phone covers. You can buy and review:

  • Unlocked mobile phones
  • Apple watch hard cases
  • Headphones
  • Camera lens protector
  • Mobile phone holders and more.

Nicerebate offers 100% cashback for some products, but you may not receive the full amount. Since Nicerebate sends cashback via PayPal as a business transaction, PayPal will charge you 4.4% to 5.4% plus £0.20 as a transaction fee.

Does Nicerebate Have a Refer a Friend Program?

Nicerebate does not have a refer-a-friend program, nor does it have an affiliate program. We checked Nicerebate’s website plus the FAQs section, and there were no details about a refer a friend program. We hope Nicerebate will add this feature.

Nicerebate Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Sign up is quick and straightforward
  • Offers up to 100% cashback on certain products
  • Trusted site


  • Nicerebate has no refer-a friend program
  • Cashback may take a few days

Final Thoughts…

Nicerebate offers a great way to shop on Amazon, test products and receive cashback. To receive a cashback, you need to leave a review after receiving the ordered product.

The review should provide a complete summarization of the ordered product’s features, how it works, its pros and cons. Your review should also cover a detailed description of your experience with the product.

As a shopper, if testing products is for you, we recommend Nicerebate.