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Earn Cashback with Highest Paying Cashback Site Quidco UK

Quidco UK is a website where you can earn cashback on certain purchases that you make online or in-store.

If you buy an item from a website after clicking through a link on the Quidco UK site, they will receive a percentage of this purchase as commission. The majority of this money is paid to the customer as cashback.

It is one of the biggest cashback companies in the UK and has over 10 million members. Some of these members have earned thousands in cashback in the time that they have been using the service.

How Does Quidco UK Work?

When you want to buy a product online, you should check Quidco first to see if they offer cashback from that retailer. If they do, then you will see the rate of cashback that you will earn. This will usually be between 1% and 10% of the total purchase price.

When you click through to the retailer from the Quidco site, your visit will be tracked. You will then earn cashback on the purchase you have made which will be credited to your Quidco account.

You can also get cashback on some items that you buy in-store. These tend to be grocery items and you will need to upload a photo of your receipt as proof of purchase. The cashback you get from groceries is only usually less than £1 but it does soon start to add up.

Is Quidco a Scam?

Quidco is one of the top cashback companies in the UK. It is used on a daily basis by millions of people and so you can be completely confident that it is not a scam.

People who are not familiar with Quidco may worry that earning money for something you would be doing anyway is too good to be true. However, Quidco do make money from you using their service, so even though there is very little inconvenience on your part, the company are making money from your transactions.

Is Quidco Free?

It is completely free to sign up to Quidco, but you have the choice of two types of account once you have signed up. There is a basic account and a premium account and there are key differences between the two. There is an annual fee of £5 for the premium account, but you do not have to pay for this upfront. Instead it will be taken from the cashback that you have earned. The additional rewards that you get from a premium membership can offset the membership fee.

How to Join Quidco…

You can join Quidco by signing up on their website. The registration process is very straightforward and should only take a few minutes to complete.

Once you have signed up it is advisable to spend some time looking around the site to get a feel for how everything works. You can also check out the list of retailers that they work with to see if this list includes your favourite stores.

You may also want to add your bank details or PayPal account to your profile if you would like to receive your cashback as a cash payment rather than a gift voucher.

How does Quidco save you money?

In most cases Quidco will not actually save you any money upfront. The money that you can make from the site will be made after you have made a purchase as you will receive a percentage of the money spent back.

However, there are times when the site may offer discounts for shopping at a certain retailer. You may still be able to receive cashback on top of this, and so this makes the offer extra profitable.

Does Quidco have a Refer a Friend Scheme?

Quidco does have a refer a friend scheme where you will receive a bonus for every friend that signs up under your link and earns at least £5 of cashback.

If you are pleased with the money that you have earned from Quidco, it is only natural that you may want to tell your friends and family about it. If you encourage them to join, then you will be earning a bit of extra money for yourself as well.

Some people also choose to make posts on social media which include their referral link. This means you could also benefit from one of your acquaintances signing up, even if this is someone you don’t see that often to be able to talk in person.

How can I withdraw Quidco Cashback?

The purchases that you make by going through the Quidco website should track within 72 hours. These purchases will then show as pending.

The length of time that it takes for the cashback to become available to withdraw will depend on the retailer. It can sometimes take a month or even longer for the money to become available. This is usually to make sure that the item is not returned after the cashback has been paid.

When your cashback is available to withdraw, this can be paid directly into your bank account or redeemed for a gift card. You may sometimes get more for your money if you choose the gift card option. There will be a security check that takes place the first time that you withdraw to PayPal or your bank account, and so this first payment may take a little longer to process.


Using Quidco means you can earn cashback on the purchases that you would have made anyway. Therefore you do not really have to do anything to earn this money apart from visiting the Quidco site first.

One thing to remember is that Quidco only saves you money if your purchase is something you were going to buy anyway. Therefore it is better to try and look at any cashback you do get as a bonus rather than as a guaranteed form of income.

There is no risk involved in using Quidco UK and it costs nothing to sign up so you really have nothing to lose by signing up.

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