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Petrol Prices UK

How to find the Cheapest Petrol Prices in the UK

Want to save money on Petrol Prices in the UK? Did you know on average, UK motorists spend £1,042 a year on petrol and £1,265 on diesel? 

A petrol car can rack up around 6,600 miles a year while diesel cars can rack 9,400 miles a year. Fortunately, UK families no longer need to spend much of their family budget on petrol and diesel. With petrol station and supermarket loyalty cards, motorists can save hundreds of pounds.

Looking to buy Petrol Cheap? In this guide, we cover all the ways you can find the cheapest fuel prices near you. – The Best App for Petrol Prices UK

PetrolPrices is a great website that allows members to save money on fuel by locating the cheapest petrol station near them. The website has a database provided by Catalist in association with Allstar. It offers detailed information for over 8,490 petrol stations in the UK. It also includes data on 130,000 retail petrol stations worldwide so you can find the latest petrol prices UK.

For petrol prices, PetrolPrices collects data from hundreds of thousands of fuel card transactions. In a day, they receive more than 8,000 price updates. By using PetrolPrices to compare fuel prices in the UK, motorists can save £225.94 on petrol per year and £158.25 on diesel per year.

If your car uses super unleaded, you stand to save £495.00 per year and £289.29 per year on premium diesel. To join the over 2.1 million UK drivers saving with PetrolPrices, click here to sign up. Alternatively, download the PetrolPrices Android app or PetrolPrices iOS app.

Using Loyalty Schemes to reducing Petrol Prices UK

You can save money at the fuel pump with petrol station and supermarket loyalty cards. Here are loyalty schemes that can save you money.


A great way to get the Cheapest Petrol in the UK is with the Shell reward scheme called ShellGo+. With ShellGo+, motorists can earn visits instead of points when they spend £10 or more on fuel. Also, if you spend £2 or more in the shop, you’ll save on fuel.

For every 10 visits, motorists will get money off fuel and 10% on all hot drinks and treats. If you fill up on Shell V Power, you’ll receive a £3 reward for every 300 litres purchased. To enjoy these rewards right away, download the ShellGo+ app.


Texaco UK also has its own reward scheme called the Star Rewards. It works similar to the ShellGo+ rewards program. When you register, you’ll receive 75 points. Motorists will earn one point every time they buy a litre of unleaded petrol or diesel fuel.

When you earn up to 500 points, you can select from a range of £5 vouchers from Argos and M&S. These vouchers are available via love2shop. Besides the Argos and M&S vouchers, motorists can receive a £5 Texaco voucher. Alternatively, motorists can choose to donate their rewards to a charity such as Action for Children. If you do so, Texaco will double your charitable donation. This reward scheme is a great way to get the cheapest petrol and help charity at the same time.


BPMe is a rewards programme offered by BP. When you fill-up with BP, you can earn points. For every 1 litre of regular fuel, you’ll earn 1 point, 2 points for every 1 litre of Ultimate fuel and 1 point for every pound spent at the shop.

You can double or triple your points when you buy a litre of Ultimate fuel. Which means you can earn up to 6 points per litre of BP Ultimate with Active technology.

My Morrisons Card

Enjoy all the benefits and Cheap Petrol Prices in the UK with My Morrisons Card. Earn 5 points for every £1 you spend in-store or online. You can also earn 5 more points per litre when you buy fuel at Morrisons. When you have 5,000 points, you can redeem the points for rewards such as a £5 voucher which you can spend at the store.

As a thank you to teachers and NHS staff, My Morrisons Card has a special rewards program. Teachers and NHS staff can enjoy 10% off every shop. By shopping at Morrisons, teachers and NHS staff can earn more points and special treats.

To start earning Morrison’s points, download the My Morrisons app.

Nectar Card

The Nectar Loyalty card is a rewards scheme run by Nectar 360. As one of the largest rewards programs in the UK, it comprises several partner companies. In fact, the Nectar card works with more than 500 online partners. Such partners include Sainsbury and Esso.

The number of points you earn depends on the partner you buy with. With most online partner shops, you’ll collect 2 points for each £1 pound spend. You’ll collect a fixed rate of points such as 1,000 points for a mobile phone contract for memberships and contracts.

To start collecting Nectar points, download the Android or iOS app today.

Tesco Clubcard

The Tesco Clubcard is a loyalty card offered by Tesco. As a reward scheme, it operates in the UK, Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and other countries. Today, it has more than 17 million users in the UK alone.

With the Tesco Clubcard, users collect points based on the amount spent. If you shop at Tesco, you’ll collect one point for every £1 you spend. For fuel and other services, you can collect 1 point for every £2 spent.

Cardholders can earn extra points on special offers, and they can spend their rewards in-store on shopping or online. You can upgrade to Clubcard Plus which allows you to save up to £40 in-store every month. To get 10% off groceries in-store, subscribe to Clubcard Plus for £7.99.

Supermarket Reward Credit Cards to Reduce Petrol Prices UK

Supermarket reward credit cards can help you save money on petrol and diesel. If you rack up more points, you can redeem them for vouchers to spend on fuel and shopping.

Sainsbury’s Bank

Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Card is one of the best cards to manage a big spend. By shopping at Sainsbury, Tu Clothing and Argos, you can earn 3 Nectar points for every £1 spent. If you shop elsewhere, you’ll collect 1 point per £5 spent.

Sainsbury’s Bank offers a wide range of credit cards. They include:

Nectar Card – for Nectar members only. Collect 10,000 bonus points when you spend a total of 400 points at Sainsbury, Argos or Tu Clothing.

Balance Transfer Credit Card – collect 750 points when you spend £35 or more on Sainsbury shopping or earn 7500 points in your first 2 months

Dual Offer Credit Card – Collect 750 points when you spend £35 or more on Sainsbury shopping

With Sainsbury’s Bank, you can manage your finances with ease. Download Sainsbury’s credit card app, and you can see your balance, pay your bills, view or cancel direct debits.

Tesco Credit Card

For fast and secure payments, use the Tesco Credit Card. Available to Tesco Bank credit card holders, you can make purchases, transfer a balance, or move money to your bank account. In fact, you can enjoy 0% interest on money transfers for the first 12 months with a 3.94% transfer fee.

With the Tesco Credit Card, you can transfer up to 95% of your available credit limit. For transfers made within 90% of account opening, you stand to benefit from the 0% interest rates. Tesco Bank offers a wide range of credit cards with varying credit limits. They include:

  • All Round Credit Card
  • Balance Transfer Credit Card
  • Purchases Credit Card
  • Low APR Credit Card
  • Foundation Credit Card

When you use the Tesco Credit Card wherever you see the Mastercard logo, you’ll collect Clubcard points. For example, for every £4 spend in Tesco, you’ll collect 1 Clubcard point. For every £8 spent outside Tesco, you’ll also earn 1 Clubcard point.


MyWaitrose is a loyalty scheme that rewards you in several ways. Unlike other loyalty programs, you don’t have to earn points with MyWaitrose. Instead, you immediately have the chance of saving money on shopping and winning exclusive prizes.

For example, you can enjoy savings on everyday products when you use myWaitrose card. To join the myWaitrose reward scheme, visit the Waitrose website and fill in your details.

  • Enter the following details:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Country

Submit the application, and you should receive your MyWaitrose Card in a few days and you can start saving money on Petrol Prices in the UK.

Overview on Reducing Petrol Prices UK… 

All the rewards schemes, loyalty cards and credit cards in this guide can help you save on petrol prices UK. For example, if you fuel at BP, Shell, Texaco or Esso, you can collect 1 point for every £1 or £2 spent.

You can save more and double or triple your points by fuelling and shopping at a supermarket fuel station such as Tesco, Sainsbury, and Asda. So, if you are on the road a lot for work, we recommend that you sign up for one or more of the loyalty cards and reward schemes above.

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