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When is the NEXT Sale? | NEXT Sale Dates & Tips for 2024

Want to know when is the NEXT Sale? NEXT is a multinational footwear, home and clothing retailer based in Enderby, England. Every year, the retailer hosts the Next Sale, where you can get the best bargains on furniture, sports, beauty, lingerie and other products.

When is the NEXT Sale 2024?

Every year, Next holds four seasonal sales events throughout the year, including…

  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Winter

To get the best bargain, you need to know when the retailer will hold it’s sale.

Our predictions for the NEXT sale this year are as follows…

Next Autumn Sale 2024- September 2024

Next Winter Sale 2024 – December 2024

What Items Are Most Commonly Reduced in the Next Sale?

As the best days to shop, Next Sale can help you save over 50% off the original price. In some cases, customers have reported getting as much as 70% off. So, what items are commonly reduced in the Next Sale?

If you’re planning on updating your wardrobe, hold off for the Next Sale date. Previous sales have featured the following products:

  • Menswear
  • Womenswear
  • Kids clothing, including baby clothes
  • Branded fashion items from brands such as Missguided and Lipsy
  • Furniture
  • Skincare and beauty tools
  • Homeware and more

If shopping for homeware, you can find amazing items such as duvet covers and pillow sets, coasters and holders, TV stands and more. If looking for womenswear, Next stocks dresses, trainers, jumpers, jackets, leggings and more.

There is a trick to find out if an item is on sale. Normally, a day or so before the Next Sale starts, staff usually marks all discounted items. They typically mark the tags with a series of letters and numbers in pencil. This helps the staff organize the sale before it starts.

If you visit a local Next store, look out for the following marks on the tags…

  • R8
  • GH16 etc

The number is the discounted price of the item. This is the price that will be when the Sale launches. Keep checking your local Next store a day or so before the sale date. If shopping online, the trick is to create an account in advance.

Add the items you intend to buy in your cart a day or so before the Next Sale starts, which is 8 AM on the appointed day. Do not check out before the Next Sale date. Just leave your cart and on the sale date, check out your items. The prices will already be discounted, saving you money.

What is a Next Sale VIP Slot?

Next Sale VIP Slot is a special slot allocated to someone selected by Next to access its sales before everyone else. As a VIP, you get to see what items will be on sale before it goes live online and in-store. If you meet the criteria to get a Next VIP slot, Next will send an email invite. The email will usually has a ‘Next Sale Preview’ link.

In some cases, people can sign-in to the Next site and pick a time even though they did not receive a formal invite by email. When you do so, it’s wise to take the first slot offered quickly. These slots are usually limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Each customer can only book one slot. To check the price, head here. Do not sign in via the Next online store. Use the link above. Remember, use your allocated time in the Next VIP Slot. Failure to do so will affect your future Next VIP Slot invites.

How to Get a Next VIP Slot?

Next customers with a NextPay credit account will receive an exclusive Next VIP Slot invite to the Next Sale. To qualify, you must have made a recent order. If you don’t have a NextPay credit account, sign up. It’s free. If you do so before the Next Sale, you can bag yourself a free Next Sale VIP slot.

To apply for the NextPay credit account, visit the Next website. Click “Register Now” and enter the following details…

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact
  • House Number
  • Postcode

If you don’t know your postcode, click ‘Find’ If you’ve a promotional code, enter the code in the space provided. Select if you would like a free Next directory and receive sales and other information via…

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Telephone
  • Post

Click ‘Register Now’ If you opt to receive the Next Directory, you agree to receive the publication at a charge of £3.75 per publication. You also agree to receive supplementary Directories and ‘New In’ publications at no extra charge.

To get a Next Sale VIP Slot invite, do the following…

  • Have an up to date email address
  • Order and keep at least one item from the current season’s product range
  • Register to receive promotional and sales emails
  • Receive a copy of the Next directory
  • Have £250 credit on your NextPay Credit account

You must also have returned less than two-thirds of the items you ordered. If you do all this, you’ll receive an email invite. Your NextPay credit account has the following benefits…

  • £10 off your first credit purchase of £15 or more
  • Shop in-store with your NextPay card
  • Use a secure digital NextPay card in the Next app
  • Spread the cost at selected partnership stores and site

Before taking the NextPay credit account, we want to caution you. The NextPay credit account has an interest of 23.9% Representative APR variable. Each month, you should pay off your items in full or else, you will lose any money saved in the sale once the interest kicks in. Remember, when given a Next VIP slot, you cannot transfer it to family and friends. This is because it’s specific to your account.

When is the NEXT Sale Online?

Want to know when the NEXT Sale is online? well They usually start at the same time the store sale starts. Online, Next has at least 50% off homeware, clothing and other items. The clothing sale includes men’s, women’s and children’s items, plus shoes and accessories.

If you’re a Next VIP, access is available to you before the official sale date. The earliest you can pick a Next Sale VIP slot is 3 to 4 days before the online sale. At around 9am, three to four days before the Next Sale starts, log in and book your free slot.

You don’t have to wait for an email, or you may lose out to other shoppers. Next usually restricts the number of items you can add to your basket. They also turn off the Save for Later and Save Bag features. This ensures that all shoppers have a fair chance to get the best bargains.

When it comes to delivery, it may take longer. In fact, you may not receive it at your home the next day. You may have to wait up to 21 days.

Can You Return Next Sale Purchases?

Not completely satisfied with your order? You can return most of your unworn Next purchases in new and unused condition. Where possible, the items should be in their original packaging. If you want to cancel an order, you must inform Next within 14 days, beginning the day after receiving your good.

The process of returning is simple. If you bought your item(s) in-store, return them to the local Next Store. But, if you purchased the items online, just use the returns note in your parcel and follow these steps…

  • Select a reason code for your returned item(s)
  • Tear off the completed returns note
  • Place the returned note inside the parcel with the items
  • Peel off the returns address label
  • Stick the address label to the outside of the parcel (Make sure the original label is not visible)
  • Return your parcel to Next using your preferred method

Next does not offer free returns. The sender usually pays postage, and Next will not refund it. You cannot return an item purchased online to your local Next store. Next will refund you within 28 days via your preferred payment method. Keep your proof of return until you receive confirmation from Next about your refund.

If you don’t have a returns note, contact the Next customer support team. The retailer will not refund items not returned in line with the steps above.

Next Sale Tips…

Want to make the most of the Next Sale? Follow these tips.

Plan Ahead

A day or so before the Next Sales date, visit your local Next store and scope out the store. Make a note of where the items are and even check their tags for pencil markings. If you received a Next Sale VIP slot invite, log into your account 3 or 4 days before the Next Sale to book your slot. You can bookmark items or add them to your basket.

Get In Early

If you want to bag the best stuff, get to your local Next store early. This is because the best stuff goes quickly, especially furniture, homeware, and clothing. If you fail to get in early, you can wait an hour before closing time. Most shoppers will already have returned some items.

Never Miss a Next VIP Slot Invite

Before the Next Sale, make sure your email and phone number are up to date. This ensures that you don’t miss your Next Sale VIP Slot invite. You should also check your account section 3 to 4 days before the sale is due to start. This will allow you to book your slot early.

Target Smaller Stores

Flagship Next stores attract the biggest crowds. This means long lines before getting into the store. Once inside, the store is very crowded, making it difficult to shop. For this reason, we recommend that you target a smaller Next store. Fewer crowds ensure you’ve access to Next big range of stock.

Bring Water

You need to keep yourself hydrated. Bring water as the stores get crowded and hot. Don’t forget to be friendly to the staff. They are super busy and have a lot of shoppers to help.

Final Thoughts

If you want to find out about the Next Sale, sign-up to receive sales and promotional emails. If you changed your email or phone number, sign in and update it before the Next Sale. We also recommend picking a Next VIP slot 3 to 4 days before the online sale begins. Keep your account eligible if you don’t want to get struck off from future Next VIP slot invites.