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My Little Coco Curling Custard
My Little Coco Curling Custard Review.

My Little Coco Curling Custard Review

Your baby’s skin is highly delicate. Between birth and the age of two, a baby’s skin is vulnerable to outside attacks. This is because it’s yet to retain the proper moisture level needed for the skin cells to function properly. Your little one’s scalp and hair are also delicate.

According to the British Skin Foundation, 1 in every 5 children in the UK is usually affected by eczema at some stage. It may even start later in life. To protect your baby’s scalp, hair and skin, you need the best products enriched with organic stuff. Enter My Little Coco Curling Custard!.

What is My Little Coco Curling Custard?

My Little Coco Curling Custard is a hair styling product designed for the little ones. Made with the softest and simplest of formulas, My Little Coco Curling Custard nourishes the baby’s delicate skin and hair.

Dermatologically tested and approved for newborns, and babies, it is suitable for sensitive skin. This is because it’s enriched with nourishing organic coconut oil. It’s also scented with soft creamy coconut. As one of the best products to care for your little one’s skin and hair, it contains no parabens, dyes, and sulphates.

How to Use My Little Coco Curling Custard?

Want to create smooth gorgeous curls? My Little Coco Curling Custard helps you create beautiful defined curls. Here is how to use it. Squeeze a small amount of My Little Coco Curling Custard onto your hands. Scrunch through your little one’s hair and tousle the curls as you go. Leave it to dry naturally.

If used correctly, it should result in defined curls and a lovely shine in your baby’s hair. For kids who hate frizzy bushy hair, this is a great addition to your home. My Little Coco Curling Custard comes in an easy to use bottle with a cap. After use, replace the cap and keep the hair styling product out of reach of children. This product is for external use only.

Are My Little Coco Products Vegan?

Yes, all My Little Coco Products are vegan. This is because all products use organic coconut oil and are free from sulphates, parabens and dyes. Also, they have been dermatologically tested and approved by paediatricians. As such, you should be completely comfortable with every My Little Coco product on your little one’s delicate skin.

Who is the Founder of My Little Coco Products?

The founder of My Little Coco products is Rochelle Humes, a former singer and presenter. She started My Litle Coco over three years ago and launched My Little Coco collections on nationwide in February 2020. What inspired her to start My Little Coco was the birth of her children.

As soon as she had kids, she knew there was a gap in the market for organic hair and skin products. Married to JLS star Marvin, Rochelle has two children, Alaia-May and Valentina. Her collection of hair and body products is made with so much love.

Final Thoughts

My Little Coco Curling Custard is amazing for curly hair! I’ve been using it on Isaac for almost two months and can’t recommend it enough! You can buy My Little Coco Curling Custard for £5.99 in-store and online at Boots