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Daily Mail Rewards

Daily Mail Rewards – How to Collect MyMail Reward Points for Free

The Mail on Sunday and the Daily Mail love to reward their readers every day. All subscribers have to do is buy a copy of the Daily Mail, get the unique number and rack up points. Did you know you can collect more Daily Mail Reward points for free? Read on.

How Does Daily Mail Rewards Work?

Every day, the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday have unique numbers printed on the back page. Also referred to as the Mail Rewards unique numbers, these 12 numbers allow you to rack up points that you can redeem for different rewards. Every time you buy a Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday, check the back page at the bottom underneath the crossword and sports section.

To collect Nectar Points, sign in to your MyMail account then enter the 12 unique numbers at top of the webpage. Readers have four days to submit their unique numbers. So, if you buy a copy of the Daily Mail on Tuesday or Wednesday, you’ve until Friday or Saturday to submit your unique numbers. Just remember not to throw your paper in the recycling pile before submitting the numbers.

Where Can I find Daily Mail Unique Codes?

To find the 12 Daily Mail unique numbers, turn to the back page of the Daily Mail. Look at the bottom right of the back page, and you should see a series of numbers. The 12 digit number below the date is the Daily Mail Rewards unique number. If there are any letters after the unique numbers, ignore them.

What if the Unique Numbers Are Missing?

Accidents happen. The back page of the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday may accidentally rip as the paper gets delivered through the letterbox. Or rain may soak the paper making the unique numbers illegible. If you’ve missing or illegible unique codes, sign in to your MyMail account.

Click ‘My Unique Number is missing’ Select the date of your paper from the drop-down menu. Choose the reason why your unique code is missing or why you were unable to enter your unique numbers. Answer the questions about the paper you bought. If the answers are correct, Daily Mail will add your Daily Mail Reward points to your account.

In your MyMail Nectar point history, you should see each unique number you added or given by Daily Mail. If you need to report any other issue with the unique numbers in the same week, contact the MyMail Help Advisors. Just click on the ‘Need Help’ button in your MyMail account.

How Can I Open a Daily Mail Rewards Account Online?

To open a Daily Mail Rewards Account, head to the MyMail website. On the top right corner of the webpage, click Join MyMail The site will redirect you to another webpage with a sign-in form for existing customers and a sign-up form for new users. As a new customer, enter your email address then click ‘Continue’ Follow the instructions to complete the application process.

To collect Nectar points, you need to link your MyMail account with your Nectar Points account. The Mail partnered with Nectar in August 2017. Today, MyMail is the most generous place for collecting Nectar points each day. Weekly, readers can collect up to 80 Nectar Points.

It’s easy to link your MyMail and Nectar card. By linking your Nectar card with your MyMail account, you can take advantage of MyMail fabulous offers and rewards. Remember, you need your Nectar card number and password. But if you’re not a member of Nectar, sign up. It’s free!

How Can I Collect More Daily Mail Rewards Without Buying a Newspaper?

If you’re an avid reader of the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday, then you already are collecting the unique codes. But, did you know you can rack up more points without buying a newspaper? Keep reading to find out!

One way of collecting points without buying a newspaper is through family members. Does your uncle or grandpa buy the Daily Mail to read the news, sports and do the crossword? If your grandpa or uncle leaves the paper sitting on the coffee table, ask for the copy and add the unique numbers to your Daily Mail Rewards account.

If no family member buys the Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday, there are friends and neighbours. Simply ask them to keep the copies for you before recycling them. Remember, you’ve four days to enter the unique code.

Newsagents usually pile up unsold copies ready for collection. If you find your local newsagent with a stack outside the shop, take a quick snap of the codes on the back page, then add them later to your MyMail account.

If you know anyone working in a store or supermarket that sells paper, this is another approach to get the unique code. It only takes a couple of seconds for you to take a quick photo of the unique code.

If you’re a member of myWaitrose, take advantage of the retailer’s free newspaper offer. As long as you spend £10 or more, the supermarket will deduct the cost of the paper from that of your shopping.

How Many Nectar Points Can I Collect with Daily Mail Rewards?

Every Monday to Friday, you’ll collect 5 Nectar points and 10 Nectar points on Saturdays. On Sundays, Mail on Sunday will reward you with 15 Nectar Points. Once you’ve entered all seven unique numbers weekly for purchases Monday to Sunday, you’ll receive bonus points. Daily Mail will reward you with 30 bonus points for collecting 7 out of 7 days.

The Daily Mail has three subscriptions:

  • The Digital Edition – from £1.90 per week
  • The Weekend Pack – from £4.38 per week
  • The Ultimate Pack – £6.18 per week

The Digital Edition…

If you receive the Digital Edition, you’ll notice that the copy does not have unique numbers on the back page. Daily Mail will credit your Daily Mail Rewards account with 50 Nectar points automatically each month as long as your subscription is active. The points are usually added by the 21st of each month.

The Ultimate Pack…

Ultimate Pack subscribers earn double the points of non-subscribers. The Daily Mail weekday editions are worth 10 Nectar points. On Saturdays, the points increase to 20 and 30 points on Sunday.

Non Subscribers…

Non-subscribers of the Daily Mail can earn as many Nectar points with as subscribers. In fact, they can earn up to 50 Nectar points every week. With Daily Mail weekday issues, non-subscribers earn 5 Nectar points each. For the Saturday edition, they earn 10 points and fans of Mail on Sunday net non-subscribers 15 points per week.

As a subscriber, you can collect a maximum of 250 points.

What are my Nectar Points Worth?

The value of each Nectar point is half a penny. So if you collect 100 Nectar points, they are worth 50p, while 1000 points are worth £5. With Daily Mail, you can collect up to 3,000 points every year worth £15. You might earn a lot more if you follow our guide on how to rack up points.

For example, you can take advantage of myWaitrose free newspaper offer. Alternatively, get more unique codes from family, friends and neighbours who subscribe to the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday every week.

Once or twice a year, Nectar has the Double Up promotion usually before Christmas and around Easter. If you time it right, you can earn up to £30 Nectar points from the Daily Mail Rewards scheme.

Every year, Sainsbury’s will advertise the Double Up promotion. Check out for leaflets and posters in-store if you shop regularly at Sainsbury’s.

Top Tips for the Daily Mail Rewards Scheme

The following is a list of Daily Mail Rewards tips.

Collecting More Nectar Points

Earning £15 a year from the Daily Mail Rewards scheme will not make you rich. To collect more Nectar points, use all available ways of collecting the points. For example, shop at Sainsbury’s, and Argos both in-store and online. Every time you do grocery shopping or buy a birthday gift from Argos, you can collect more Nectar points.

Online Shopping…

If you purchase items from eBay, grab some extra Nectar points in the process. eBay is not just an online bidding store where you nab used items from someone in your local area. You can also rack up Nectar points with every purchase. All items are available at competitive prices. You will also find big-name brands with their own outlets on eBay.

Examples include Dyson, Currys PC World, Lakeland, Clarks, Homebase, Superdry, B&Q and more.

Festive Season…

The festive season is the best time to double up your Nectar points. As the most expensive time of the year, it’s also the best time to use some free money. At Sainsbury’s, you’ve the Nectar Double Up promotion that runs around Christmas and Easter. This is available both in-store and online shopping at Sainsbury’s. There are over 10 categories to choose from – electronics, toys, clothing, fragrance, wines and more. Many of these items are ideal as Christmas gifts.