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What is Geocaching in the UK

What is Geocaching in the UK and how does it work?

Want to know more about Geocaching UK? well we have you covered!

Are you and your kids up for a real life treasure hunt adventure where the whole world is the stage? If it’s a yes, then prepare yourself for the excitement that awaits you in geocaching.

But what is geocaching, and how does it work? In this blog post I share a quick guide to geocaching.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is best described as a treasure hunt, but with a massive scale.

There are millions of ‘geocaches’, or items that are placed around the world for people to find. Similar to treasure find games, you will need some tools to assist you. In this case, it’s a map and a GPS device.

Geocaching is an excellent outdoor activity that you and your children can partake in. Aside from the fresh air you’ll be teaching them invaluable life skills they’ll find useful later on.

How to Find Your First Geocache…

You’ll only need two things when going on your first geocache adventure- a smartphone and a map.

Your smartphone is mainly there for the GPS aspect, which will be your main navigation system. Most modern mobiles and even ones that are relatively old will have that GPS app built in the operating system. For the best results, you can bring along an iPhone or an Android phone with you.

Then, you’ll need a local map of the geocache you intend to find. These can be bought at any general goods shop or convenience store.

Step 1 – Register on the Official Geocaching Website is the official geocaching site. It’s important that you register an account so you can log your finds there. Complete the process and verify with your email, then proceed to the next step.

Step 2 – Download the Official Geocaching App

The geocaching app is available to download on both iOS and Android platform. Go to your respective app store and look for the official app. Download and install, then open it and search for a geocache near you.

Step 3 – Map the Coordinates and Go!

The geocache will have a set of coordinates you can look for in a map. Note it down in your smartphone then use your navigational skills to try and track the item down.

With any luck, you’ll have found the geocache. It’s best to start with the ones near you so you won’t have to travel far.

Step 4 – Open the Geocache

Congratulations! You found the geocache. Open it and you’ll find a small item and a paper or mini notebook that acts as a logbook. Enter your codename so you can leave your mark and present proof that you’ve found it.

Additionally, you can leave a small item in the geocache so the next person can enjoy them.


Geocaching is a delightful endeavour that’s full of surprises, and renews you and your children’s sense of adventure. You can make it a weekend affair or embark on a journey to find as many as you can in a month or two. Along the way you can bond and enjoy a shared experience they’ll surely cherish in the future.

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