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Discounts for Teachers

The Best Teacher Discounts Available in the UK (2024 Guide)

Discover the extensive world of teacher discounts in the UK, where numerous deals and savings opportunities await.

This guide serves as your one-stop resource, revealing a huge range of money-saving deals specifically curated for educators.

Whether you are seeking discount holidays, gym memberships, or just ways to save money on daily essentials, these teacher-exclusive discounts are readily accessible with just a few clicks. 

Explore the wide array of discounts for teachers, designed to reward and assist one of the most dedicated professions.

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List of Teacher Discounts:

The following are websites where teachers can get money-saving discounts:

1. Discounts for Teachers

Discounts for Teachers is a dedicated service that provides amazing offers to reward teachers for their hard work. Launched over 15 years ago, Discount for Teachers offers incredible deals that help you to save money. The service partnered with several trusted brands such as:

  • Argos
  • Hotpoint
  • Currys PC World
  • Sainsbury
  • Waitrose
  • Sky.
  • ASDA, and many more.

By working directly with top brands, the service secures the best deals for you. You can access all your offers online through the website or email. At Discounts for Teachers, you don’t need a credit or debit card.

To get started, visit Discount for Teachers and click “Join Free Today!” Fill in your details:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Email
  • Choose a Password

Submit the form, and you’re good to go. All teachers and education staff are eligible for discounts offered by Discounts for Teachers.

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2. Teacher Perks

Next is Teacher Perks, an online service that offers access to exclusive perks and deals. Founded in 2007, Teacher Perks has been marketing to teachers and education staff.

Today, teachers can access special education supplier discounts for colleges, nurseries and universities. They can also earn extra money by participating in paid surveys and research opportunities.

To enjoy access to fantastic offers, you need to join Teachers Perks. All you have to do is visit the site and click “Join for Free.” Fill in the form by providing the following details:

  • Full Name
  • School
  • Work Email
  • Job Roles

Click “Join” to agree with the site’s terms and privacy policy. There is no catch. Teacher Perks will send you relevant education information sponsored by their education partners. They’ll do so occasionally. If you don’t agree to receive newsletters from Teacher Perks, you can still take advantage of the exclusive offers.

Teacher Perks works with two partners: Education and High Street Partners. The Education Partners include government agencies, education suppliers, universities, exam boards and charities. High Street Partners offer deals and discounts on everyday products and services.

Remember, joining Teacher Perks is free.

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3. PS Discounts

With over 11,000 offers from major high street brands, PS Discounts is one of the best online discounts and voucher sites. Since 2005, PS Discounts has been providing thousands of deals helping teachers save millions of pounds. They offer a large selection of bargains online.

The local PS Discounts list has more than 4,500 discounts from local restaurants, pubs, taxis, health clubs and supermarkets. If you shop at any one of the 3,000 retailers, you can save hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Examples of trusted brands where you can shop and save include:

  • Kloris
  • Money Supermarket
  • Outbacker
  • Ruby and Oscar
  • Essential Travel
  • Boots
  • Halfords
  • Boden

Besides discounts, PS Discounts offers reloadable cards and vouchers. These cards allow you to load money and receive the best possible deal.

To get started, visit PS Discounts, click “Join Free Now,” fill in the details and start saving.

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4. UniDays

Get free exclusive deals for your students from UniDays. UniDays is a discount website that offers the best deals to students worldwide. Founded in 2011, UniDays provides instant access to fantastic discounts. There are different categories where you can save money. They include:

  • Food and Drink
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Health and Fitness

To get discounts from your favourite brands, join UniDays. Open your browser, visit UniDays website and click “Join Now.” Fill in the form with the following details:

  • Email address
  • Password
  • Select Gender

You must confirm that you’re 16 years of age and older. Alternatively, you can download the UniDays app to your smartphone. From the app, you can personalize your membership. How you may ask.

By joining the brands you love. In fact, you can save up to 50% on hundreds of popular brands such as Apple, ASOS, Adidas, American Eagle and Megabus. All you need to do is grab an online promo code or show your in-store discounts to save.

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Where to Apply for Teacher ID Cards

As a teacher or professor, you deserve a break. Teachers have one of the most demanding jobs in the world. Since you worked hard all year, it’s time to reward yourself. There is no better way to reward yourself than a trip to an exotic destination or a surprise gift.

These items can be expensive. The good news is, you can save with exclusive discounts and offers. To enjoy these offers and discounts, you need an ID.

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1. The International Teacher Identify Card

The International Teacher Identity Card or ITIC is a virtual plastic ID designed for teachers. As an internationally recognized card, you can get up to 40% off flights and 5% off travel insurance. There are thousands of exclusive discounts and offers on accommodation, food, travel and transport. With the ITIC card, you can access these discounts in the UK or abroad.

Who is eligible for the ITIC card? The ITIC card is available to teachers working in a recognised educational facility. They should be working for a minimum of 18 hours per week for a minimum of one academic year.

How do I obtain the ITIC Card? To receive the ITIC card, present a letter on official school stationery. The letter should confirm your employment with the UK recognized education facility. Besides the letter, you should include copies of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Official ID
  • Passport

Alternatively, you can visit the ITIC website to get your card. Click “Apply Now” and select the ITIC card. Other choices include:

  • Virtual ISIC card – £12
  • Virtual IYTC card – £12
  • Plastic card – £3

Complete the rest of the steps, and you should receive your card in a couple of days. The ITIC card is valid for 12 months, and it’s non-refundable.

2. The National Education Union

The National Education Union is the largest union that brings you and your colleagues together. The union brings professionals together to improve their working lives. How you may ask.

Through practical support and sharing of views on campaigns and policies. Thanks to the collective voice, the education workforce is a powerful voice that champions the rights of teachers.

As the largest education union, NEU represents more than 450,000 members. Of these, the majority are teachers working in academies, independent schools, colleges and FE/HE. One of the benefits of joining the union is NEU rewards.

This is a program of member benefits exclusive to NEU members. These benefits include:

  • Discounts
  • Negotiated offers
  • Rewards on products
  • Financial advice
  • Free Insurance protection
  • Mortgages and Savings

It’s free to join NEU. All you need to do is visit their website and click “Join Now.” Fill in the following details:

  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Postcode

Submit the form, and you’re a member. Alternatively, download the all members application form or newly qualified teachers application form. For newly qualified teachers, NEU charges £1.

For more information, contact NEU support team

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Companies Providing Teacher Discounts In The UK

Many UK Companies also offer discounts for teachers, here are some of the most popular companies offering teacher discounts.

1. The Motor Source Group

Want to buy a car? Motor Source Group offers discounts and exclusive offers to teachers, headteachers and professors. They also provide the same deals to lecturers, academy advisors, school deans and admission assistants.

Motor Source Group is a partner with trusted brands such as:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Citroen
  • Ford
  • Fiat
  • Honda
  • Jeep
  • Lexus
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Maserati, and many more.

To get your new car, visit Motor Source Group website and browse the site. The company offers a full range of new cars. If you cannot find the car you’re looking for, contact the support team.

If you find the car you’re looking for, work with the sales advisor. He will tailor the order to meet your needs.

How you may ask. By including colour choices and optional extra. Once paid, the car gets delivered to your doorstep. Alternatively, the company will send it to a local participating dealership.

Besides serving teachers, Motor Source Group also serves the military personnel, police, and NHS staff.

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2. Dell

Gift yourself a new laptop, a gaming PC and computer accessories this holiday from Dell. Dell offers exclusive deals and discounts via its program called Dell Advantage. Designed for teachers and faculty staff, the program allows teachers to save up to 20% on laptops, desktops and accessories.

To enjoy the discounts, you need to claim your voucher. Visit Dell website, and sign up with your academic email address. Verify your email and your voucher will be sent to the provided email address. Once you receive the code, you can browse and shop on

When you receive your voucher code, you can print it out, write it down or copy the code. Shop and buy a laptop, desktop or computer accessory that meets your needs. During checkout, enter the voucher code. The coupon savings are only applied to items added to your shopping cart.

Click “Apply Coupon”, and you should see your discount. To make the payment, click ” Secure Checkout.” Delivery of your items is within 7 business days.

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3. Apple

Apple is a global brand that offers exclusive discounts to teachers. With the right Apple products, there is nothing a teacher or student cannot accomplish. To get everything you need – Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, Airpods and more – shop at Apple using education pricing.

To get started, verify your status as a teacher or student through Apple. You can call their customer support, chat or visit a local store. Alternatively, verify with UniDays. Once verified, your education discounts should be automatically applied.

Teachers can also get up to 10% on Apple Music. To do so, sign up at UniDays. UniDays offers Apple Music Student Membership. To receive the discount, visit UniDays, register for an account. It’s free to open an account. Enter the required details and submit the form.

Browse the site for your discount and click “Get Now.” It’s that simple. Keep checking the site regularly for more discounts.

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4. Hilton

The Hilton Group of Hotels is offering an attractive discount to UK teachers. Teachers can get 30% off the UK and European Hilton Hotels. The only exception is the budget Hampton chain, where teachers and academic staff will receive a discount of 20%.

This promotion is available on Fridays, Saturday and Sunday nights. Some hotels may load the discount rate for other nights. To enjoy the savings, visit Hilton’s main website.

From the search bar, select destination, arrival date, departure date, room, and the number of guests. Click “Special Rates” and add the following Hilton promotional code – PR11PN – then click “Find a Hotel.”

You need to know that not all Hilton hotels participate. Also, you can only use one special code at a time.

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5. O2 Open

Get up to 25% discount on 3GB and above airtime plans or 15% discount on 1GB and above airtime plans with O2 Open. The employee discount program by O2 is available to employees of participating companies. It’s available to employees working with the NHS, Sainsbury’s, teachers and other companies.

Want to know how you can check if your company or institution is eligible for O2 Open? You can speak with your benefits or HR manager. Alternatively, text Open followed by your company’s or institution name to 61202. If your company qualifies, create an account on O2.

To claim your discount, sign in using your O2 username and password. You also need your employer’s five-character code. To get your company code, text OPEN followed by your company name to 61202.

Browse the O2 store for phones, tablets and mobile broadband devices. Add the items to your basket. You can select a Pay Monthly tablet, phone or mobile broadband device. After 28 days from the start of your contract, and after the verification of your payslip or email, sign in to O2 Open and add your discount.

This discount should appear in the second’s monthly bill.

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6. Vodafone

With Vodafone Advantage Scheme, teachers are eligible for a great monthly discount. In fact, teachers and education staff can save up to 15% on monthly plans. Besides the 15% off your monthly plans, Vodafone offers 15% off your monthly SIM plans and even money off for family members and friends.

To claim your discount, visit Vodafone and select one of the following choices:

  • I have a plan
  • I don’t have a plan

If you select option 1, enter your work email address. Fill out the form with the following details:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Work Email Address

Select if the discount is for you, a family member or friend. Confirm a few more points and submit the form.

If you don’t have a work email address, Vodafone will require you to upload a copy of employment. The document should show you work for a company eligible for the Vodafone Advantage scheme. You can either upload a letter from your employer or your work ID.

If you’re unsure that your company is a member of Vodafone Advantage, contact your HR department. Remember, there is a £10 membership fee which is usually added to your bill after the application of your discount.

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7. Microsoft

Microsoft has a number of discount programs available to teachers. At the Microsoft Education Store, teachers can save up to 10% on Microsoft products. They include Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PC, Surface and more.

If a teacher gets employed by a school contracted by Microsoft, the staff is eligible for a 30% discount on Microsoft Office 365 Personal or Home. If the school provides Office 365 Education to the staff and faculty, teachers may be eligible to download Office 365 Education for free.

You ought to know that only teachers and parents buying on behalf of school employees or students are eligible for Microsoft Education discounts. All products suitable for the academic discount have a special student price. The price is below the standard price.

You must sign up for a Microsoft account before shopping. Also, verify your status as a teacher. If approved, the discount is automatically applied to all eligible products added to your shopping cart.

To check out the products and discounts, visit Microsoft Education store.

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8. Amazon

Each year in July and November, Amazon holds Prime Day, a two-day sale which is exclusive for its Prime Members. Leading up to Amazon Prime Day, teachers can discover all kinds of deals and offers.

For example, teachers can save up to 45% on Fire tablets, 20% on 3D pens, 20% on 3D printers, 20% on Kindle ebooks and 40% on kitchen appliances. To access all the Prime Day deals, you must become a member.

Amazon offers a 30 day Prime Day free trial which allows you to enjoy benefits such as free two-day shipping and more. If studying for an advanced degree, you qualify for Amazon Prime Student. This service offers a 6-month all-access free trial and then Prime for £47.49/year. This is half the price of regular Prime Membership at £8.99month plus applicable taxes.

Don’t forget to make an official Amazon list of items you hope to go on sale on Prime Day. You’ll receive a notification from the app if these items go on sale.

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9. LVE Home Insurance

Teachers can save money on discounted home insurance from LVE Home insurance. LVE is one of the largest personal line insurers with more than 4000 employees and 7 million customers. Committed to providing excellent insurance cover, LVE goes the extra mile to handle all claims quickly and efficiently.

Having partnered with Boundless, teachers can enjoy a range of building and home insurance discounts and offers. As a Boundless member, you get an exclusive 8% discount on LVE home insurance. You can save more with a further 5% discount if you have LVE car insurance.

LV= insurance offers a home insurance cover of up to 1 million pounds. They insure up to 100,000 worth of belongings and 50,000 in case you need alternative accommodation. In the event of an emergency, LV= home insurance covers up to 500. This includes issues such as:

  • Plumbing
  • Boiler breaking down
  • Pest infestation and others

With a home insurance cover, you can get your life back to normality. To claim the home insurance discount, sign up at Boundless and save.

Final Thoughts

Most companies recognise that teachers work hard and spend most of their money on classroom supplies. That is why well-known brands appreciate teachers and their selfless giving by offering discounts. In fact, teachers have supported school children through one of the most challenging times.

The discount is a thank you to educators. To claim the discounts, teachers must visit the respective sites, and verify their identity using their work ID. Alternatively, contact the HR department to know if the institution is participating in a discount scheme.

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How do I redeem the offers from Discounts for Teachers?

To redeem offers from Discounts for Teachers, click on ‘Get Deal’ for the desired offer on their website. This action takes you to the brand’s site with the discount automatically applied. If it requires a discount code, click ‘Get Code’, copy it, and enter it at the brand’s checkout. They also offer printable vouchers and e-vouchers for in-store use​​.

Can I get discounts in-store as a teacher?

Yes, in-store discounts for teachers are available in some cases upon showing your ID. However, this is not a standard offer from Discounts for Teachers and may vary by store​​.

What categories of discounts are available for teachers?

Discounts for Teachers provides a huge range of categories, including money saving deals on home and garden, gifts and flowers, department stores, everyday essentials, finance, insurance, mobiles, motoring, and broadband​​.

How can I join Teacher Perks?

To join Teacher Perks, complete a form with your full name, school email address, school, and job roles. It’s a free service offering exclusive deals and discounts to those in the education sector, including teaching assistants and education staff​​.

What are the types of perks available with Teacher Perks?

Teacher Perks offers various perks, including exclusive discounts on food, high street products, entertainment, and travel. Education staff also have access to free resources like lesson plans and white papers​​.

How do I obtain the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC)?

To obtain the ITIC card, which offers teacher discounts, present a confirmation letter from your school and provide a birth certificate, official ID, or passport. This card provides access to fantastic discounts globally, including up to 40% off flights and travel insurance​​.

What benefits does the National Education Union offer?

The National Education Union offers its members, including newly qualified teachers, benefits such as discounts, negotiated offers, rewards on products, home insurance advice, and free Insurance protection​​.

Are there specific companies that provide discounts to teachers in the UK?

Yes, many companies offer teacher discounts, such as Motor Source Group (car discounts), Dell (tech products), Apple (various products including Apple Music), Hilton Hotels, O2 Open, and Vodafone. These discounts range from reduced prices to exclusive deals on services​​.

Can teaching staff from independent schools access these discounts?

Yes, teaching staff from independent schools are typically eligible for these discounts. The eligibility criteria usually include being employed in a recognized educational institution, which encompasses independent schools​​.

Are there special discounts for education support staff?

Education support staff, including teaching assistants and administrative personnel, can often access similar discounts. Many discount schemes are inclusive of all professionals working in the education sector, not just teachers​​​​.

How can newly qualified teachers benefit from these discounts?

Newly qualified teachers can benefit significantly, as many discounts and exclusive deals are designed to support them in setting up their classrooms and accessing necessary resources. These discounts can help them save money as they begin their teaching careers​​.

Are there discounts available for car insurance and other essentials for teachers?

Absolutely, teachers can find discounts on essentials like car insurance and other necessary services, helping them to save money. Companies such as Motor Source Group and various insurance providers offer tailored discounts to education staff​.