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Best Places to Earn Money Reviewing Websites

Did you know you can earn money for reviewing websites? many businesses need feedback on their websites to stay on top of their competitors.

Testing websites doesn’t have to be time consuming job (some tests can be taken in under 20 mins!) in this guide, we take you through sites that will pay you for testing websites.

1. TryMyUI

Get paid to test websites on TryMyUI. For each test you take, TryMyUI will pay you $10. A typical test takes 20 minutes, and payment is via PayPal. To get started as a user tester, sign-up for a free account. TryMyUI will require you to pass a qualification test that shows you understand the requirements and process. After qualifying, TryMyUI will send test opportunities to your email.

2. IntelliZoom

Got 15 to 20 minutes to spare? Get paid for sharing your experiences on IntelliZoom. As a tester, you can make an additional income by sharing your opinion with brands. Giving feedback is easy. All you need to do is participate in studies from your home or on the go. As a tester, you can earn $10 on average for studies. To get started, create your free IntelliZoom account.

3. Intuit User Research

Help shape the future of businesses worldwide on Intuit User Research. Unlike other user testing platforms which focus on UX testing, Intuit core business is software products. As a tester, you’ll participate in studies which last for 30 minutes to two hours. For each study, Intuit User Research will earn a $50 Visa Rewards Card.

4. Amazon Mturk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing platform. It makes it easier for businesses to outsource jobs to a remote workforce. As a member, you can perform tasks such as conducting simple data validation, research, content moderation, surveys and more. The tasks are easy and short, but Amazon Mechanical Turk pays less, unlike other user testing websites. To join Amazon Mechanical Turk, create your free account.

5. User Testing

Founded in 2007, User Testing pays testers to voice their opinions on apps and websites. As a tester, you get to test new web and mobile sites and give your user experience and recommendations. For every completed test, User Testing will pay you $10 to $15. Payment is via PayPal, and the tests last 20 minutes.

6. Respondent

Make money by participating in research studies on Respondent. Respondent is looking for professionals like enterprise software users and software developers, marketers. To make money, create your free Respondent profile, get matched with research studies, participate and get paid. Respondent collects a 5% fulfilment fee on the incentive paid.

7. Validately

Validately is another user testing platform that hires testers to test websites and apps for companies. Here is how it works. Sign up for a free Validately account and start taking tests. You’ll start receiving emails to participate in tests. For every completed test, Validately will pay you up to $100. Payments are via PayPal.

8. Enroll

Enroll lets you take usability tests and help companies improve their websites. You can take the tests anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Enroll will reward you with badges for each completed test and pay you 0.10 cents for a test. Once you fully register, Enroll will send emails with assignments for you to complete.

9. Ferpection

With Ferpection, you get paid for giving your opinion and user experience on mobile sites and apps. Currently, over 250,000 testers are working from home. To join the team, register for a free Ferpection account. As a tester, you will explore sites and apps using your tablet or smartphone. Send a positive or negative opinion, and once your feedback gets reviewed, you get paid up to $25. Each test takes an average of 45 minutes.

10. My Crowd

My Crowd is an online platform for crowdtesting mobile apps and websites. It supports functional, explorative, ad hoc, UX/UI, cross-browser testing and user testing. My Crowd’s on-demand platform allows testers to run tests faster. To start finding bugs, register for My Crowd account. My Crowd is available worldwide, and pay differs by test.

11. What Users Do

What Users Do is an online user experience and usability testing platform. Founded in 2008, they help companies improve their websites by allowing testers to provide feedback. As part of UserZoom, What Users Do has an international panel from…

  • US
  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • The Netherlands

Each month, testers can complete 3 to 5 tests. For each test, testers get paid up to $8.

12. Userfeel

Earn money by speaking your thoughts on Userfeel. Userfeel allows testers to conduct usability tests on a website and record video and audio of their interaction. This helps website owners to find and fix usability problems. The tests last 10 to 20 minutes, and you don’t need to buy products or services from the websites you’re testing. For every completed test, Userfeel will pay you up to $10 per test. To become a Userfeel tester, you need to register and pass the qualification test.

13. PingPong

Become a tester on PingPong and get paid up to €10 to €100 for 30 to 40-minute tests. PingPong pays seven days after the test via PayPal and Transferwise. To complete the tests, you need a desktop or laptop computer with a microphone and webcam. You also need Google Chrome and a fast, stable internet connection. PingPong recommends at least 20 Mbps. To become a PingPong tester, sign up with Google or email.

14. Test Birds

Get rewarded for every usability test you complete on Test Birds. Working from home or on the go, you can test websites, provide feedback, get rid of bugs, tackle website performance-related issues and more. Test Birds has over 500,000 digital testers, and you too can become a tester. Register at Test Birds and earn around £15 per test. If you find serious technical bugs, you earn more.

15. TestingTime

On TestingTime, you get paid to help companies worldwide find and fix usability issues on their websites and apps. Per hour, TestingTime will pay you up to €50 to complete a 5-minute test. To get started, sign up on TestingTime and complete your profile. If your profile fits a test, TestingTime will send you an email invitation. Answer the questions in the guided usability test in person or via Skype. Once completed, TestingTime will pay you within 10 days.

16. Userbrain

Make money testing websites and apps from home or on the go on Userbrain. Founded in 2016, Userbrain is a usability testing platform that offers clients an outside your four walls experience. By doing so, you’re able to spot and fix usability issues on your website. Userbrain will pay you $3 for every 5 to 15-minute video. To get started, sign up on Userbrain and download the Userbrain Recorder for Google Chrome or iOS. Record a qualification test, and if approved, you can start making money.

17. Loop11

With Loop11, you can complete online usability testing, benchmarking, and prototype testing. To do so, join the Loop11 panel by creating an account. It takes less than 3 minutes. You must also complete a 5-minute qualification test. This will prove your usability. Once approved, you can complete tests and get paid. Loop11 pays above average rates to testers.

18. Checkealos

Get paid for your feedback on Checkealos. Checkealos is a specialized user experience testing platform. It helps companies improve their applications and websites. As a tester, you’ll complete 15 minute tests and get paid up to €8 per feedback. You only need to have a PC, tablet, smartphone and good internet connection. Payment is via PayPal and sign-up is free.

19. Userlytics

Earn up to $90 or other amounts on Userlytics by checking out mobile apps and websites’ usability. As a tester, you’ll complete a series of tasks and instructions while interacting with mobile apps or websites. Userlytics requires all testers to speak out loud their thoughts while answering questions. To make money, register on Userlytics and start completing tests.

20. uTest

Learn new skills, earn money and help companies deliver the best user experiences on uTest. As a tester on uTest, your job is to ensure a new feature is ready before rolling out. You’ll interact with the feature, learn how it works and share your experience. You can also test ebooks, websites and more from big brands such as Google, Amazon and Uber. To join uTest, sign-up for an account, complete a qualification test, and if approved, you’re good to go.

21. UserCrowd

Participate in quick design surveys and help make websites better on UserCrowd. You don’t need to be a usability expert to provide feedback. Brands are looking for ordinary people over professionals to offer their opinion. For every response you provide, UserCrowd will pay you in credits. Each credit is worth $0.20. Most tests pay 1 to 2 credits, and once you reach 100 credits or $10, you can request a payout via PayPal. UserCrowd sends emails to inform you when tests are available. To get started, register for an account.

22. test IO

Become a tester on test IO and get paid for every issue you find. On test IO, you can test websites, games, and the latest apps. Most tests pay by the bug. You can earn up to $50 or more for critical bugs. To start making money, register on test IO, start your first test and receive your pay-out when you find bugs. As you continue testing apps and websites, you’ll climb the ladder to begin testing the hottest apps and websites.

Final Thoughts…

User testing is an easy way to earn some extra cash. Most companies are not looking for professional developers or IT experts. They are looking for ordinary people. To make a lot of money, we recommend signing up with as many usability testing platforms as possible. This will allow you to take advantage of the tests and reach your pay-out threshold fast.