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How to Get a Free Year of Deliveroo Plus Using Your Amazon Prime Account

Discover how your Amazon Prime membership can unlock a year of free Deliveroo Plus, giving you the luxury of unlimited free delivery from your favourite restaurant and supermarkets.

Whether it’s a craving for a gourmet meal or the need for quick grocery runs, learn how to easily activate this perk and make the most out of your Prime membership.

Things to Note:

  • Amazon Prime members in the UK and Ireland can get a free year of Deliveroo Plus silver tier, offering unlimited free delivery for orders over £15, including groceries from select stores.
  • The free Deliveroo Plus subscription can be activated through Deliveroo’s website or app by linking an Amazon Prime account, and benefits include exclusive restaurant deals and dedicated customer support.
  • After the free year, the Deliveroo Plus subscription doesn’t automatically renew, but members can opt-in for continued service at £3.49/month, and can manage or cancel their membership through their account settings.

Deliveroo Plus is free with a amazon prime membership

The Amazon Prime and Deliveroo Partnership

The partnership between Amazon Prime and Deliveroo is changing the way food delivery works for members in the UK and Ireland.

Deliveroo Plus is a subscription service where you normally pay a fee every month for free delivery from many restaurants, helping you save money on delivery charges. It’s like having your own delivery guy who doesn’t charge you to bring your food.

With Amazon Prime teaming up with Deliveroo, Prime members get the silver level of Deliveroo Plus for free. This means you get unlimited free delivery for orders that are more than £15. So, you can order your favourite meals or even groceries from certain shops and not pay extra for delivery.

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Getting Your Free Deliveroo Plus with Amazon Prime

Excited about getting free delivery? Here’s how to claim your free subscription, and start ordering.

Claiming Your Free Deliveroo Plus

To get your Deliveroo Plus for free, here’s what you do:

  1. Go to Deliveroo’s website (just type in your browser).
  2. Hit the ‘Claim with Amazon Prime’ button.
  3. Log into your Deliveroo account. If you’re new, you’ll make an account here.

Prefer doing things on your phone? You can also claim your free Deliveroo Plus in the Amazon app. Just go to the same place, tap ‘Claim with Amazon Prime’, and log in or sign up.

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Perks of Deliveroo Plus for Amazon Prime Members

Apart from the obvious perk of unlimited free delivery, there are a host of additional benefits that take the food delivery experience to a whole new level:

  • Exclusive discounts and offers on selected restaurants
  • Access to special promotions and events
  • Priority access to new menu items and limited edition dishes
  • Dedicated customer support for Deliveroo Plus members

One of the standout benefits is the access to exclusive restaurant offers. This means you can enjoy special deals that regular customers don’t have access to. But it’s not all about restaurants. With Deliveroo Plus for Amazon Prime members, you can also get groceries delivered to their doorstep.

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Maintaining Your Subscription: What Happens After One Year?

So, you’ve enjoyed a whole year of free Deliveroo Plus because you have Amazon Prime. Now you’re probably wondering, what’s next?

If you want to keep getting Deliveroo Plus after the free year:

  1. Go to the Deliveroo website or open the app.
  2. Find the section that says ‘Account’.
  3. Look for ‘Deliveroo Plus’.
  4. Click to see how to keep your subscription.

If the Amazon and Deliveroo partnership is still active, Amazon will notify you before your current free year expires.

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What to Expect with Your Free Deliveroo Plus

Getting Deliveroo Plus for free with Amazon Prime is great, but it’s important to know about a couple of extra charges. Even though you don’t have to pay for delivery, there’s a small fee of 49p that you’ll see on every order. This is called a service fee.

Also, remember that to get free delivery, your order needs to be at least £15. If you order less than that, you might have to pay a little more.

So while you save a lot on delivery costs with Deliveroo Plus, make sure to remember these small details.

deliveroo plus amazon prime

Restaurant and Grocery Partners

With Deliveroo Plus, you get to pick from a huge mix of yummy foods and grocery items from all kinds of places. Think of all the tasty dishes you can order from over 148,000 restaurants across the UK!

And it’s not just about the food. Need some shopping done? Get your groceries delivered right to your door from popular stores like M&S, Co-op, and Morrisons.

Plus, Deliveroo keeps adding more shops to their list. To find what you want, just look at the homepage in the Deliveroo app or use the search to find your favourite foods or shop items.

How to Adjust or Cancel Your Deliveroo Plus Membership

Although the Deliveroo Plus subscription comes with numerous advantages, you might want to modify or cancel your membership at some point.

Whether you’re moving to an area outside Deliveroo’s delivery zone or simply want to take a break, altering or cancelling your Deliveroo Plus membership is a straightforward process.

To cancel your Deliveroo Plus membership, simply go to your Account and select ‘Cancel Subscription’. Alternatively, you can visit the Deliveroo contact page and fill out the form to request cancellation.

deliveroo plus amazon prime

What to Do If Deliveroo Won’t Accept Your Amazon Prime

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. You might have trouble when Deliveroo doesn’t accept your Amazon Prime details. If this happens, don’t stress out. Here’s what you can do.

First, make sure you’ve entered your Amazon Prime details right. Even a small mistake can cause problems. If everything looks good but it’s still not working, just get in touch with Deliveroo’s customer support on their website. 

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has provided you with all the necessary steps to successfully claim your free year of Deliveroo Plus through your Amazon Prime membership.

Now you can enjoy yummy meals and buy essential groceries without paying for delivery. Enjoy!

deliveroo plus amazon prime

Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions on how to get Deliveroo Plus free with Amazon Prime? Check out our FAQ section below.

How can I activate my free Deliveroo Plus with my Amazon Prime account?

To activate your free Deliveroo Plus membership, link your Amazon Prime account to your Deliveroo account. Visit Deliveroo’s website or use the Deliveroo app, navigate to the Amazon Prime offer section, and follow the instructions to link your accounts and enjoy unlimited free delivery.

Are all Amazon Prime members eligible for free Deliveroo Plus?

Yes, all Amazon Prime members in the UK and Ireland are eligible to enjoy free Deliveroo Plus for one year, giving them access to unlimited free delivery on orders over £15 from restaurant and grocery partners.

What benefits do I get with Deliveroo Plus as an Amazon Prime member?

With Deliveroo Plus, Amazon Prime members enjoy unlimited free delivery on orders above £15, exclusive restaurant offers, and dedicated customer support, enhancing their food delivery experience.

Will my Deliveroo Plus subscription automatically renew after the free year?

No, your Deliveroo Plus subscription will not automatically renew. After the free year, you have the option to continue the service for a monthly fee, managing your subscription via your Deliveroo account settings.

Can I use my free Deliveroo Plus on more than one Deliveroo account?

No, the offer is limited to only one Deliveroo account per Amazon Prime member. Ensure your Amazon Prime details are correctly linked to your active Deliveroo account to enjoy free delivery.

How do I manage or cancel my Deliveroo Plus subscription after the free period?

To manage or cancel your Deliveroo Plus subscription, visit your Deliveroo account settings. There, you can adjust your subscription membership plan, including cancellation or renewal options.

Are there any additional fees with Deliveroo Plus despite the free delivery?

While you enjoy free delivery, a small service fee may apply to each order. Remember, delivery fees are waived for orders over £15, but the service fee is consistent across orders.

What happens if I cancel my Amazon Prime membership?

If you cancel your Amazon Prime membership, you will lose access to the free Deliveroo Plus benefits, including unlimited free delivery and exclusive offers.

How do I contact Deliveroo if I have issues with my free Plus subscription?

For assistance, contact Deliveroo’s customer service directly through their app or website. They can help with issues related to Deliveroo Plus, Amazon Prime linkage, or any subscription concerns.

Are grocery deliveries included in the free Deliveroo Plus offer with Amazon Prime?

Yes, grocery deliveries are included. Amazon Prime members can order from participating grocery partners through Deliveroo and enjoy free delivery on orders over £15, along with food from participating restaurants.