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Competitions for Cash Prizes UK

A lot of people make thousands of pounds a year in the UK, winning cash prizes. No, we’re not pulling your leg. There are lots of competitions online where you can win tax-free prizes worth more than £100,000. It gets even better. You don’t have to pay a penny to enter the competitions.

Want to know where you can win cash prizes in the UK for free? Keep reading!

Win Cash Prizes Online…

When you Google “free UK competitions,” among the results, you’ll have websites with genuine UK competitions and prizes. These sites list thousands of competitions each day, giving you a chance to win prizes. Some of these sites serve ads, but you can upgrade for a small fee and have an ad-free experience.

There are competition sites such as that list free competitions with genuine prizes. The problem is, these sites require you to subscribe to receive competition news and emails in your inbox.

As such, you’ll start receiving spam emails. If you give additional information such as your phone number, they will start calling you with offers and marketing news. Some of these sites sell your information to third party companies who in turn send you spam emails and make unsolicited phone calls.

Competition sites to avoid…


My advice is to be wary of competition sites heavily promoted on search engines such as Google. Examples include, and others. If you want to find genuine competitions in one place, check sites such as:

  • Loquax
  • Competition Finder
  • Competition Database
  • Rosemary and Porkbelly
  • PrizeRunner
  • Twitaculous
  • HotUKdeals
  • Money Saving Expert
  • Simply Prizes
  • Competitors Companion
  • Compers News
  • PrizeDeck
  • iWon-iWon
  • The Draw

Some of the sites above offer a paid membership, such as Compers News. For as little as £4.95 a month, you can access competitions verified by the editorial team. They scour for competitions in UK shopping centres, stores and high streets. As such, you’re assured of genuine competitions with the best prize-winning opportunities.

Win Prizes on Radio Station Websites…

UK radio stations feature competitions on-air and on their websites where you stand to win cash and other prizes. Here are links to the competition pages.

  • Hits Radio
  • Virgin Radio UK
  • Talk Sport
  • Smooth Radio
  • RadioX
  • Magic Radio
  • Heat Radio
  • Kiss
  • Gold Radio
  • Classic FM
  • Capital FM
  • Absolute Radio

These competitions are free to enter. To find the entry form for the competition:

  • Visit the radio station’s website.
  • Read the terms and conditions.
  • Check for a tiny entry at the end of the T&C.
  • Enter your details and submit the form.

Competitions in Magazines…

Several magazines give away loads of cash prizes. In fact, you don’t have to subscribe or sign up for a paid membership. Just complete a few puzzles, and you stand to win cash prizes. Here are magazines where you can win cash prizes.

That’s Life! Crime Scene…

Get your weekly competition fix with That’s Life! Every week, the magazine publishes puzzle competitions, news, stories, videos and exclusive features. To enter a competition, click here, pick the latest issue and enter your details.

Fill in the competition answers and click “Enter.” You can also opt to receive That’s Life Crime Special Competitions, news alerts and offers. Each competition has a closing date. Make sure you submit your entry before time elapses.

Real People…

Are you a Real People fan? Well, you can enter Real People mag competitions. Every week, the magazine publishes terrific teasers and several chances where you can win cash and other prizes. To throw your name into the hat, it only takes three steps.

Head to the Real Life magazine website. Check the cover image of your magazine issue you wish to enter the competitions for. Click on it. Sign in or register for a free account if you’re new. Lastly, type your answers into the correct spaces on the coupon. This will allow you to enter as many or as few of the competitions as you wish. Hit the “Go for it” button.

Chat and Pick Me Up…

Chat and Pick Me Up magazines partnered to create a new online platform called Life Death Prizes. Using your Life Death Prizes account, you can enter your answers to the Chat Passion, Pick Me Up and Chat magazines.

If you don’t have a Life Death Prizes account, fill in the New Members section on the right of the page. If you already have an account, sign in and select the magazine you wish to submit answers for. At the time of writing, Pick Me Up puzzles will not be for fun only. They will no longer reward prizes for the puzzles.

Take a Break…

Take a Break has weekly puzzle competitions where you can win lots of prizes. To get started, head here, pick an issue you want to complete puzzles for, then enter your details. Proceed to input your competition answers before submitting the form. Like the That’s Life magazine, the Take a Break puzzle competitions have a closing date.

TV Choice…

Win big with TV Choice puzzle competitions. Each issue has a unique puzzle competition. To enter the competition, visit the TV Choice website, choose the magazine issue you want to submit your puzzle answers to. Enter your details, followed by the puzzle competition answers. Submit the form and wait for the magazine to announce winners.


Enter Bella puzzle competitions and stand a chance to win fabulous prizes. You can win a Bella Beauty Box worth £100. The box includes skincare treats such as Cetraben, Nip+ Fab and Sunday Rain. These treats will hydrate, cleanse and polish your skin, giving it an instant glow. To win prizes, head to Bella magazine website. Click on a magazine issue, enter your details and puzzle answers.

You can also send stories to magazines and win cash. To know the kind of articles the magazines need, get a copy and read the featured articles.

Love It!…

Win lots of prizes with Love It magazine competition. You need to have an account to enter the competitions online. Head to the Love It site. Enter the following details – username, password and email. Read the privacy policy, then click “Submit.” Once you do so, you’re a member of the Love It VIP Club.

Instead of buying magazines, you can also use an app to browse weekly magazines like Real People and Chat. You can complete the puzzle competitions by using a Mark-up tool to write your answers on screen. One of the best apps that provides access to weekly magazines is Pressreader.

Another app is Readly, but it’s free for only two weeks. After that, you need to renew at £7.99 a month. If you don’t want paid membership, make sure to cancel the trial before the two weeks are up.

Sites to find the answers for Magazine competitions…

Besides the sites above, there are platforms where you can find members posting puzzles and answers for free. They include:

  • Latest Deals
  • Money Saving Expert
  • Deanys Designs
  • Loquax

Simply search for puzzle mags and make sure you’ve the correct issue number before entering the competition.

Final Thoughts

Radio stations and magazines owned by the Bauer Group run several competitions where you win cash prizes of up to £10,000. Sadly, if you win a prize of more than £500 with Bauer, no one in your household can win more than £500 for six months. Usually, they will contact and inform you of this restriction.

Global Radio contacts you of your six-month ban if you win cash prizes of more than £1,000. There are competitions with low entry costs, such as postcard entry and standard rate text competition.