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Car Boot Sales – Car Boot Sale Tips for Sellers

A car boot sale is an excellent way to declutter your home and make extra cash. Statistics show that people in the UK spend more than £1.5 billion at car boot sales every year. The thought of running a car boot sale is a little bit daunting. But it does not have to be

Car boot sales are often held on weekends and in the summer. To help you prepare for the car boot sale, here are experts tips for selling items on a car boot sale.

Learn the Rules and Regulations…

Follow these rules and regulations to ensure a successful car boot sale.

  • Never sell counterfeit goods
  • Never sell weapons
  • Alcohol and tobacco are not allowed
  • Take the rubbish and unsold items off-site after the car boot sale
  • Keep your dog on a lead
  • Pick dog waste immediately
  • Do not leave your dog unattended in parked vehicles

Depending on the car boot sale, infringements of these rules and regulations could result in a permanent ban. Some car boot sales do not allow confectionery, such as:

  • Fizzy drinks
  • Sweets
  • Chocolate bars
  • Crisps, etc

Others require you to pre-book if selling plants and do not allow the sale of new products. This is to prevent the market traders.

Declutter Your Home…

Popular items at a car boot sale include baby stuff, furniture, shoes, photo frames, books, jewellery, and ornaments. Others are clothes, kid’s toys, DVDs and accessories. When decluttering your home, start with the easiest things first, such as kid’s toys, DVDs, photo frames and jewellery. Don’t bother opening boxes. Just grab the items in plain view.

Next, move to the large items such as furniture, gardening equipment, electronics, cardboard boxes and others. These larger items can be challenging to dispose of, but you should see a lot of progress by removing them at the very beginning.

If you have the time, dust and clean the items. This will have a positive impact on buyers. The more attractive your items look, the more customers you attract. Dirty items are unlikely to get a look from potential customers.

Find Local Car Boot Sales…

Now that you’ve decluttered and sorted your items, it’s time to find a local car boot sale near you. The best way to do so is by using CarBootJunction. This is one of the fastest-growing car boot sales directories in the UK. To find local car boot sales in your area, head to the CarBootJunction site.

The page will list available car boot sales in your area. You can search again using town, county, partial postcode or country. Use the filter box to refine your search. The site allows you to sort the results alphabetically by:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Latest Added car boot sales

CarBootJunction also gives you helpful information about each car boot sale, such as:

  • Opening times
  • Entry fees for buyers and sellers
  • Availability of facilities such as toilets and parking
  • Disabled access

Check out local car boot sales on Facebook. Simply search “car boot sale”, and Facebook will bring up pages for groups and car boot sale events.

Pre-Visit Your Car Boot Space…

Visit the car boot sale location and scope out the area a few days before the actual date of the event. By doing so, you get a layout of the location. It will also help you determine where the greatest footfall is. Prime locations where you can attract more customers are near food stands, entrance and exit to the location.

Sometimes the best car boot sales are a little further away. Be prepared to travel. Research to know the cost of petrol, compare distances, start times and even seller fees. Don’t forget to read online reviews and expect to pay between £5 and £20 for a pitch.

Get Up Early…

On the actual day, get up early. Car boot sales are not for people who sleep so much on weekends. You should be up by 5 AM and be at the entrance of the car boot sale before 6 AM. Hardcore car booters are always prepared at the crack of dawn. So if you want the prime locations, make sure you arrive at the site early.

You must bring a helper. Without a helper, you have to leave your stall unattended when you take a break or want to browse other stalls. With a helper, you’ve an extra pair of eyes that will monitor your bric-a-brac, especially when approached by masses.

At the car boot sale, beware of masses that swarm your car even before you’ve started unpacking. They can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. However, with a helper, you can keep the boot locked while your partner unpacks each box.

Equip Yourself…

Before leaving your home, load a collapsible table, sturdy rails, and a large mirror. It would be best if you also had carrier bags, bubble wrap or newspaper for fragile items. The sturdy rails and collapsible table allow you to show off your wares. This drives sales. It also makes it easy for customers to check your wares.

Some sheets of tarpaulin or a picnic blanket will enable you to display your wares on the ground. If the ground is wet or muddy, use the table and sturdy rails. If the weather is not too promising, you can use the tarp to cover your wares on the table.

Your large mirror enables people to have a look as they try out the clothes. When packing your car, place the equipment in an easy to reach area. This will allow you to show off your items fast and take advantage of the first trickle of customers. The highest volume of sales takes place within the first hour. So, you don’t want to waste time setting up and unpacking your wares.

Have Spare Change…

To make transactions smooth at the car boot sale, have spare change. You’ll need at least £10 – £30 in spare change. People might spend £20 or more at your stall. By having spare change, you will not miss out on countless sales.

You can change your money in a big supermarket, or at a bank. It is crucial to have a money belt or a small bag. Wear it across your body to ensure your money remains safe all day. You can also use a money hiding spot to disguise your cash cleverly. Avoid stashing your money on the table or in your car. It could be easily stolen.

Price Everything…

Pricing is one of the most challenging tasks, but you can wing it if you don’t know where to start. Don’t expect to sell your wares at high prices. People who go to car boot sales know the items are pre-loved. The average price for your items can range between 50p to £5. You can try higher prices, but lots of customers may choose to visit other stalls.

Lots of people will haggle. In fact, car boot sales feature buyers hunting for a great bargain. If the item is more than what your buyer is willing to pay, do not budge. Stand your ground, and if the customer wants the item badly, they’ll be back and cough up the full price for the item. But be polite.

Remember, price your items realistically. We recommend 10% to 15% of the item’s original price. If the item is valuable, do not undervalue it but always be flexible.

Final Thoughts

Everything that you’re selling is clutter. If a customer offers a low price, be firm and stand your ground. There is no point in selling something valuable for next to nothing. If you’re trying to eliminate all items on your table and rails, use the last hour.

You can start selling the items for £1, 50p, then 25p and eventually offer the items for free. Alternatively, whatever you don’t sell, take it home and save it for the next car boot sale. If you notice lots of buyers are put off by your pricing, change your pricing strategy. Put new price tags and be firm if the offer is too low. Don’t forget to enjoy your day and have fun.