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Boots Recycling Scheme which rewards you!

Boots Recycling Scheme – FREE Boots Advantage Card Points

Boots have launched a new recycling scheme. The scheme will encourage customers to return health, beauty and wellness packaging that is difficult to recycle. You are able to return packaging from any brand, even if it is not sold by Boots.

It is estimated that households throw at least two items into general waste each week that could have been recycled. This is believed to happen because of the confusion that exists about whether packaging for health and beauty products can be recycled. The new scheme from Boots addresses this issue because all packaging can be taken into the store and anything that can be recycled will be.

Boots are working with ReWorked to recycle as much of the packaging as possible. When they receive the items they will break them down into the separate components. Nothing from the packaging will go into landfill, as anything that can’t be recycled will be used to create Stormboard (a composite material that has many different uses).

As an incentive for shoppers to recycle the packaging through the new scheme, they will be given 500 Advantage Card points for every five items that they recycle. This is equivalent to £5 which makes it a very generous offer. It also means that customers will be able to treat themselves to new products in the knowledge that their old ones have not gone to landfill or been incinerated.

Another unique feature of the scheme is that customers can track how much packaging they have recycled and what this packaging has been used to make. This is made possible through Scan2Recycle technology.

You can also find the stores that are participating in the scheme and full terms and conditions on the Boots website.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What is the Recycle at Boots scheme?

The Boots Recycle Scheme allows customers to recycle their empty beauty, health, wellness and dental products (from any brand) in exchange for Boots Advantage Card Points.

What Can I Recycle?

Any Beauty, Wellness, Healthcare or Dental Products that you can't recycle through your household waste.

What Happens with the items I recycle at Boots?

Every product you recycle will be taken to a company called ReWorked and broken down into components and given a second life.

How many Advantage Card Points can I earn for recycling at Boots?

Currently you will earn 500 Advantage Card Points when you recycle 5 items (worth £5)

How Can I take Part?

Simply Register on the Official Boots Website.