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Where Can I find a Free ATM Near Me?

Cash machines in the UK are closing at a rate of more than 300 every month. Between November 2017 and April 2018, over 1,500 machines on the Link Network shut down. According to Which?, the rise in cash machines closing down is partly because of contactless payments.

Besides contactless payments, ATM ram-raids are rising. Thugs with vans are prying open the cash machines and stealing five-figure sums. They are smashing and blasting their way into UK machines.

Despite the ATM ram-raids and closure of cash machines, more than 2 million people in the UK rely on cash exclusively. The UK has more than 50,000 ATMs, and more than 95% of withdrawals are from free to use cash machines. Thanks to mobile technology, you can find the closest cash machines in minutes.

Want to know how to find the closest ATM near you? Read on.

Where Can I Find a ATM Near Me? 

There are over 2,000 free to use ATMs in Post Office branches across the UK. Every day, over a million customers make withdrawals from these cash machines.

Link is the largest cash machine network in the UK. In fact, every cash machine in the UK is currently connected to Link. Through Link, banks and building societies offer customers access to cashpoints across the UK.

To find cash points near you, download the Link Cash locator app. The app displays cashpoint locations in the UK as well as provides directions to the closest ATM. Since you may access your cash through a Post Office branch, the app also displays your nearest Post Office branch.

The Link Cash Locator app shows the nearest ATMs and Post Office branches on a map. You can get driving and walking directions to any ATM or Post Office branch. The app also displays full details of every ATM in the UK. This includes services offered at the machine.

If you’re travelling, you can search for ATMs near your location using the app. You can also set advanced filters depending on your particular needs. This includes finding ATMs that dispense £5 notes and those with audio assistance for blind customers.

It (app) also allows you to filter and find wheelchair accessible ATMs, only free to use ATMs and even splits out which bank manages a cash point. The Link Cash Locator app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It’s free to download and use.

Are All ATMs Free in the UK?

In the UK, 95% of cash withdrawals are free of charge, and at the majority of cash points, there is no charge for cash withdrawals. Whether you’re using an ATM or debit card, it is free to withdraw cash.

When you use a store card, credit card or charge card, the ATM will deduct a fee. Also, it will charge you if your card issuer or the ATM at the operator charges a fee.

The Link Network allows both pay-to-use and free access to cash. The UK Government recognized that chargeable and free access to cash is a benefit to local businesses and the public.

Link does not impose charges on customers who want to access cash. It also does not set any fees. However, Link does require all-cash machines at card issuers to follow certain rules.

How To Stay Safe When Using ATMs

The first thing to consider is ATM location. A cash point inside a bank, Post Office branch or building society is safer than one on the street. If you’ve no choice, choose a cash machine in an area that’s well lit and with plenty of traffic.

Never use an ATM that appears to be vandalized or tampered. Thugs and fraudsters can place false fronts on the card slot. Once you insert your card, it copies your details. They can also place a small camera above the keypad to capture your PIN.

Always have somebody with you. This will deter any criminal attempting to steal from you after withdrawing your cash. If you spot anybody looking dodgy near a cash machine, call the police. You might be saving the next person to use the cash point.

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