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What is Amazon Household

Amazon Household: How to Share your Prime Benefits with up to 6 People

Amazon has always been a go-to platform for a wide range of products and services. One such service that has gained popularity is Amazon Household. This service is designed to help families and close friends get the most out of their Amazon Prime membership.

What is Amazon Household?

Amazon Household is a feature that allows you to share numerous benefits with another adult, teens, and children. It’s a way to maximise your Prime membership. Your Household can include up to six members (two adults, up to four teens, and up to four children), and it’s easy to add or remove members and share content with each other.

How to Set Up Amazon Household:

To access Amazon Household, visit the Amazon Household page and choose ‘Add Adult’, ‘Add a Teen’, or ‘Add a Child’. For adults, you can either send an email invite or sign up together to verify your accounts. No invite is necessary to add children. Once you’ve created your Amazon Household, you can review your content-sharing settings in the Family Library.

How Much is Amazon Household?

The good news is, Amazon Household is included in Prime at no additional cost. Only one adult in the Household needs to have a Prime membership. This makes it a cost-effective way to share the benefits of Amazon Prime with your family.

How to Share Audible Books with Amazon Household

Sharing Audible books with Amazon Household is straightforward. Adults can link their Amazon accounts to share eBooks and audiobooks. They can also share digital content (eBooks, apps, and games) with children.

How Does a Child Access Amazon Household?

Children can access the Amazon Household through the Family Library. Adults can add children to a Household to manage parental controls on Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers through Amazon Kids. They can personalise each child’s experience by selecting what content they can see, and setting educational goals and time limits.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Household is a fantastic way to share the benefits of Amazon Prime with your family. It’s easy to set up, cost-effective, and offers a range of shared benefits that can enhance your Amazon experience.