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Why is TEMU so Cheap? The Secret Behind TEMU’s Low Prices

In the vast world of online shopping, TEMU app has emerged as the new sensation, turning heads with its incredibly cheap prices.

But with such low costs, many are left wondering: How do they do it? And more importantly, is TEMU legit?

TEMU vs The Rest: What Sets It Apart?

You’ve probably heard of online giants like Shein and Wish. So, how does TEMU stack up? Firstly, when we talk numbers, consumers spent 20% more on TEMU than Shein in May 2023, according to Bloomberg Second Measure.

TEMU offers the attraction of cheap prices, often cheaper than both Shein and Wish. This is especially true for everyday items like clothing and homeware. But there’s a cherry on top: TEMU offers the appeal of free shipping and returns.

While this might be factored into the price of items, it gives shoppers the feeling they’re getting a better deal. Unlike Shein, which is primarily fashion-focused, TEMU paints a broader picture, offering a range of products much like a budget-friendly Amazon.

The quality? Reports suggest that TEMU has a slight edge over its competitors, making it a more attractive choice for those on the hunt for good quality items on a budget.

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Unpacking TEMU’s Budget-Friendly Prices

So, the million-pound question: Why is TEMU so cheap? Here’s the lowdown:

TEMU smartly connects consumers directly with suppliers, and only handles the shipping part. This direct-to-consumer approach keeps operation costs down. Plus, being a Chinese start-up, they leverage the lower manufacturing and labour costs in China.

But there’s a twist: even with cheap prices, TEMU is reportedly incurring a loss of around £24 per order. This bold strategy is a play to rival Amazon and make waves in the American market.

However, this aggressive pricing does come at a cost. Suppliers, particularly smaller ones in China, face tremendous pressure to reduce prices, potentially fostering unethical business practices. There’s also a touch of controversy with TEMU selling imitation products.

Think Lego-style models or clothes mirroring popular fashion brands.

Is TEMU Legit?

With such cheap prices and the whole imitation product thing, it’s only natural to ask, is TEMU legit?

TEMU is indeed a legit company, selling products straight from suppliers. But, there’s a catch. The quality of these imitation products might not match up to the original brands.

While it’s reportedly a step above Wish or Shein, it’s still a ‘get what you pay for’ scenario.

For UK shoppers, TEMU has launched with a bang, topping the Apple App Store charts. To pull in new users, there are currently ‘lightning sales’ and a major ad campaign.

As for UK reviews, TEMU has a 3.5 rating on Trustpilot. Opinions are divided with praises for customer service and low prices, and complaints about product quality and deceptive discounts.

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Why Are Influencers Loving TEMU?

Ever wondered why your favourite social media stars are suddenly all about the TEMU app? It’s not just random.

TEMU has this cool thing called the TEMU Influencer Program. Basically, influencers shout out about TEMU, and when their fans shop, influencers get some cash. Simple as that.

It’s like telling your friends about a new shopping app, but on a bigger scale. And when TEMU has such cheap prices and fun stuff, it’s easy for influencers to share it with their fans. Plus, who wouldn’t want to make some extra money?

So, when you see influencers talking about their TEMU finds, you know why. Great deals for them, and cool products for you!

Final Thoughts…

TEMU app is a legit online marketplace, but as always, it’s essential to shop smart and manage expectations.

If you want to try TEMU for yourself you can use the TEMU Coupon Code – afb05902 to save up to £100 on your first purchase.