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What Is Ufurnish

What Is Ufurnish? The Furniture Comparison Site Which Saves you Money 

For some, furniture shopping is a fun experience where you get to discover new brands and make your house a home. However, for others, it’s a tedious experience that takes up lots of time and effort. Whatever your opinion on furniture shopping is, Ufurnish is designed to elevate the experience and save you some pennies.

Ufurnish is a furniture comparison site that strives to show you the best deals and prices in one place. Perfect for cutting your costs without sacrificing quality and style.

But is this the best online furniture store? Today, I’m delving into Ufurnish to discover what this website offers and how it can benefit you.

Key Takeaways

  • Ufurnish, the Furniture Comparison Site: Ufurnish is a new website that changes how you shop for home products. It shows an extensive range of UK furniture retailers to help you find the best price and products for your preferences.
  • Save Money with Ufurnish: Ufurnish helps you save money by allowing you to compare the prices of countless stores and pieces of furniture in one search. It also offers frequent discounts and sales from popular brands.
  • Ease of Use: Ufurnish is designed to make shopping easy and efficient. You can create an account, save and follow your favourite products, and opt-in for discount emails to ensure you don’t miss out on low prices.

ufurnish cheap and discount furniture

What Is Ufurnish?

Ufurnish is a new furniture and furnishing website here to change how you shop for home products. Instead of offering their own home furniture and furnishings, Ufurnish shows you an extensive range of UK furniture retailers to help you find the best price and products for your preferences. 

Think of Ufurnish as an interior comparison site. Whether you’re looking for affordable furniture or a specific piece, this new website strives to make searching easier and quicker. Perfect.

Who Owns Ufurnish?

Ufurnish is owned and operated by Deirdre Mc Gettrick and her husband, Ray Wright. The business was born out of frustration when Mc Gettrick was hunting for furniture for her own home. 

Mc Gettrick found the furniture market clunky and inefficient, and spending hours scrolling for new furniture was the last thing she wanted to do after work. So, she started creating her own furniture spreadsheets with prices, URLs, and screenshots. This was the start of Ufurnish.

How is Ufurnish Funded?

Once the idea was born, the couple quit their corporate jobs and put the Ufurnish plan into motion. They started seeking financial backing for their start-up by entering the London & Partners Growth Programme. 

Right now, Ufurnish has raised over £1.8 million in investment. Most of this comes from angel investors. It looks like the future for Ufurnish is bright!

quality affordable furniture at ufurnish

How Ufurnish Can Help You?

Ufurnish was created to help the consumer. Unlike furniture stores trying to sell to you, Ufurnish can help you compare and contrast the best UK furniture. 

The website is designed to make shopping easy and efficient. No more time spent scrolling through countless websites and remembering where you saw that perfect sofa. Now, you can see everything in one accessible space.

And let’s not overlook the major advantage of Ufurnish — it helps you save money. With just one search, you can compare the prices of countless stores and pieces of furniture. That’s a win for us. 

Does Ufurnish Offer Discounts?

Yes, you can get Ufurnish furniture discounts while comparing top brands. Currently, Ufurnish is giving a 70% discount on selected furniture brands. 

Alongside this great deal, Ufurnish provides ongoing offers and sales to help you save while you shop. These offers include 40% off Sleepy People, Dunelm discounts, and up to 80% off the Homary sale. You can also find retailer sales, category sales, and other spotlight brand deals. It’s excellent if you’re trying to decorate a home on a budget. 

What Is Ufurnish

How To Use Ufurnish

Using Ufurnish is pretty straightforward. Once you load up the website, you can instantly start searching for deals and looking at thousands of different products.

Searches on Ufurnish can be filtered to help you get closer to your perfect purchase. You can also create an account to ensure you don’t lose any hidden gems. Users can save and follow their favourite products to ensure they don’t get lost overnight. You can also opt-in for discount emails to guarantee you don’t miss out on low prices. 

When you find the perfect piece of furniture, you can purchase it through the website. But remember, you’re buying the item from the retailer, not Ufurnish. Ufurnish doesn’t manufacture any products. They simply connect you with the best deals. Therefore, if you want to return or exchange your order, you’ll have to contact the manufacturer directly. 

If you need some creative inspiration, you can even browse Ufurnish’s idea and advice blog. This blog feed includes home decor inspiration, comparisons, and shopping guides. Decorating your home has never been easier. 

Product categories on Ufurnish 

Whether you want to find Ufurnish sofas or a new rug, the options are endless. Here’s a list of all the content available to compare on the furniture website.  

Product categories on Ufurnish include:

  • Furniture
  • Rugs
  • Lighting
  • Pets
  • Mattresses
  • Children & nursery furniture
  • Home accessories
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Storage
  • Furnishings

ufurnish affordable living room furniture

Which Retailers Are Featured on Ufurnish?

Over 100 different retailers are featured on Ufurnish, including big high-street names and small independent stores. With so many options, this is one of the largest UK furniture sales we’ve ever seen.

Here are some of the top retailers featured on the site:

  • Selfridges & Co
  • John Lewis
  • Dunelm
  • Argos
  • Anthropology
  • Industville
  • Heal’s
  • M&S
  • Wayfair
  • Dreams

cheap and discount furniture at ufurnish

Benefits of Using Ufurnish

Unsure whether Ufurnish is for you? Here’s a quick list of the benefits of this furniture comparison site.

  • Thousands of top brands in one place.
  • It saves time, as you don’t have to scroll through different websites.
  • Making an account and searching is easy and accessible.
  • Lots of different furniture options are available.
  • Furniture from all price points, styles, and materials featured.
  • Helps users save money through comparisons.
  • Frequent discounts and offers from popular brands.  

Can I Contact Ufurnish?

You can contact Ufurnish via their customer service email However, you can also quickly troubleshoot any queries via the Ufurnish FAQ page. This is often faster than waiting for a customer support reply. 

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re just browsing or re-decorating your home, Ufurnish can help you reach your goals without the usual stress of online shopping. Plus, you might save some pennies and discover new brands along the way. The concept of Ufurnish is great, and we can’t wait to see it take off in the future.

So, if you want to decorate your home on a budget, visit the website now!