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Threats to Dispose of Your Mail

How to Deal with Threats to Dispose of Your Mail at a Previous Address

Moving house is a significant task filled with various challenges. Among these, ensuring your mail follows you to your new address is crucial.

However, situations may arise where the new occupants at your previous address threaten to discard mail still arriving in your name.

This blog post draws from our personal experience to guide you through handling such situations, understanding UK law, and protecting your postal correspondence.

The Legal Framework in the UK

In the UK, interfering with mail is a serious offence. Under the Postal Services Act 2000, Section 84, it’s illegal for someone to intentionally delay or open post not intended for them, unless authorised.

This includes discarding mail. Such actions are punishable by law, and if someone at your old address threatens to throw away your mail, they’re committing a crime.

Our Story

We’re sharing this information because we’ve faced this exact issue. Despite setting up a Royal Mail redirection service, a few letters slipped through the net and ended up at our previous address.

The new occupants threatened to destroy these letters. We had no choice but to report the matter to the police, highlighting the seriousness of the situation.

Steps to Take

1. Set Up a Royal Mail Redirection Service: This is your first line of defence. It forwards your mail from your old address to your new one for a set period. While it’s highly effective, occasionally, something might slip through, underscoring the importance of additional measures.

2. Contact the Senders: If you’re aware of the senders of the missed mail, contact them directly to update your address. This reduces the risk of important mail going to your old address.

3. Inform the Police: If someone threatens to dispose of your mail, report it. Provide all evidence of the threats and any information about the mail involved. The police can take action under the Postal Services Act.

4. Keep Records: Document all communications regarding the threats. This includes dates, what was said, and any other relevant details. These records can be crucial if legal action is necessary.

Compassion and Understanding

While it’s essential to protect your rights and ensure your mail’s security, we also encourage understanding.

The stress of moving can affect everyone differently. If the individual at your old address is struggling with mental health issues or similar challenges, they might not fully understand the implications of their actions.

Reporting them is crucial, but maintaining compassion is also important.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with threats to dispose of your mail at a previous address is an unwelcome addition to the stresses of moving. However, understanding your legal rights and knowing the steps to take can provide a clear path forward.

Setting up a Royal Mail redirection, contacting senders, reporting threats, and keeping records are all effective strategies. Through this process, remember to balance firmness in protecting your rights with compassion for those who may not fully grasp their actions’ seriousness.

Moving is challenging enough without added complications, but by taking these steps, you can mitigate the impact and focus on settling into your new home.