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Therme Manchester

The First All-Season Beach and £250 Million Waterpark to open in the UK

The UK will soon have its first-ever all-season beach, which will open in 2025, according to new plans. The water complex, named Therme Manchester, will be available to the public all year long.

The beach is part of a new £250 million development that is being built in Manchester’s Trafford Centre. Other attractions near the development include Chill Factore and Legoland.

The new waterpark is a clear attempt to break away from the stereotype that waterparks are somewhat gloomy places. Instead, they are hoping to create an upmarket destination with fabulous water features and pools. The waterpark is meant to be a learning, socialising and discovery hub for an estimated 2 million people annually.

The water complex is spread over 23 acres of land, with a total of 35 slides, lagoons, mineral baths, a steam room and, of course, the beach. There will also be a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities for adults and children alike.

Therme Manchester all-season beach was set to open in 2023 and offer visitors a wide range of activities and amenities. However, according to the new digital art plans, the development may see its completion and opening in 2025. Keep tabs on Therme Manchester’s official website to know when all plans are finalised.

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