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Shop and Scan

Earn Money for Scanning your Shopping with Shop and Scan

Have you heard people say that they earn rewards for scanning their shopping for a market research for a company? Well, that company is most likely to be Shop and Scan, the leading market research company in the UK.

If you don’t know what this company does or why people get paid to scan their shopping, this guide is for you…

What is Shop and Scan?

Shop and scan is a marketing research company that collects shopping data and submits it to relevant companies. Manufacturers and sellers use this information to learn how the products they produce and sell are perceived out there. To access this information, Shop and Scan pays people to scan bar codes and submit receipts.

How to Join Shop and Scan?

The most common way is through a free invitation that is sent by Kantar, the force behind Shop and Scan. Since this is done randomly, you don’t have to wait for the invitation as you can apply directly by visiting You should, however, note that the application does not mean that you will be automatically and immediately accepted. Shop and scan tries to distribute their surveyors throughout the UK and that why the application may stay for a few weeks or even months before it is accepted.

How Does Shop and Scan Work?

On being accepted to join the platform, you are sent a membership pack with a user guide and a barcode scanning device. You use this device to scan all barcodes of the shopping coming to your home. Once you scan all your shopping, you are required to login into your account and transmit the bar codes. To upload your receipt images, you will need to connect the device to your laptop. The deadline is Sunday midnight. The period can only be extended to Monday. You are awarded points for uploading barcodes and scanning receipts, as discussed in the section below.

Shop and Scan

What Rewards Can I earn from Shop and Scan?

As a way of appreciating your participation, Shop and Scan will enrol you to their reward point’s programme, where they give you 1100 points for uploading barcodes and 500 points for scanning receipts. This is done on a weekly basis.

For each 1000 points you redeem, you will get a £10 electronic gift voucher that you can use on a number of online shops, including Amazon, Halfords and WHSmith.

Can anyone apply for Shop and Scan?

Sadly not all people are eligible to join Shop and Scan. First, if you work in a marketing or advertising company, you cannot join the platform. Also, if you belong to a rival market research programme, you cannot join Shop and Scan too.

How often do you have to Scan your Shopping with Shop and Scan?

As long as shopping with barcodes is coming to your home. Your Shop and Scan starter pack will have all the information about how and how often you should scan your shopping.

What should I do if my barcode stops working?

If dirt accumulates on the end of the device where the sensor is, it may stop working. To reverse this, just wipe it down with a soft cloth and it will be back to be fully functional. You should reach out to the ream at Shop and Scan if the scanner does not work even after wiping the area around the sensor. In this case, they should send you a replacement, probably free of charge.

Shop and Scan Barcode Scanner

Closing thoughts…

Although Shop and Scan will not earn you a fortune, it will add to the list of side hustles you are running to boost your primary income. Along with the points earned after barcode uploads and receipt scans, you can also earn points for taking part in surveys (this is great to boost your point balance!) I personally like to save all my reward points and redeem them at Christmas to lessen the blow of holiday spending!.