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Shein Points: Your Guide to Earning and Redeeming Shein Points

If you love shopping for clothes online, you might have heard of Shein Points. But what are they? How do you get them? We’re here to help you understand it all.

So, if you’re curious about Shein Points, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive in and make your online shopping even more exciting!

how do you use shein points

What are Shein Points?

Shein points belong to a reward scheme designed to provide faithful customers with discounts on subsequent purchases.

For every pound you spend, you earn one point. But that’s not where it ends. In fact, reaching a milestone of five points can make a noticeable difference in your savings.

Shein points are also equivalent to real money. Here’s how they work:

  • For every 100 points, you can get a $1 off your purchase
  • These points can cover up to 70% of the cost of an item, excluding delivery, handling, and taxes
  • It’s like getting paid to shop!

How to Earn Shein Points

Accumulating Shein points is an enjoyable and interactive activity. Here are some ways to earn points:

  • When you make a purchase, each pound spent is rewarded with one point upon order confirmation.
  • Participate in outfit contests and Shein live shows to earn points.
  • Winning entries in outfit contests can earn you up to 1,000 points.

Writing reviews on Shein products also allows you to earn points, and you get additional points if you include images or size information.

Special activities like watching Shein live streams or participating in surveys within the Shein app offer extra opportunities to earn points.

how do you use shein points

Maximising Your Shein Points Earnings

Having learned how to earn Shein points, you’d likely be interested in optimising your earnings, right?

Let’s dive into how you can earn extra points and get the most out of Shein’s loyalty program.

Some ways to maximise your Shein points include:

  • Daily check-ins
  • Participating in special events
  • Engaging on social media
  • Using the Shein app

Each method offers unique opportunities for earning points, ensuring that you always have a way to add to your points balance through our points program.

You might wonder, how many points can you earn? The answer depends on the method you choose, and some methods might yield the most points.

Daily Check-ins and Special Events

Daily check-ins on the Shein app can earn you extra points. The 7-day cycle for daily check-ins offers up to 37 points a week without spending any money.

That’s right; you earn points just by logging in!

Yet, there’s more. Shein hosts weekly outfit contests with different themes where you can create an outfit collage and earn up to 1,000 bonus points.

Plus, you can also participate in live shows that feature fashion trends and pop culture to earn additional points. However, be mindful of the daily limit imposed on the number of points that can be earned.

what are shein points

Engaging with Shein’s Social Media

Most of us enjoy browsing through social media. Imagine if it could generate points for you?

Shein actively uses social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok to engage with their community. Following Shein on social media can keep you informed about new promotions, live shows, and other opportunities to earn points.

If you have a significant social media following, especially on platforms like YouTube or Instagram, you can become a Shein influencer, known as #SHEINgals. By sharing Shein styles on your channels, you can earn points and enjoy other perks.

Using the Shein App

The Shein app serves more than just a shopping platform; it’s a gateway to exclusive opportunities for points accumulation.

The app features a ‘Survey Center’ where you can engage in activities like taking surveys to earn extra points. You also get access to new campaigns offering additional points for limited times.

Not to mention, when you download the Shein app from the Apple App Store, you receive a 15% discount on your purchases using a specific code, providing immediate savings.

So why wait? Download the app and start earning points today!

how to get shein points

Redeeming Shein Points for Discounts

Having amassed all these points, you might wonder how to use them. Shein points can be applied during checkout to receive a discount, covering up to 70% of the total price of the products in the order, excluding taxes, insurance, and postage costs. Now that’s what we call smart shopping!

Before commencing your shopping spree by adding items to your cart, understanding the conversion rate of Shein points, along with their compatibility with coupons and promotions for ultimate savings, is essential.

Conversion Rate and Limitations

Shein points have a simple and straightforward conversion rate. Every 100 points you earn are equivalent to $1 USD. So, the more points you have, the more you save.

However, keep in mind that the discount obtained through Shein points can only cover up to 70% of the cost of an item, excluding delivery, handling, and taxes. Now, isn’t that a great incentive to start collecting points?

Combining Points with Coupons and Promotions

Did you know that you can combine Shein points with coupon codes to maximise your discounts on purchases? Yes, you heard it right. Using points along with coupons can give you a greater discount, making your shopping experience even more rewarding.

Additionally, these promo codes can be applied to sale items as well, offering an additional layer of savings. So, next time you shop at Shein, don’t forget to use your points and coupons for the best deals.

how to use shein points

Managing Your Shein Points Balance

Much like overseeing your bank account, it’s vital to manage your Shein points balance effectively. Regularly checking your points balance in the ‘My Points’ section of your Shein account can give you detailed information on points’ validity periods.

Furthermore, staying informed about the points’ expiry dates and the refund process in case of order cancellation or returns is of pivotal importance.

Expiration Dates and Point Refunds

Shein points aren’t permanent; in fact, shein points expire with expiration dates ranging from as little as 7 days to up to 3 months, depending on how they were obtained.

Points earned from registering a valid email address with Shein are valid for four months, while points earned through the Shein app activities typically expire between seven days and three months.

Once expired points have been removed from your profile, there is no option for extension, transfer, or refund. However, if an order is cancelled or partially returned, the Shein points used for that purchase may be refunded based on the transaction details.

Transferring Shein Points

One thing to note about Shein points is that they are exclusively bound to the account that earned them and cannot be used to transfer shein points to another account. If you encounter issues during payment on your existing account, it’s advised to change the payment method or switch devices instead of transferring points.

Creating a new account on Shein means starting over with zero points, as there is no option to transfer points from an old account. So make sure to keep your account active and keep those points flowing!

how to use shein points

Additional Ways to Save Money on Shein Purchases

Having discussed the workings of Shein points in detail, it’s time to delve into other methods of economising on Shein purchases. Who doesn’t love a good sale, right?

Beyond point accumulation and redemption, Shein provides:

  • Numerous seasonal sales
  • Special student discounts
  • Exclusive price cuts for Shein Club members

Shopping in the Sale Section

You can access savings of up to 85% off on selected flash sale items and up to 60% off regular prices across multiple categories.

Exclusive sale offers include Shein’s Everything £5 edit for flat-rate deals and clearance discounts on phased-out older products. So, don’t forget to check out the sale section for some fantastic deals.

Taking Advantage of Free Delivery Offers

Shein offers free delivery on orders that reach a specific minimum amount, helping you save on delivery fees.

Free standard delivery is provided by Shein for purchases of $49 or more, and free express delivery on totals of $129 and above. Depending on the region, the minimum order amount to qualify for free delivery may vary.

Final Thoughts

That’s all we have on Shein Points! We hope this guide has helped you understand them better. Now, you’re all set to start earning and using your points. So, go ahead and make the most of your online shopping with Shein!

what are shein points

Frequently Asked Questions

Still got questions about Shein points? Check out our FAQ section below.

What are Shein points?

Shein points are a part of Shein’s loyalty program that allows you to collect points after every purchase on or their smartphone app. These points can then be converted into discounts and applied to your future orders on the site.

Do Shein points expire?

Yes, Shein points do expire. The expiration dates can vary.

Can I transfer Shein points to another Shein account?

Currently, there is no information available about transferring Shein points to another account.

How can I earn Shein points?

Earning Shein points is very easy. You can earn points by verifying your email, shopping at Shein, commenting on products, checking in daily on the app, and participating in outfit contests. For every pound spent when you confirm receipt of your order, you earn one point. Posting a comment earns you five points, and if the comment includes an image, you earn an additional five points.

What is the worth of Shein points?

The worth of Shein points is calculated as 100 Shein points equaling USD $1.

How can I check my points balance on the Shein app?

You can check your points balance through the Shein app by going to the “Points” section.

How can I save money with Shein points?

Shein points can be used to save money by redeeming them for discounts on your orders. You can use your points to deduct up to 70% of the total amount of products when you place your order.

Can I earn extra points on Shein?

Yes, you can earn extra points by writing reviews or referring a friend.

What happens to my expired points?

Once the Shein Points have expired, they cannot be redeemed or otherwise used.

How many points can I earn on Shein?

There is no specific limit on the number of points you can earn on Shein. However, it’s important to note that only a maximum number of points can be received per day: Maximum 8,000 points per day overall. Maximum 2,000 points per day for comments.