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Save Money with Honey the Coupon Browser Extension

Using coupon codes is an easy way to save money online but searching for the codes online is a hassle. In fact, you spend alot of time leaving your online cart to start searching for coupon codes. To save money, you need a better way to find coupon codes online.

We’ve researched and found Honey.

What is Honey?

Honey is a free browser extension that automatically searches for available coupons on more than 30,000 popular sites. It works on top stores such as , , BooHoo, Adidas, Pizza Hut, and more.

The extension usually scours the internet for voucher codes while you’re shopping online. It can even search for better prices on Amazon. If Honey finds the best deal, it applies the code with the biggest saving to your cart on checkout.

Once it applies the code, you can proceed with checkout as normal. This extension is compatible with modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Opera.

Is Honey Available in the UK?

Yes, Honey currently supports shopping sites in the UK. It also supports online stores in the US, Canada, Australia and more. In the UK, you can use the Honey browser extension to find the best deals at Amazon UK.

When the browser extension finds the best coupons, it applies them automatically during checkout. Alternatively, you can manually copy and paste the voucher codes when checking out on Amazon UK.

How Does Honey Work?

Once installed, the Honey browser extension looks at the items in your basket when shopping at your favourite online store. From the list of items in your cart, it scours the internet in search of relevant coupon or voucher codes. If the browser extension finds working codes, it applies them automatically to your cart.

By doing so, you end up saving money on checkout. It may take a few minutes for the browser extension to apply the codes it found. Once it applies all the codes, continue to checkout and complete your purchase.

To know if the Honey browser extension is working, click the Honey icon. It’s usually located in your browser’s extensions section or the upper right corner of your browser’s toolbar (apart from Safari).

If the ‘h’ icon is orange, Honey is currently supported on that shopping site. As such, all available coupons will be illuminated in green. If a shopping site has eligible coupons, a red number appears on the Honey icon’s corner. The number shows how many icons are currently available on that site.

If you fail to see the Honey icon on your browser, double-check if you installed the extension.

How Do You Join Honey?

To get the best deals with Honey, you need to sign up. After installing the Honey browser extension, look for the “Join” button on Honey’s website. Select one of the following methods to sign up:

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • PayPal
  • Apple
  • Google

Once you sign up, you’re ready to start saving. At the time of writing, Honey has already saved its members over $1 billion.

How to Install Honey on Google Chrome?

If you’ve Chrome on your Mac, follow this link to install Honey. On Chrome webstore, click ‘Add to Chrome’ then ‘Add Extension’ The installation will take less than a minute, depending on your WIFI connection. Once you successfully install the Honey browser extension, you need to pin it’s icon on your toolbar.

By doing so, it’s easy for you to find the best deals. To pin the icon, click on the Extension icon on the right corner of your browser’s toolbar. The Extension icon looks like a puzzle piece. Click the pin button, and Chrome will pin it to the toolbar. From now on, you should see the Honey icon when shopping on your favourite online retailers.

To install the Honey browser extension on Windows or Linux, follow the steps above. If the Honey icon disappears from your browser bar, don’t worry. You can enable the Honey icon again. Just follow these steps:

  • Make sure you’ve Honey installed on Chrome
  • Open Chrome, click on Window, then Extensions

If the Honey browser extension is currently installed, enable it by toggling the button. To pin the icon on your toolbar, follow the previous steps.

Is Honey Safe?

Yes, Honey is safe, but there is the potential of such extensions collecting private data for various purposes and having malware. But in the case of Honey, the browser extension is safe. Yes, it collects data on your browsing and shopping habits, sending it back to Honey’s servers.

It sends data back to its servers to verify purchases for its Honey Gold cashback program. It does not collect information about your emails, search engine history or data related to non-retailer websites. Also, it does not collect your debit or credit card details during checkout.

Before using the browser extension, read Honey’s privacy and security policy.

How Does Honey Save you Money?

The Honey browser extension works by looking at your cart items then scouring the internet for the best coupon deals. If it finds coupon deals, the browser extension automatically applies at checkout with a single click.

For example, you’re shopping for sports shoes on If you already installed the Honey browser extension, it will search the internet for coupon codes as you continue to shop. The more items you add, the more coupon deals it will find.

When the browser extension finds eligible coupons, a red number will appear on Honey’s icon. By automatically applying the coupon code at checkout, Honey saves you time and money.

Does Honey Save you time searching for Coupon Codes?

Yes, Honey does save you searching for coupon codes manually. It scours a database of coupons online, searching more than 30,000 sites, saving you time. Besides searching the internet, the browser extension also tests available coupon codes. By doing so, it eliminates any outdated coupons.

Does Honey have a Refer a Friend Program?

If you love the Honey browser extension, you can share the news with friends thanks to Honey’s Refer a Friend program. Honey allows you to share or send your referral link via Twitter and Facebook.

Besides sending the referral link via social media, you can type your friend’s email address in the box provided. You can add as many email addresses as you want, but you must separate them using a space. Once you’ve added the emails, click the “Invite” button.

Whenever your friend(s) signs up using the referral link and earns Honey Gold, Honey will update you. To track your referral transaction, check under Referral Activity on the Invite page. Immediately your friend’s Gold gets confirmed, you and your friend receive a 500 Honey Gold referral bonus.

There is a limit to the number of referral bonuses you can receive. You must earn at least 10 Honey Gold points within 12 months to maintain your loyalty rewards.

What is Honey Gold?

Honey Gold is a free rewards program that allows you to earn points or Gold. The Gold is usually rewarded on the subtotal of eligible items at checkout. It does not include additional fees such as shipping or taxes.

Honey Gold is not offered in every store that Honey supports. If your favourite store offers Honey Gold, the browser extension will list it. To enable Honey Gold for your store, click the “Activate” button. At checkout, click “Apply Coupons.” Immediately, Honey Gold will activate automatically.

The Honey Gold transactions usually appear as pending within 2 to 14 days of completing your purchase. This may also vary depending on the retailer.

What Can You Spend Honey Gold On?

Once you accumulate enough Honey Gold loyalty rewards, you can redeem them for a merchant gift card. The selection of merchant cards may vary depending on availability. The minimum Honey Gold you can redeem is 10 Gold. It is also the amount of Honey Gold needed to keep your account active.

Here is a list of e-gift cards you can redeem…

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Groupon
  • Nike
  • Uber Rider
  • Google Play and more

To redeem Honey Gold for e-gift cards, visit the Redemption Page. Click on the store of your choice and choose the Honey Gold amount to redeem. You should receive an email containing your e-gift card in 24 hours.

You ought to know that Honey Gold is not money. As such, it has no monetary value. You cannot purchase it or redeem it for cash. But you can redeem for other goods, services or gift cards. It is also not transferable and can expire.

Final Thoughts

Honey has a Smart Shopping Assistant app that allows you to shop for all kinds of products from your favourite store. It also allows you to view and apply promo code before checkout. Unlike the browser extension that displays different stores, the app brings the stores in one place. This saves you time and money.

For the best experience, download the Honey browser extension and Smart Shopping Assistant app to your device.