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Pret Coffee Subscription

Save Money at Pret with a YourPret Subscription

Want to save money at Pret? Well we have you covered! Keep Reading to learn about their coffee subscription service. 

What is the Pret subscription?

YourPret is a subscription service by the popular coffee and sandwich chain, Pret A Manger. The service allows people who have subscribed to it to redeem five barrister-prepared drinks, from anything between coffee and tea to iced drinks and smoothies, daily, with a thirty-minute interlude between each ordered drink. 

How much does a Pret subscription cost?

It will only cost you £25 per month to enjoy the upsides of the Pret coffee subscription service, YourPret. 

What drinks can you get on a Pret Subscription?

Anyone who subscribes to the Pret subscription can redeem one barrister-prepared drink, five times a day, with a thirty-minute interlude between each drink redeemed.

The ‘barrister-prepared’ label covers a wide range of drinks, almost all the drinks you can think of, with only a few exceptions. The subscribers can get tea, coffee, iced coffees, and hot chocolate. Additionally, there are also non-dairy milk options on the bill of fare, as well as syrups.

Are smoothies included?

Although some smoothies are on the menu, there is a myriad of smoothies that the subscribers will not be able to access. They include almond butter and banana, raspberry, mango and ginger smoothie, cocoa or mango. Additionally, refrigerated drinks such as coke and water also aren’t part of the subscription offer.

How many drinks can you get per day with YourPret?

Those with a Pret coffee subscription can get up to five drinks a day. However, a part of the subscription condition stipulates that there is a waiting time of thirty minutes for the customer to order a new drink.

Can you try YourPret for free?

No but you can get your first month for £12.50 (Half price). Additionally, you can cancel the Pret A Manger subscription anytime you want. You can even cancel the service before the first month ends, and thus you will not incur any costs.

How Much Can I Save by Joining YourPret?

The service is, without a doubt, a major money-saving service for regular Pret A Manger customers. The amount of money you save, however, depends on your coffee drinking frequency. The following is an illustration of how to save money with a YourPret subscription.

Let’s consider that you drink one cup of coffee every day, except for Sundays. The price of coffee ranges from one location to another, and different shops and restaurants also have different coffee prices. Taking the average price of coffee at £2.50, then the weekly cost of drinking coffee will be £15, and a month’s will be £60 pounds. This means that if you simply subscribe to the service, you will be saving £40 a month, £440 in the first year (as one month is free) and £480 the following years. That is a lot of money saved!


It’s as clear as day that the Pret subscription service, YourPret, is a money-saving one for regular Pret A Manger customers.

That being said, there are those who have expressed reservations about the quantity of daily coffee available. After all, drinking five cups of coffee daily doesn’t seem to be the healthiest of choices (so all in moderation!).