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Pleasurewood Hills

Your Guide to Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park in Suffolk

Pleasurewood Hills is an award-winning theme park. Situated in Lowestoft Suffolk on the beautiful East Coast, it’s home to several attractions, shows and rides.

For generations, the park has been a popular destination for families in search of fun and adventure. It has over 35 attractions, shows and rides. If you prefer an adrenaline rush, Pleasurewood Hills is home to Wipeout, the tallest roller coaster. It also has the remaining Vekoma Boomerang in the UK.

Pleasurewood Hills Rides
Pleasurewood Hills Rides

Pleasurewood Hills Rides

Here are all Pleasurewood Hills Rides and attractions available at Pleasurewood Hills theme park.

Pleasurewood Hills Rides and Attractions for Families…

There are 25 family rides and attractions at Pleasurewood Hills….

Woody’s Cub House

The Woody’s Cub House is a soft play area for the little ones. It has plenty of areas for kids to climb around and burn off some energy. To gain entry to Woody’s Cub House, your kid should be under 90cm tall.

For anyone wishing to enter the play area, a maximum height restriction of 1.5 metres applies. At all times, people should wear socks in the play area. If you didn’t bring any, buy some for £2. Play sessions start at 10am and stop at 5pm or 6pm on selected dates.

Pleasurewood Hills Express

The ride first arrived at the theme park in 1984. The train starts and stops at different points around the park. Visitors can hop on and off as many as they like. As the train makes its way around the park, you’ll notice several crossing points fitted with alarms and barriers. When the barriers get lowered, give the passengers a wave as you go by.

The Pleasurewood Hills Express is open for all ages, but adults must accompany small children. This ride has no height restriction.

Pleasurewood Ponies

At Pleasurewood Ponies, you can jump into the saddle and take a ride on one of the beautiful ponies. The rocking thoroughbreds take visitors on a gentle trot around the paddock before heading back to the stables.

Introduced in 2012, this family-friendly ride is fun for the whole family. However, it has a minimum height requirement of 0.9 m. Visitors under 1.1 m must always be with an adult.

Moby Dick

Another family-friendly ride is Moby Dick where visitors can ride the park’s friendly whales. Themed on the popular classic, the ride arrived at the theme park in 2013. The mighty creatures take visitors on a gentle journey. This journey is usually packed with highs and lows. Great for families with small children, the minimum height is 0.9 m. Kids under 1.3m must be in the company of an adult.

Up and Away

Want to head towards the clouds? Climb into one of Pleasurewood Hills hot air balloons and take a magical ride in the clouds. Visitors can take charge of the balloon and wheel. This allows visitors to control how fast or slow they spin the balloons. Themed in 2019, the ride offers great fun for the whole family. The minimum height for the ride is 1m.

Funky Flyers

Another ride that will take you to the “skies” is Funky Flyers. The rides have a button in their cockpit that allows visitors to take control and decide how much time they want to spend in the air. Great fun for younger children, the maximum height is 1.4m. The minimum height required to ride Funky Flyers is 0.9m.


At the Safari ride, families can enjoy a ride in one of the park’s classic cars. Children can even take the driving seat and drive towards the plains of Pleasurewood Hills. While driving, look out for the animals along the route.

The good news is all the animals are very friendly. Since they never move from their hiding place, there is plenty of time to take pictures. The ride has no minimum height, but adults must accompany visitors under 1.25m.

Mini Twister

Spin around with family and friends at the Mini Twister. The ride is a smaller version of the Waltzers, the park’s favourite. It has twists and turns, but the ride is calm enough for the little ones. While it’s an all-time classic, adults must accompany those under 1.4m.

Mini Pirate Ship

Get on board the Mini Pirate Ship and set sail on the high seas. Fun for the little ones, the mini pirate ship is fun for the little ones who love the highs and lows of the ride. It also swings from side to side.

If your family has brave adventurers, don’t be surprised when they jump back on the ship that will take them higher. Any visitor under 1.4m must always be in the accompaniment of an adult.

Flying Elephants

Fly around the castle tower on your own flying elephant. Visitors get to pick an elephant to ride. You can take a friend with you as you head up and away. You are in control and can adjust the height of your flight. Favourite for younger children, guests under 1.4m must always be in the company of an adult.


Lighthouse is a mini version of the Jolly Roger ride. The ride will take you to the top of the Lighthouse and make you smile after gently bouncing you up and down the 10-metre tower. The minimum height requirement is 1.1m, while the maximum is 1.9m.

Hyper Drive

Prepare yourself for a fun ride at the Hyper Drive. Introduced at Pleasurewood Hills in 2015, visitors can ride two in the dodgems. There are no maps or sat nav to guide you. Even the usual rules of the road do not apply. You can compete with family and friends. The minimum height for the ride is 1.2m.


Since 1996, families have been enjoying the wave at the Waveswinger. The ride tilts at height and has a choice of single or double seats. You can choose to fly solo or sit with a friend. As the ride swoops and soars, enjoy the view of the theme park. The minimum height is 1m, and visitors between 1m to 1.2m must always be in the company of an adult.

Shiver Me Timbers

Take a voyage on a pirate ship at the Shiver Me Timbers. This impressive vessel will take you on highs and lows. As such, you will need your sea legs before going on board. The ship weighs three tons and can carry 45 people at any one time. The minimum height to enjoy the ride is 0.9m.


Egg-Spress has a minimum height of 0.9m. Packed with plenty of thrills for the whole family, the train enters the tunnel and starts to climb building suspense. At the top of the tunnel, it will go faster before making its way to the twists and turns of the track.


Glide down and ride the waves at the Wavebreaker. Fun for the family, there must be two people per dinghy. To enjoy the ride, the minimum height is 0.9m.

Rootin Tootin Target Trail

Jump in a minecart and put your target skills to the test. This fun interactive laser game is for the whole family to enjoy. Guests can aim and hit as many targets. Visitors under 1.1m must be in the company of an adult.

Bumpercar Garage

Compete with family and friends as you speed around the track. There are a few bumps along the way, and you need to have quick reaction times to dodge everyone else. The minimum height is 1m.


Take a ride in one of the chairlifts from one end of the park to the other. With a speed of 4 mph, you can enjoy stunning views of the park. Under 1.25m must be in the company of the adult.


At the Carousel, only the lower deck is open. A favourite for all generations, it has carriages and horses. Adults may accompany small guests.

Pleasurewood Hills Wipeout
Pleasurewood Hills Wipeout

Pleasurewood Hills Rides for Thrill Seekers

There are four thrill rides.

Cannonball Express

The Cannonball Express is an amazing family-friendly rollercoaster. The train can climb a height of 60ft. At the top, there is plenty of time to catch a glimpse of the track below. Loved by all generations, this is the only type of coaster in the world. The minimum height is 0.9m.

Water Fun Factory

Another favourite is the Water Fun Factory. The log flume is fun any time of the year. On a hot day, it’s a great way to cool down. Make sure to pack a raincoat. The minimum height allowed is 0.9m.

Jolly Roger

Buckle up for a ride on the Jolly Roger. The ride will take you to a height of 40 metres. In just 0.8 seconds, it will reach 5.5g. On a clear day, you’ll get a glimpse of the sea. The minimum height to enjoy the ride is 1.4m.


Pleasurewood Hills Wipeout is the region’s largest roller coaster. As the only Vekoma Boomerang in the UK, it stands over 130 feet tall, and riders can experience over 5Gs. The roller coaster can reach speeds of up to 50mph. Minimum height is 1.3m.

Pleasurewood Hills Sealions
Pleasurewood Hills Sealions

Pleasurewood Hill Shows

Birds of Paradise

The Birds of Paradise is a fun-packed display full of stunning birds. As a family favourite, you can learn more about the birds in the 15-minute displays in the park’s dedicated theatre. Displays start at 1pm to 4pm daily. Pleasurewood Hills works closely with Farasuto Forest to protect different bird species.

Sea Lion Splash

The Sea Lion Splash is Pleasurewood Hills’ beloved sea lion display. As the park’s jewel, it’s been a family favourite for more than 20 years. The seals are beautiful creatures, and they are full of charm leaving visitors amazed with their agility. This display offers visitors a chance to learn more about sea lions. Displays start from Midday and 3 PM daily.

Prices for Pleasurewood Hills

The Prices for Pleasurewood Hills change every year but the Prices for Pleasurewood Hills during the 2022 season are as follows…

Gold Entry (over 1.4m) – £23
Sliver Entry (over 0.9m – 1.39m) – £21
Under 90cm – Free

Can you get a Discount Code for Pleasurewood Hills?

Sometimes when you visit another local attraction they will give you a Discount Code for Pleasurewood Hills but other than that finding a discount code for Pleasurewood hills online is not easy. 

For Pleasurewood Hills discounts, regularly check their website and social media pages.

Final Thoughts

Pleasurewood Hills theme park has lots of attractions, displays and rides for families to explore. Kids will have a fantastic time watching the Birds of Paradise and Sea Lion Splash shows. They will also enjoy a wide choice of rides, including Wipeout (if they are tall enough).

Being a Local Pleasurewood Hills is a great little theme park for families! I highly recommend visiting the park if you are visiting Great Yarmouth or Lowestoft.