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Pet Insurance UK – The Best Pet Insurance Companies 2021

Over 23 million UK households have a pet, but only 4.8 million pets are currently insured. Of these, 2.8 million are dogs, 1.3 million are cats and 700,000 others. In the UK, dogs and cats are integral members of several households. With pet insurance, you can protect your pets against unexpected vet fees should they get injured or ill.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is a policy that covers the cost of veterinary treatment for your pets. If your pet gets injured or falls ill, pet insurance providers will pay out to cover vet fees. For example, treatment for a Bulldog with a fractured leg can cost £7,300. A Terrier with lung problems will cost you over £40,000 in vet fees. Thanks to pet insurance, the owner’s insurance will cover these fees.

Some policies pay-out when the owner’s pet dies or if stolen or lost. Such policies usually have an age limit, typically 8 to 12 years for a cat and 5 to 10 years for a dog. It can also cover third party damage if you’ve a dog.

With the best pet insurance in place, you can avoid lots of stress. This is because you know the policy is in place to meet the cost of vet fees. As such, you can focus on giving your pet the best care.

Best Pet Insurance

The following are the best pet insurance.

Waggel Pet Insurance

Waggel pet insurance is a lifetime policy with annual coverage of up to £10,000 for recurring medical conditions. This includes dental, injury claims, illness and accident claims. Most pet insurers make the claims process complicated. Waggel claims method is trackable and transparent. Just upload a claim, and the company will handle the rest.

To get an instant quote, visit the Waggel website, click “Instant Quote.” Enter your pet’s name, choose whether your pet is a cat or dog, male or female, then enter your pet’s date of birth. It doesn’t have to be the exact date. Input the approximate date.

Enter your pet’s breed, for example, Mongrel or mixed breed. For a list of excluded breeds, click here. Select the right size and weight, then enter your postcode. You can enter your email or skip this step. Waggel will calculate that you’ll pay towards vet fees per month and year.

The insurer allows you to adjust the coverage to find a price that suits you. In addition, they have a digital platform that enables you to track your claims and understand your coverage.

Bought By Many Pet Insurance

Bought By Many offers up to £15,000 of lifetime vet cover for pre-existing conditions and more. Founded in 2012, the insurer has paid 97% of claims they received between July and December 2020. All policies cover conditions that ended more than 2 years ago.

The following are policies offered by Bought By Many:

  • Complete – Up to £15,000 ( including dental cover and more)
  • Regular – Up to £7,000 and the option of no excess for pets under 9
  • MoneyBack – Up to £7,000 (20% of your premium paid back every year you don’t claim)
  • Pre-existing – Up to £7,000 (Covers existing conditions)
  • Value – Up to £3,000

Bought By Many offers 15% multi-pet discounts for pets on the same policy. In addition, all policies include unlimited free video vet appointments via the FirstVet app. To get your quote, visit the Bought By Many site, click “Get Quote,” enter your details, and the site will give you an instant quote.

You can make your claims online, saving you time and hassle. To let you know the progress of your claim, Bought By Many sends you regular updates.

The Insurance Emporium Pet Insurance

The Insurance Emporium is an award-winning insurer that covers horses, dogs, cats and other pets. Based in the UK, they insure both young and old pets. They offer a wide range of pet-related products.

  • Dog Insurance
  • Senior Dog insurance
  • Cat Insurance
  • Senior Cat Insurance

Under dog insurance, the company offers 5 types of policies.

  • Public Liability Only
  • Accident Only
  • Time-Limited
  • Maximum Benefit
  • Lifetime

These policies are available for puppies aged from 5 weeks to dogs under 8 years. If your pet is older than 8 years, check out the senior dog insurance product. You get a 20% Introductory Discount, which is available for the first 12 premium payments on lunar and calendar monthly policies. When you insure more than one pet, you’re eligible for an extra 10% discount.

For customers based outside of London and the Home Counties with a small mongrel dog aged 5 weeks, the premium starts from £5.34 per 28 days. To get your quote, visit The Insurance Emporium site.

Tesco Bank Pet Insurance

The Tesco Bank pet insurance provides you with peace of mind should you need treatment for illness and accidents for your pets. As a comprehensive pet insurance policy, it has four levels of cover:

  • Accidents and injury – £3,000
  • Standard – £3,000
  • Extra – £4,000 or £7,500
  • Premier – £2,000, £4,000, £7,500 or £10,000

Time limit for vet fees starts 12 months from the first date of treatment or until it’s used up. This is for three covers only – Accidents and injury, Standard and Extra. Vet fees limits for Premier cover are per year. The insurer reinstates them annually.

Each cover comes with 24-hour access to the Vetfone helpline with unlimited free telephone and video calls. Pets must be at least 8 weeks old when the cover starts. The insurer does not cover certain breeds of cats and dogs.

If you’re a new customer, you get 20% off subject to a minimum premium. The quoted price will include your discounts which apply for the first year only. Tesco Clubcard members enjoy Clubcard discounts when they take out a Tesco Bank Pet insurance policy. However, prices do rise at renewal and may increase significantly after claims get paid.

The insurer covers up to £2,000,000 on third party liability costs, such as when your dog injures another person or damages somebody’s property.

Get your Tesco Bank Pet Insurance Quote!

Direct Line Pet Insurance

Get 12 months pet insurance for the price of 9 months when you buy Direct Line Pet Insurance online. Direct Line offers both dog and cat pet insurance. Designed to give you peace of mind, the policies protect your pet 24/7 with access to a qualified vet. With the Direct Line pet insurance policy, you get free access to PawSquad.

As such, you can chat live, even on video, with experienced vets in the UK. They will answer your questions and allow the vet to see your pet(s) face to face. Direct Line offers two types of covers:

  • Essential Cover-Up to £4,000 (from £6.50 per month)
  • Advanced Cover-Up to £8,000 (from £10.77 per month)

They both cover disease, injuries and accidents, including dental accidents. Other benefits you get include:

  • Up to £1,000 to cover the cost of local advertising to get your lost pet back
  • Get back up to £1,500 for death from illness or accidental injury
  • Up to £1,500 for loss of pet from straying or theft (if not found within 45 days)
  • Up to £1,000 for hospital boarding fees

Direct Line offers direct to vet payments.

Get your Direct Line Pet Insurance Quote! Pet Insurance is another award-winning pet insurance provider that offers a range of cover plans for dogs and cats. They offer both Standard and Lifetime pet insurance designed to suit your needs. The policies protect against unforeseen vet fees and costs that arise from disease, accidents, theft, loss or death of pet.

The Standard pet insurance cover offers 12 months treatment from the date your pet first displayed symptoms. Lifetime cover is for life. There is no minimum term, and you can add as many pets as you like.

With your Lifetime policy, your pet receives Vet Fees cover throughout its life. But you must make your premium payments on time. Your pet also receives up to £4000 Vet Fees cover per policy period and £1.5 million Public Liability for dogs. offers a 20% introductory discount plus 10% extra off multi-pet policies. The Standard cover policy starts from £7.83 for dogs and £5.49 for cats, while Lifetime cover starts from £11.48 for dogs and £7.80 for cats.

Get your Pet Insurance Quote!

Healthy Pets Pet Insurance

Get pet insurance from Healthy Pets for as little as £3.91. For over 25 years, Healthy Pets have been insuring dogs and cats, giving pet owners peace of mind. They provide high-quality covers at competitive prices.

They offer three types of products:

  • Dog Insurance – up to £7,500 for conditions and up to £1 million for third-party liability cover
  • Cat Insurance – up to £7,500 for injury and illness
  • Puppy Insurance – up to £7,500 for illness and injury

All policies offer ongoing cover for eligible new illnesses and insure your pets from only five weeks old. The Healthy Pets Maximum Benefit covers can pay up to the policy limit for each condition. There is no limit to the number of conditions a pet owner can claim over the policy’s lifetime. Additionally, there is no time limit on claiming a condition.

For Lifetime policies, Healthy Pets can pay up to the annual limit – £2,000 or £4,250, while the Accident Only policy pays up to £1,000 per accident.

Get your Healthy Pets Quote!

What Are the Main Types of Pet Insurance?

There are different types of pet insurance covers. Typically, pet insurance covers injuries, illnesses, accidents, pre-existing conditions and even ongoing conditions. An accident cover means you’re covered if your pet happens to injure someone or gets injured.

Emergency cover is for when your pet falls ill, and you’ve to check into a hospital. Illness cover is for when your pet becomes ill. The most comprehensive plan is Lifetime pet insurance. It lets you claim up to £12,000 for each year of your pet’s life for any condition.

If you’ve a pedigree pet, we recommend getting higher levels of cover. Lifetime insurance is the perfect cover for pure breeds. If your pedigree suffers from hereditary diseases, especially as they get older, this cover will come in handy.

What Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover?

Pet insurance covers the following treatment:

  • Putting your pet to sleep
  • Third-party costs, for example, when your pet injures someone
  • Diagnostic costs, for example, blood tests
  • Alternative therapies like acupuncture and hydrotherapy

What’s not covered

  • Paying for your pets to be cremated or buried
  • Preventative procedures such as flea treatment or vaccination

Some policies include dental, while others exclude older pets. However, a few insurers have specific covers for older pets – cats and dogs. When looking at insurance covers for your pets, check the list of exclusions. Some companies do not cover certain breeds. Get a quote first, as it will help you make a smart decision.

The insurer considers the following before giving you an instant quote:

  • Cost of your pet
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Your pet’s age
  • Pet’s gender
  • Type of pet
  • Breed

Most policies start when you purchase the cover. As such, you can claim straight away in case of an emergency. Some policies have a cooling period of 14 days or more. Check your policy’s small print.

Final Thoughts

Having pet insurance gives you peace of mind. Without pet insurance, it will cost you more in vet fees. To save money, do your research and shop around. Compare deals from different insurers to get the best value.

Pet insurance should be within your own budget. If you want to cover more than one pet, look for multi-pet policies. Such policies have an introductory discount of up to 20%. This saves you money.