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Nectar on eBay – How to Redeem Nectar Points on eBay

eBay is one of the most popular online marketplaces worldwide. In 2019, the eCommerce site had more than 182 million eBay users worldwide. In 2020, eBay added more than 11 million active users despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are 22 million active users in the UK. As an eBay user, you can collect points on your orders on eBay then turn them into vouchers.

Want to know how to convert Nectar points to vouchers? Keep reading!

How Do I Change My Points Into eBay Vouchers?

To convert your points into vouchers, follow these steps.

1. Go to Nectar

Head to eBay UK, sign in and go to My eBay > Buy Section. Next, click ‘Nectar Collect & Spend’ and select the ‘Spend Points’ tab.

You need at least 500 points to redeem your points for an eBay voucher. One Nectar point is worth 0.5p, meaning if you earn 100 Nectar points from an eBay purchase, it’s the equivalent of 50p. To earn £1, you need to collect 200 Nectar points. eBay allows you to redeem up to 40,000 Nectar points (£200) per voucher.

2. Link Your Account

Have you linked your Nectar plastic card to your eBay account? If not, complete this step now. Enter your card number in the space provided. eBay requires you to enter the last 11 numbers on your Nectar card.

You need your Nectar password to successfully link your card. Next, eBay will display a pop window with the following message ‘Your Nectar account is verified’ Finally, you are ready to spend points from your Nectar account. At the end of this message, you should see the last four digits on your plastic card.

3. Convert Your Nectar Points

To convert your points into an eBay voucher:

  • Enter the number of points.
  • Remember, you can only convert to eBay vouchers in 500 point increments.
  • If your Nectar balance is below 500 points, collect more points.

Once you enter the number of points to convert, click ‘Get it Now’ A pop window will appear asking you to confirm your choice. The pop-up window will also display a list of conditions to apply to your voucher.

  • £10 minimum total purchase required
  • Must use PayPal at eBay checkout
  • Your eBay voucher will expire in 12 months

Once you read these conditions, click ‘Get Your Voucher’ Your voucher is now ready to spend on eBay. Click ‘Continue Shopping’ to spend your voucher on eBay. You can find your voucher on My eBay.

How Do I Spend My Nectar Voucher?

Shop for items on eBay. At checkout, you’ll see the number of vouchers you’ve created. Choose to use one or more towards your order. Then, simply check the box beside the voucher you want to apply to your order. When you spend at least £10, you can use multiple eBay vouchers.

Alternatively, find the item you want to buy. Add the item in your basket, and at checkout, you should see a ‘redeem your point’ link under your item. Simply click the link and follow the instructions.

If you return items you bought using a Nectar voucher, eBay will issue you a new voucher provided you return all items from the order. However, if you only return one item from a multi-item order, eBay will not issue a new voucher. Also, you will lose your points.

To protect your points, avoid purchasing multiple items with your Nectar voucher. Instead, make individual purchases.

How Much Are Nectar Points Worth?

The face value of Nectar points on eBay is similar to those you rack up at other retailers including Argos, Sainsbury’s and Debenhams.

  • 500 Nectar points – £2.50 voucher
  • 1000 Nectar points – £5.00 voucher
  • 1500 Nectar points – £7.50 voucher
  • 2000 Nectar points – £10 voucher
  • 4000 Nectar points – £20 voucher
  • 10,000 Nectar points – £50 voucher

On eBay, the number of points you collect is usually determined by the final amount for your order. This excludes postage costs and add-ons. For example, a Buy It Now Listing will receive points for the fixed points. If the Buy it now price is £20, you’ll receive 20 Nectar points.

For an auction-style listing, users collect points based on the winning bid price. If the winning bid is £30, you’ll receive 30 Nectar Points. But, if you make a Best offer, you’ll receive Nectar points based on the price agreed with the seller. If the Buy It Now price is £20, but the seller accepts £18, you’ll collect 18 Nectar points.

Once you redeem your points for vouchers, you cannot cancel your voucher and get your Nectar points back. If you use your eBay vouchers at checkout, eBay will not return them if you cancel.

Final Thoughts

The Nectar programme is a fantastic scheme that enables you to collect points from partner retailers, including eBay. You can convert these points into eBay vouchers or redeem them at Nectar partners such as Sainsbury’s or Argos. These points convert to money off your next order at participating retailers. So the more you shop, the more Nectar points you collect.