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mean girls the musical movie cast

Mean Girls the Musical Movie: Everything we Know so Far (UK Guide)

If you’re like me, a massive fan of Mean Girls (and the musical), you are no doubt as excited as I am for the upcoming release of Mean Girls: The Musical Movie.

In this blog post, I reveal everything we know so far about the movie for fans in the UK.

Where Can you Watch Mean Girls the Musical Movie?

Mean Girls the Musical Movie is set to hit cinemas in 2024. The film, which was initially planned to be released on Paramount+, is now gearing up for a big-screen release, following in the successful footsteps of other movie adaptations like the Barbie Movie.

How Will the Musical Movie Be Different From the Original Film?

While the musical movie will bring us the story we know and love from the 2004 film, it also offers a fresh take by setting the story in the modern-day, with social media playing a pivotal role in the high school drama. This updated approach aims to create a relatable and contemporary narrative for today’s audiences.

Tina Fey and Reneé rapp.

Who’s in the Cast of the Mean Girls Musical Movie?

The cast list is a brilliant ensemble of talent that’s sure to bring our beloved characters to life. The table below provides a snapshot of the main players in this musical movie:

Mean Girls the Musical Movie Cast Character
Angourie Rice Cady Heron
Renee Rapp Regina George
Auli’i Cravalho Janis Ian
Jquel Spivey Damian Hubbard
Babe Wood Gretchen Wieners
Avantika Karen Smith
Christopher Briney Aaron Samuels

Who Are the Minds Behind the Musical Movie?

The creative trio of Tina Fey, Jeff Richmond, and Nell Benjamin have collaborated to bring this musical adaptation to the big screen, combining rich storytelling with vibrant music and aiming to create a film that will resonate with both new and returning fans.

Which Songs Will Feature in Mean Girls the Musical Movie?

The official song list for the movie is yet to be released, so fans are left to speculate about which of their favourite tunes will make it into the film adaptation. While the hope is that all of the beloved songs from the Broadway show will be featured, it’s common for some numbers to be omitted in movie adaptations (like “Me and My Baby” from the movie version of “Chicago”) to ensure the film maintains a concise and engaging flow.

Songs in the Stage Adaption of Mean Girls the Musical:

Song Title Performed by
A Cautionary Tale Damian, Janis, and Company
It Roars Cady and Company
Where Do You Belong? Damian, Cady, and Company
Meet the Plastics Regina, Karen, Gretchen, Cady, and Girls
Stupid with Love Cady
Apex Predator Janis, Cady, and Girls
What’s Wrong with Me? Gretchen
Stupid with Love (Reprise) Kevin and Cady
Sexy Karen and Company
Someone Gets Hurt Regina and Company
Stop Damian and Company
What’s Wrong with Me? (Reprise) Gretchen and Karen
Whose House Is This? Company
More Is Better Cady, Aaron, and Company
Someone Gets Hurt (Reprise) Cady, Regina, and Company
World Burn Regina and Girls
I’d Rather Be Me Janis and Company
Do This Thing Ms. Norbury, Cady, Kevin, and Company
I See Stars Cady and Company

regina george, cady heron, gretchen wieners and karen.

Where Can I Watch the Stage Adaption of Mean Girls the Musical?

Mean Girls the Musical will be gracing the stage in London starting from June 2024. For all those eager to snag a seat and bask in the hilarity and wisdom the show is bound to bring, tickets can be booked directly from their London website.

So, whether you’re a fan of the Plastics or you’re rooting for the art freaks, the London stage is set to serve all the drama, laughter, and memorable tunes live!

Final Thoughts

Mean Girls the Musical Movie is set to be an exciting start to 2024, bringing a blend of familiar and new elements to cinema-goers. With a talented cast and creative team, the musical promises to deliver a fresh and entertaining cinematic experience.

Make sure to keep an eye out for further announcements and get ready for a year filled with music, drama, and plenty of Mean Girls fun!

mean girls the musical movie cast

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section frequently asked questions about Mean Girls the Musical Movie.

When is Mean Girls the Musical Movie set to release?

Mean Girls the Musical Movie is scheduled for a cinematic release in January 2024.

Is the Mean Girls Musical Movie adaptation true to the original Broadway show?

While the movie adaptation retains the essence and most of the music from the Broadway show, it is set in the modern world with a pronounced focus on social media dynamics among high school students.

Where can I watch the Original Production of Mean Girls the Musical?

You can catch the musical live in London from June 2024 (London Tickets) and in various locations throughout America during the North American tour running through to May 2024 (US Tour Tickets).

Is there any original cast involvement in the Mean Girls Musical Movie?

Yes, Tina Fey, who played Ms Norbury, and Tim Meadows, who portrayed Principal Duvall in the original film, will reprise their roles in the movie. Lindsay Lohan, while not reprising her original role, is anticipated to make a cameo appearance.

How does the Mean Girls Musical Movie differentiate from the 2004 Mean Girls movie?

The Mean Girls Musical Movie, while rooted in the original film’s plot, provides a fresh take by integrating musical numbers and setting the storyline in a modern context with social media playing a pivotal role in the high school dynamics.

Will Mean Girls the Musical Movie be available for streaming?

The Mean Girls The Musical Movie will be available for streaming on Paramount+ after it’s cinematic run.

What should audiences look forward to the most in the Mean Girls Musical Movie?

Audiences can anticipate a nostalgic yet fresh take on the beloved Mean Girls storyline, enriched with vibrant musical numbers, contemporary themes, and new faces in the iconic roles.