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LEGO Life free Magazine

FREE LEGO Life Magazine Subscription for Children

Magazines for Children are expensive BUT did you know if you have a Child between the age of 5 and 9 that you can get a LEGO Life Magazine Subscription completely free? here’s more about the magazine and how you can sign-up…

What is LEGO Life Magazine?

LEGO Life Magazine is a free magazine created for kids! every issue is full with activities and games to keep your children busy!

LEGO Life free Magazine

LEGO Life free Magazine

Is LEGO Life Magazine Free?

Yes LEGO Life Magazine is completely free.

How do you start a LEGO Life Magazine Subscription?

To start your LEGO Life Subscription simply make a account for your child on LEGO’s Official Website.

How Often will my Child receive LEGO Life Magazines?

LEGO Life Magazine is sent out to subscribers 4 times per year,


It’s definitely worth signing-up for a LEGO Life Magazine Subscription! your Child will receive 4 issues per year (with each magazine FULL of activities to keep them busy!) best of all it’s 100% free!