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How to use Zoflora to Clean EVERY Room in your Home

Zoflora is an all-round, powerful disinfectant which is easy to use. The hype and craze around Zoflora started when Mrs Hinch gained popularity and shared it on instagram. Shortly after the demand for Zoflora escalated to the point that shops were struggling to source it.

To help you understand how versatile Zoflora is, this blog post shares creative ways to use Zoflora around your home…

How to get Zoflora ready to use in your home…

• General use – Mix 1.5 capful of Zoflora with water in a trigger bottle

• Cleaning floors – Mix 4 capfuls of Zoflora with 1.5 litres of water

• Other uses – Wear gloves when using this cleaning product in any other way

Where not to use Zoflora…

In electrical appliances such as vacuum cleaners, irons, diffusers, etc.

Polished wood, painted and dyed surfaces

Near open flames or fire points

It is also unsafe to Zoflora mixed with other products such as bleach and sodium bicarbonate.

Is Zoflora Safe for Pets?…

Zoflora is absolutely safe to use around pets as long as it is sufficiently diluted and all other instructions regarding its use are followed.

When cleaning pet toys and areas where your pets spend most of their time, use Zoflora products made specifically for homes with pets.

When you clean surfaces with Zoflora, don’t let your pets walk on them until you rinse and wipe them thoroughly.

Cleaning your Kitchen with Zoflora…

Plugholes – Plugholes, especially those in your kitchen sink, can get stinky when dirt accumulates. Pour a capful of neat Zoflora down the plughole and rinse with boiling water to eliminate the smell.

Cupboard handles – Spray diluted Zoflora on a cloth and wipe down your cupboard handles to get rid of any developing germs.

Cleaning cloths – At the end of the day put the plug in your kitchen sink and add one capful of Zoflora, boil a kettle of hot water and then dip your cleaning cloths in this mixture overnight. This will disinfect your cleaning cloths and leave them smelling nice throughout the following day.

Fridge freezer- Are there unwelcoming smells coming out of your fridge freezer? You can eliminate them by spraying some Zoflora on a cloth and wiping the appliance with it.

Dishwasher – Nasty smells can develop inside your dishwasher as well as germs on the outside after continued use. Add a capful of Zoflora to the inside of this appliance and run your dishwasher on to disinfect and freshen up the interior. For the exterior, use a cloth sprayed with diluted Zoflora to wipe the germs off.

Cupboard Doors – Use a spray bottle with diluted Zoflora and wipe down kitchen cupboards inside and out (don’t forget the handles)

Kitchen counter – Spray Zoflora on kitchen surfaces and then wipe down with a kitchen cloth to disinfect.

Kitchen bins – Kitchen bins can get smelly fast! but you do not need to struggle with this! simply Spray Zoflora on some kitchen towels and use them to clean the inside and exterior of bins.

Kettle – Use a cloth sprayed with Zoflora to wipe the outside of your kettle. Every time you boil water with the kettle, the smell of Zoflora will be up to freshen up your Kitchen.

Microwave – Do the same (as above) for your microwave to get that fresh smell each time you use your microwave.

Kitchen floor – Spray diluted Zoflora on your kitchen floor and wipe it down with a steam mop. The heat treatment will leave the room with a lovely, fresh smell. Please note that you should not use Zoflora inside your steam mop. It is flammable!

Highchairs – If you have a highchair for your child, then you can wipe it down with diluted Zoflora to eliminate the germs that can easily accumulate.

Taps – Don’t overlook kitchen taps they are covered with bacteria! use a spray bottle with diluted Zoflora and give them a good wipe down.

Cleaning your Bathroom with Zoflora…

Shower head – The shower head is another notorious breeding area for germs. Put four capfuls of Zoflora in a large bowl, top-up with hot water and soak your shower head for an hour.

Bath toys – Soak your kids’ bath toys in diluted Zoflora and leave them for an hour to disinfect. Rinse the toys thoroughly before you give them back to your kids.

Toilet seat – Spray Zoflora onto a soft cloth and wipe your toilet seat thoroughly to kill any developing germs.

Toilet drain – Pour a capful of Zoflora down your toilet and wait until the subsequent usage to flush. This will freshen up your toilet drain, bowl and the entire bathroom.

Toilet brush – A toilet brush is a breeding site for germs. Pour a capful of Zoflora into its bowl to ward off the germs.

Cleaning your Living Room with Zoflora…

Shelves – Spray diluted zoflora on a clean cloth and wipe your shelves to disinfect and freshen them up.

Hard and laminate floors – Use four capfuls of Zoflora and dilute with 1.5 litres of water and use this mixture to mop these floors.

Light switches – These components are used on a daily basis and hence should be disinfected frequently. Spray diluted Zoflora on a clean cloth and wipe the germs off.

Coffee table – Your coffee table is prone to collecting lots of germs from the snacks and drinks that are placed on it. You can use diluted Zoflora to clean the surface BUT please be careful when disinfecting wood and painted surfaces with Zoflora (first, test a small area to see the effect).

Wooden blinds – Use the strategy above but this time cover all the slats of your wooden blinds.

Sofa cushions – Soak tumble dryer sheets in Zoflora, drain the excess disinfectant in the kitchen sink, leave to dry and then pop each one inside your sofa cushions to give them a lovely, welcoming scent.

Remote controls – Remote controls collect alot of germs since they are used on a daily basis. You can spray some diluted Zoflora on these devices and wipe them up with a clean, dry cloth.

Radiators – Spray Zoflora on your radiators and wipe it off to leave a nice smell when they heat up.

Leather sofa – Spray your leather sofa with Zoflora and use a microfibre cloth to wipe the liquid away.

Fake flowers – Disinfect and freshen up fake flowers by spraying them with diluted Zoflora.

Curtains – To improve the smell of your rooms, spray diluted Zoflora on your curtains or any other upholstery you have.

Light bulbs – Spray Zoflora on a clean cloth and wipe down your light bulbs. This will eliminate dust, germs and give your rooms a lovely scent when the bulbs are switched on.

Cleaning your Bedroom with Zoflora…

Bedding freshener – Swap your expensive fabric freshener with Zoflora for even better results. Spray your bedding with diluted Zoflora in the morning for a fresh smell all day long.

Drawers and wardrobes – Spray Zoflora inside your drawers and wardrobes and wipe down with a clean cloth.

Cleaning your Laundry Room with Zoflora…

Inside your Washing Machine – Add a capful of Zoflora inside your washing machine and run on a hot water cycle. This will freshen up the drum and kill the germs thriving inside.

Smelly shoes and trainers – Soak kitchen towels in Zoflora and put them into smelly shoes/trainers, wipe them thoroughly on the inside and leave them overnight to expel the smell.

Fabric softener complement – Add a capful of Zoflora to the fabric softener section of your washing machine to refreshen up your clothes.

Washing machine exterior – Disinfect the exterior of your washing machine by spraying diluted Zoflora and wiping it down thoroughly with a dry cloth.

Cleaning your Garden with Zoflora…

Garden tools – Disinfect the handles of your garden tools by spraying diluted Zoflora onto them and wiping them down with a dry cloth.

Kids outdoor toys – Spray diluted Zoflora onto toys and wipe them with a dry cloth or paper towel.

Patio – Pour diluted Zoflora on your patio, scrub it with a hard brush, rinse and leave to dry.

Patio furniture – Disinfect and freshen up your patio furniture using diluted Zoflora.

Other Zoflora uses…

Pet toys – Soak your pet toys (except the stuffed soft ones) in diluted Zoflora for one hour, rinse and let them dry before giving them back to your pet.

Potty – After your standard potty cleaning procedure, spray it with diluted Zoflora and wipe it down with a clean cloth to eliminate any remaining germs.

Changing mats – Spray diluted Zoflora on changing mats and wipe them down with a cloth to kill any germs.

Nappy bin – Similarly, kill germs on your nappy bin by spraying its interior and exterior with diluted Zoflora, then wipe it down with a cloth.

Door handles – Any surface you touch every day, like the door handles, must be disinfected frequently. Use a cloth sprayed with diluted Zoflora to do this.

Suitcases – Freshen up your suitcases by spraying diluted Zoflora on the inside and leaving it to dry before you pack your clothes.

Windows – Spray diluted Zoflora on your window cleaning cloths and use them to wipe down your window panes and frames as usual.

Rugs – Disinfect and freshen up your rugs by spraying Zoflora on them to leave a lovely scent and make an unforgettable first impression on your guests.

Pet beds – To disinfect your pet beds, spray diluted Zoflora on them and wipe down with a clean cloth. Leave pet beds to dry before you allow your pets to use them.

Rubbish bins – Spray the interior and exterior of your bins with diluted Zoflora to eliminate or reduce the smell.

Car interiors – If your car is dusty, you can wipe the interior components with a cloth sprayed with diluted Zoflora.

Stinking outdoor drains – Are the smells from your outdoor drains disturbing your peace? You can eliminate them with Zoflora. Pour several capfuls of Zoflora into your drains, leave for some hours, then rinse with boiled water to eliminate the smell completely.

Office desks – Spray your office desks with diluted Zoflora and wipe them with a clean cloth. Remember that Zoflora should not be used on polished wood.

Pet carriers – Pet carriers are exposed to many germs, and you must clean them to keep your pets safe. Wipe them with diluted Zoflora and allow them to dry before use.

Keyboards – We use keyboards day in day out (hence why they are a hub for germs and dirt!) Use a paper towel sprayed with Zoflora to wipe the germs and dirt away.

Telephones – Spray Zoflora on a cloth and wipe your telephones to eliminate germs. Focus on the buttons when wiping.

Skirting board – Spray neat Zoflora on a clean cloth and wipe the entirety of your skirting boards thoroughly.

Do you have a Zoflora tip we haven’t shared above? if so let us know in the comments below.