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How to save money at Center Parcs

Center Parcs is a great destination for a family holiday, but it does have a reputation for being expensive. Even if you get the holiday itself for a good price, there is the potential to spend a lot of money while you are there. However, there are ways you can make the whole trip a bit cheaper. Some tips for saving money on your break can be found below.

1) Don’t Use The On-Site Supermarket

The supermarket that can be found on-site is useful if you run out of essentials, but the prices that you pay will be much higher than in other supermarkets. You may want to think about taking food with you, or seeing if there are any larger supermarkets near to the park you are staying at.

2) Don’t Eat Out For Every Meal

There are several chain restaurants that can be found at Center Parcs, but none of these are particularly cheap. If you want to eat at one of these restaurants but you are watching what you spend, then it may be better to have a meal as a one-off treat, rather than a regular occurrence.

3) Plan Your Activities Before You Go

If you have already planned the activities you want to do, then you are less likely to have any unexpected spending. Most activities can also be booked online in advance. If you do this before you go, then you can arrange a itinerary around these activities which makes it less likely you will go off-budget.

4) Bring Your Own Accessories

You can hire accessories for the activities you have booked, such as floats and arm bands for swimming, but you do have to pay for this hire. The same applies to tennis and badminton rackets. If you make a note of everything you need and bring it along with you, this is one of the simplest ways to save money.

5) Check Out The Activities In The Sports Hall

The activities that are offered at the Sports Hall are sometimes overlooked, but they can be really good value. They tend to be activities where you can spend a good few hours participating such as rock climbing, bowling and badminton. Booking a badminton court or bowling lane for a few hours can work out at a lot cheaper than booking individual activities.

6) Bring Your Own Bikes

Cycling is one of the most popular activities that can be enjoyed at Center Parcs. Some of the sites are very large and cycling is one of the easiest ways to get around. However, bike hire is very expensive, so you should try and bring your own bikes if you can.

7) Go Outside Of Term Time (if you are able to)

This may only be possible if your children are not of school age, but holidays in term time tend to be considerably cheaper. April and May are good times to go if you avoid Easter and Whitsun as there is still a good chance you will be able to enjoy some nice weather. Prices tend to go up as the dates get nearer, and so you can save a fair bit of money by booking some time in advance.

8) Make The Most Of The Free Activities

There are plenty of activities that you can do at Center Parcs which you do not have to pay for. There are children’s playgrounds which have enough to keep children entertained for a decent length of time.

9) Plan Indoor Activities In Case The Weather Is Bad

Taking a holiday in the UK generally means that you can’t rely on the weather. If you only have outdoor activities planned, then you can end up spending money you didn’t really want to on last minute indoor activities. Therefore, it can help if you have things planned that you can do in your accommodation in case the weather is bad.

Final Thoughts…

As with any holiday, a trip to Center Parcs can be as cheap or expensive as you want to make it. If you are on a budget, then the money saving tips discussed above can help you ensure that you are still making the most out of your trip. In most cases, doing a little bit of planning ahead means that you will be more likely to be able to stick to your budget.