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How to Make Money Fast as a Kid in the UK

Want your kids to stop asking for money for Playstation games, toys, Pokemon cards and other stuff? There are many ways children can earn money in the UK. Kids can do odd jobs, wash cars, water plants, paint fences, clean furniture, organise closets and much more. From money earned completing tasks and in addition to the little pocket money you give them, they can buy stuff they need.

In this guide, we explore ways children can earn money in the UK.

Sell DVD’s, Books and Games

There are several marketplaces in the UK where children can sell unwanted DVDs, books, games, and CDs. Here are three.


Get the free MusicMagpie app and sell your DVDs, games, tech, books and CDs. The app is quick and easy to use. It’s also compatible with your Android or iOS devices. Once installed, launch the app, scan the ISBN or barcode of your item and get an instant cash offer.

Next, pack the items in a box, book a courier or find the nearest ParcelShop. At MusicMagpie, a team will appraise your stuff. If approved, MusicMagpie will pay on the same day.

Every Christmas, MusicMagpie runs the Cash 4 Kids program where kids can donate unwanted CDs, DVDs, Books and games to children in need. To donate, visit the Cash 4 Kids webpage to learn more.


Another popular marketplace kids can sell their unwanted books, video games, CDs, DVDs, and tech is WeBuyBooks. As UK’s specialist book buyers, WeBuyBooks has paid over £20 million. If you’re looking for a stress and hassle-free way to sell books and other unwanted quick and easy, check out WeBuyBooks.

Here is how it works. Visit the WeBuyBooks website, enter the barcode or ISBN and click “Get Value.” WeBuyBooks will display an instant cash offer. If you’ve a unique or rare book, browse the WeBuyBooks catalogue of rare items. WeBuyBooks offers next day payments, free post and collection with a free post label.

In 2020, WeBuyBooks sellers made an average of £30.45 selling their items. For a better experience, download the WeBuyBooks app.


Trade-in your unwanted books, DVDs, CDs and games at Ziffit and get paid. Ziffit is B Corp and part of a circular economy. As such, they ensure that unwanted items do not end up in the landfill. They either recycle or resell all items.

To sell your unwanted items on Ziffit:

Download the Ziffit app.

  • Scan your item’s ISBN or barcode and receive an instant cash offer.
  • Pack the items in a box and send them via courier to Ziffit offices.

A team will appraise the items and send payment the same day. Besides using the app, visit Ziffit’s website, enter your barcode or ISBN, get an instant cash offer and send your items to Ziffit.

Jobs suited for Children

Car Washing…

Every parent with a car needs their vehicle washed at least once a week. With some sponges and a bucket of water, your kids can wash your car and get paid up to £5. As a kid, it’s important to ensure that you get it right. Otherwise, your parents will not ask you to rewash the car, which means loss of income for you. To learn how to wash a car, check out this YouTube video.

Dog Walking…

There are thousands of UK adults whose full-time job is to give dogs a walk or run around in the park. As a kid, you can earn up to £10 giving your neighbours four-legged friends a walk.

To advertise your services, we recommend creating flyers using Canva. You can edit one of Canva dog walking templates and include your services. Ask your parents to use their mobile number as your contact details. Distribute your flyers and wait for calls.

Window Cleaning…

You can clean the windows in your neighbourhood and get paid. For effective results, prepare a homemade window cleaning solution. Mix one part distilled vinegar and 10 parts warm water.

Add the mixture to a spray bottle. Spray the window with a lint-free microfiber cloth to remove dust, spray the entire glass surface and use a clean paper towel to wipe the solution. If streaks are present, use clean water to rinse the windows.

To advertise your services, create a poster using Canva’s cleaning templates.

House Cleaning…

The average hourly rate of hiring an agency to clean your home is between £12 to £20. In South-East and London, the prices tend to be high. As a kid, you can make up to £5 cleaning your parent’s home. This includes cleaning the toilets, shows, baths and mirrors. You also need to dust, vacuum, sweep, mop the floors and more.

Shopping for Elderly Neighbours…

Want to help out your elderly neighbours, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic? The elderly are at a higher risk of having COVID-19 complications if they become sick. You can shop for your elderly neighbours and keep yourself safe.

To keep safe, follow WHO guidelines such as using hand sanitiser and a face mask when outdoors. Wipe down the cart at the store, and when you get home, immediately wash your hands and groceries for your elderly neighbour.

Lawn Mowing…

Lawn Mowing is a classic way to generate income as a kid. It’s also a great workout. According to Rooster Money’s data, lawn mowing was the highest-paid chore for kids in the UK, averaging £2.86. This was followed by washing cars at £2.62, gardening at £2.08 and washing windows at £1.53.


Another classic way to make money as a kid is babysitting. Moms need a break, and if you’re good with younger kids, you can make £7 to £10 an hour. In cities such as London, you can make up to £12+ per hour.


Are you good at Math, History, Geography, Science or English? If you’re, you can tutor other young kids in the subjects above. Parents can pay you £2 to £10 to teach their kids and share your academic experience per hour. You can provide homework help and improve their study skills to achieve academic success.

Selling Homemade Crafts…

Make extra cash selling homemade crafts on Etsy, iCraft, Zibbet, Folksy, ArtFire, eCrater and HandMade at Amazon. You can create unique crafts such as planter picks, home office décor, jewellery, toys, Easter gifts and décor. Each online marketplace offers a custom URL making it easy for customers to find your shop. When you make a sale, the marketplaces will deduct a referral fee.

Make a Blog/ YouTube Channel…

Start a blog where you share plenty of ideas for imaginative play, science investigations, creativity and lots of fun. You can make money through ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, product reviews and sales.

As a child, you need to partner with your parents to use the platforms providing the services above. If you’re under 13 years old, your parents can create a YouTube channel where you monetise it through paid reviews and ads.

Final Thoughts

Getting the entrepreneurial bug is an excellent way to learn how to set goals and build confidence in yourself. It also helps you think for yourself. Not all the ideas above are suitable for all age groups.

Some are good for young children, such as tutoring and lawn mowing. While others, such as blogging, are suitable for kids 13 years and over. The good news is you can team up with your parents, guardian, older sibling or relative to make money.