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How to Be Part of a TV Show Audience in the UK

Live entertainment is a great way to experience a night out, but the tickets can be expensive.

The good news is, there are studios in the UK offering free tickets for comedy shows, panel shows, chat shows, and more.

Want to know how you can score these tickets? in this guide, we’ll discuss how to get free tickets for TV shows

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SRO Audiences

SRO Audiences is a premier television tickets company. Based in the UK, the company worked on several TV shows such as Birds of a Feather, Loose Women, TFI Friday, Live at the Apollo, and many more. They have worked on special events such as Adele at the BBC and the National Movie Awards.

One of the key elements of a successful TV show is the audience. To ensure studios have the right audience, they build a profile of each audience as per the production company’s requirements. Today, SRO Audiences has a huge database with thousands of audiences.

You too, can become part of the audience. All you need to do is apply for a free ticket. To do so, visit SRO Audiences website, and click “Current Shows.” The site will display a list of current TV shows and apply for the tickets, click “Tickets and Info.” Fill in the form and submit.

Bear in mind that the studio space is limited, but SRO Audiences regularly updates its sites with new shows.

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Applause Store

Want to be an audience on TV shows such as British Got Talent London or Big Brother? Applause Store is an authorised and award-winning one-stop ticketing company for TV shows. You can get tickets for chat, sitcoms, comedy, music and other entertainment shows.

Founded in 2001, Applause Store has been inviting people in the UK to be members of a studio audience. As an audience, you can witness first hand what goes on behind the scenes and see how your favourite TV shows are put together.

Applause Store represents some of the hottest TV shows produced by channels such as BBC One, BBC Two, Channel 4, ITV1 and MTV.

Some of the shows include:

  • Britain’s Got Talent
  • Dancing on Ice
  • Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway
  • The Masked Singer

At certain times during the year, Applause Store distributes free tickets for specials, pilots, award shows, and others. To get a free ticket, visit the Applause Store website and click “Be on a Show.” Browse the list of TV shows and click “Apply Now” if interested.

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Lost in TV

Lost in TV is an audience research company that recruits audiences for TV and Radio entertainment shows. Founded in 2003, Lost in TV has issued more than 1.2 million tickets to some of the UK’s hottest entertainment shows.

The audience research company recruits demographics based on:

  • Profession
  • Hobbies
  • Interest
  • Age

By doing so, the company maximises the audience’s profile and provides the production company with the best.

You ought to know that Lost in TV does not send out tickets to individuals randomly. You’ve to apply for the tickets. Here is how. Visit Lost in TV website and click on the “TV Shows” tab. The list of TV shows, click “Info + Waiting List,” register for an account and become a ticket holder.

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BBC Audiences

BBC Audiences is one of the largest providers of free TV and radio tickets. Each year, BBC Audiences offers thousands of tickets to TV shows. They include Strictly Come Dancing, The Now Show, A Question of Sport, and Breaking the News.

To get a free ticket, visit BBC Audiences website, and browse the list of available TV and radio shows. Each show may have one of the following tags:

  • Fully Booked
  • Available for booking

Click on a TV or radio show with the “Available for Booking” tag. Sign in and send your ticket request. Tickets are always provided on a first-served basis.

If a ticket is available, BBC Audiences will send an email with links and information about how to access the recording. If your application is unsuccessful, BBC Audiences will keep you on the waiting list just in case someone cancels their ticket.

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Beonscreen was the #1 site in the UK for taking part in TV shows. Founded in 2002, Beonscreen was born during a chat over coffee between Jon and Samuel-Dean. The founders aimed to create a platform that made the world of television accessible to anyone.

Today, the website has moved to a Facebook group which shares all the opportunities to be on TV as well as casting calls.

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Final Thoughts

Watching a live recording in person is entertaining and a great experience. For your best show at a seat, visit one of the sites above and book your ticket.

The early you book or reserve a ticket, the higher chances of scoring the best seat. Some of the ticketing sites may keep you on their waiting listing.

Just keep checking their pages or your inbox. Don’t forget to bring your photo ID and ticket on the recommended arrival date and time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about being part of a studio audience? Check out our FAQ below.

How can I be part of a studio audience for TV shows in the UK?

You can join a studio audience by applying for free tickets on websites like SRO Audiences, Applause Store, Lost in TV, BBC Audiences, TVRecordings, Chortle, and Beonscreen. These platforms offer opportunities to be an audience member for various shows.

Are tickets to be in the audience of shows like those on BBC Radio or TV free?

Yes, many shows, especially those on channels like BBC Radio and others, offer audience tickets for free. You can apply for these tickets through the mentioned websites.

Can I get tickets from third party websites?

While there are third party websites offering tickets, it’s safer and more reliable to use the official platforms like SRO Audiences or BBC Audiences to avoid scams.

What kind of shows can I watch as an audience member?

You can watch a variety of shows including chat shows, comedy panel shows, music shows, and more. Each website lists different shows, like Celebrity Juice or Loose Women, that you can choose from.

Do I need to pay for tickets to popular shows on hugely popular channels?

No, these channels often offer free tickets. Even for popular shows on hugely popular channels, the tickets are typically free, though you may need to apply well in advance due to high demand.

Are there age restrictions for being in an audience at a television centre?

Yes, most shows have age restrictions, usually requiring audience members to be 16 years or older. For younger audience members, they must be accompanied by an adult.

What should I do if I want to attend with family members?

If attending with family members, ensure everyone meets the age requirements and apply for tickets for each person. Some shows might have limits on the number of tickets per application.