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How to Cancel Amazon Prime in the UK

How to Cancel Amazon Prime in the UK

What Is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a service offered by Amazon which gives you free next day delivery on a wide range of items. There are also several other benefits that you get from being a prime member. The cost for Amazon Prime is £7.99 a month or £79 if you pay for a whole year in one payment.

What Are The Benefits Of Amazon Prime?

The main benefit of Amazon Prime is that you do not have to pay delivery charges if your order is less than £20. You will also get all items that are eligible delivered the next day.

Amazon Prime members also get to take advantage of special offers during Prime Day. During this event hundreds of products are discounted, but these discounts are only available to Prime members.

There are many other benefits that come with being a Prime member and a full list of these can be found on the Amazon website. Some of the most popular benefits are also listed below.

Prime Video – This gives members access to TV shows and movies which can be streamed on a TV or mobile device. It also includes access to Amazon Original shows and movies.

Prime Reading – You can borrow books and magazine from the Kindle store with Prime Reading. You will also be able to download one free book every month from the Kindle First picks.

Amazon Music – Over 2 million songs and one thousand playlists are available for streaming for free as part of your Prime membership. You can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited which gives you access to over 60 million songs at a discounted rate if you are a Prime member.

How To Cancel An Amazon Prime Trial

If you are still in your free trial, and you do not want to carry on with the subscription, then you should make sure you cancel before you are charged. You can do this from the My Account section when you log into Amazon.

If you have paid for Amazon Prime and you have used any of the services, you can still cancel your membership but you will not receive a refund.

Can I Cancel And Restart Amazon Prime?

You are free to cancel your Prime membership at any time and you can also re-join at any point in the future. If you have previously had a free trial, then you probably won’t be eligible for another one.

Can I Cancel Amazon Prime After Placing An Order?

You can cancel Amazon Prime after you have placed an order, but if you have chosen the next-day delivery option you will be unlikely to get a refund.

If the order has already been dispatched when you cancel the membership, then it is unlikely that cancelling will affect the delivery timescale.

How Do I Know When My Prime Membership Ends?

To find out when your Prime membership ends, you will need to log into your Amazon account. On the My Account page, there should be an icon for Amazon Prime which shows a little blue box.

When you click on this section of the page it will give you all the details of your Prime membership, including when it is due to end.

If you have set your account up to automatically renew, then it is important you remember this date so that you are not taken by surprise when the money comes out of your account.

Overview Of Amazon Prime

If you use Amazon on a regular basis, then you may find that Prime membership is worth it for the free delivery alone. It can be very useful to be able to get the items that you need next day.

The other aspects of Amazon Prime make it even better value for money. The monthly price of Prime is £7.99 and you wouldn’t pay much less than that for a standalone streaming service that give you access to TV shows and movies, similar to what you get with Prime Video.

The fact that you are able to pay for the service monthly or an annual basis also means that there is an option which will suit all budgets.