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How to Become a Product Tester for Boots

As a product tester for Boots, you will receive freebies such as cosmetics and skincare products. Becoming a product tester is a great way to shape how Boots develops future products and a chance to connect with other testers.

Boots is a leading beauty and health retailer with over 2,500 stores. They range from health and beauty to local community pharmacies. For over 165 years, the company has been using pharmacy-led expertise to improve the wellbeing and health of local communities.

They produce products only available at Boots, including skincare and healthcare brands. If you love Boots products, become part of the Boots Volunteer Panel. Want to know how to become a product tester for Boots? Keep reading!

What is Boots Volunteer Panel?

The Boots Volunteer Panel is a program created by Boots to gather feedback from users of its beauty, skincare and healthcare products. The volunteer panel consists of men and women who are members of the public and independent from Boots. This ensures that the products they test and the feedback they provide is open and unbiased.

Through this panel, product testers will get a chance to try some of the company’s own range, including cosmetics, sun care and more. Members of the volunteer panel usually test the safety and performance of the company’s products. This includes Soltan, No7, Soap & Glory and more.

How to Join Boots Volunteer Panel…

To join Boots Volunteer Panel, you need to be between 18 to 78 years old. The Boots Volunteer Panel is not open all the time, and they don’t allow everyone to join. The Volunteer Panel has a restricted registration. This is because the company is looking for a select group of volunteers to help balance the panel.

To apply and become a product tester at Boots, visit the Boots Volunteer website and click ‘Apply Now’ at the top of the page. Alternatively, follow this link –

Boots will require you to answer a couple of questions. For example, they will ask you to confirm if you live in the UK or if employed at Boots UK. The registration process has six steps for you to complete. This should take you less than 5 minutes.

Boots will use your personal information, including your gender to assess your eligibility for studies. The company will not use your personal information for marketing purposes.

Once you join the Boots Volunteer Panel, you will test a range of Boots products. This includes sun care, toiletries, cosmetics and skincare. You’ll also test products from Boots exclusive ranges such as Champneys, Botanics, Boots own label and more.

In each study, there are around 50 to 200 samples. These samples are usually sent on a first-come, first-served basis. At a time, you’ll only take part in one study. But there is no maximum number of studies you can take part in. Some of the studies require you to take a short rest period before another study.

Please note, product testers are usually recruited for studies on a case by case basis. This depends on the recruitment criteria. If you’re not successful, Boots will allow you to try again in a few months.

Home User Studies…

The Home User Studies involve testers testing products at home. Each year, Boots will send approximately 30,000 samples to product testers around the world. Details of the products to test are usually sent by email.

You can also apply to test products by answering a few screening questions online. If successful, Boots will tell you which product you will test. The samples are usually sent by Royal Mail. A letter will accompany the samples, and it will contain directions of use. Most studies require you to test the products immediately. Once you collect your samples from the local post office, open your parcel and start testing the samples.

As a tester, you’ll use the sample in place of your skincare or cosmetics products. Once you test the products, log in to your Boots Volunteer account and answer a couple of questionnaires. There are no right or wrong answers. All you need to do is provide your honest opinion. You’ve five days to send your feedback.

Boots use SurveyMonkey, an online software tool to generate questionnaires. Make sure that you don’t block emails from SurveyMonkey. If you’ve any known allergies, check the ingredient list. If allergic to the products, do not test the samples, but let Boots know why you did not test the sample.

Controlled On-site Studies…

Boots Volunteer Panel carries out Controlled on-site studies at the Boots Evaluation Centre in Beeston, Nottingham. These studies involve testing products and help the company understand different aspects of the skin and more.

Boots will send an invitation to the test by email. They send the email to testers within 30 miles of its Beeston facility. To meet the study criteria, Boots will consider your:

  • Skin colour
  • Age
  • Gender and other factors

You’ll have to answer a few screening questions before joining the study.

Appointments are usually confirmed via text. Boots will send you Volunteer Information via email before the appointment. As a product tester, you need to read the details thoroughly to comply with the study.

Product testers are also required to complete a consent form from the Study Evaluator. Once you complete the study. Boots will compensate you for your time. Payments vary per study, but you can earn between £10 and £125. Payments via Boots Gift Card for £20 or less or by bank transfer to your bank account. Bank payments are usually made between two to four weeks after completing the study.

Final Thoughts

The samples sent by Boots for testing have an expiry date. This date means Boots cannot guarantee the product will be safe for use, especially face creams. If the samples expire, dispose of them appropriately.

To qualify for more studies, keep your profile up to date. Complete the questionnaires on time and submit your feedback to Boots. The quicker they get the results, the higher the chances of qualifying for future studies.