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Hire a Unicorn

12 Places Where you can Hire a Unicorn in the UK

Are you planning special event and want to hire a unicorn here in the UK? well we have you covered with 12 places where you can hire a unicorn! 

Make your little prince or princesses day extra special with unicorn rides. Children are fans of unicorns, and coming face to face with these mythical creatures is a dream come true. By bringing unicorns and ponies to your child’s birthday party, you will create memories they will never forget.

Where you can Hire a Unicorn… 

Hire a Unicorn

1. Pampered Ponies

Location: Ockeridge, Wichenford, Worcester, WR6 6YW

Want to transform your venue into a magical unicorn utopia? Pampered Ponies are here to help. Based in Ockeridge, Wichenford, Pampered Ponies will keep the magic alive at your child’s birthday. Whether you believe in unicorns or not, your kids can ride a real unicorn at the Magical Unicorn stables.

A visit to Magical Unicorn stables goes for £60. Kids can enjoy a 1-hour experience riding and grooming the ponies. There is also an opportunity to take photos with the unicorn.

If Pampered Ponies visit your home, they will charge you £160 for one unicorn. An additional unicorn is £250. If you live within a 10-mile radius from Magical Unicorn, they will travel to your home or venue free of charge. Otherwise, they will charge you £1 per extra mile.

It’s essential to ensure that your children know that handling a horse is a risk. Ponies and horses can be unpredictable. To ensure smooth handling and riding, parents and children must cooperate with Pampered Ponies staff.

2. My Little Unicorn

Location: Ash Green, GU12 6EH

In Surrey, along a quiet country road between Guildford and Aldershot is a magical wonderland called My Little Unicorn. Home to nine ponies dressed as unicorns, the ponies live alongside twinkling lights, and more. Sweetpea, one of the ponies, is around 16 years old. Although she had a pretty rough start in life, she is gentle, kind and loves kisses.

Other ponies include:

  • Sparkle
  • Snowdrop
  • Indie
  • Rainbow Ruskin
  • Misty
  • Casper
  • Silver

Kids have the opportunity of riding, grooming and cuddling the ponies. To cater for all your needs, My Little Unicorn offers five packages. The Individual Unicorn Experience is for one child and the charges are £55. Your child will walk through the woodland with one of the unicorns. She will also pamper and groom the pony before riding and exploring the rest of the woodland..

The Mini Group package is for a group of six children. For one hour, the children will meet two of the unicorns, and each child will have an opportunity to pamper and brush the ponies. Riding the unicorns is also included for each child, plus the sole use of the play area. All this for £280.

3. The Princess Emporium

Location: Southend-on-Sea, Leigh-on-Sea

If your little girl loves princessing, then make her dreams come true at the Princess Emporium. Founded by Eleanor Softly after discovering the world of princessing, the Princess Emporium can add a wow factor to your child’s birthday.

You can book a unicorn to attend your child’s event. The unicorns love to give rides and hugs. Kids and guests can stroke the unicorns and create memories by taking pictures.

There are three packages on offer:

  • Silver – 30-minute appearance – £75
  • Gold – an hour appearance – £125
  • Platinum – two-hour appearance – £195

To add more magic to your kid’s birthday or event, you can hire your child’s favourite princess from the Princess Emporium. So whether your child’s favourite princess is Cinderella, Snow White or Elsa from Frozen, she will arrive at the event in the actual costume.

To ensure your child’s favourite princess arrives, book early – at least four weeks in advance.

4. Liliput Ponies

Location: Cheapside, Waltham DN37 0HX

At Liliput Ponies, you can hire ponies for your child’s event. Best suited for boys and girls between 2 and 11 years, Liliput Ponies can bring one or more of their beautiful and friendly ponies to your event.

Kids can spend the day getting pony rides and giving the little ponies cuddles and hugs. Alternatively, they can bring two ponies for 90 minutes. Frankie and Blaze, the ponies, will provide pony rides to all your guests along with pampering and decorating.

You can choose to meet the unicorn for a magical private one hour visit at Liliput Ponies. This is a special treat for kids where two children can meet, pamper, ride and decorate the little unicorns in Waltham Grimsby.

To have a memorable day, choose one of the pricing plans below:

  • Pony Club Saver – £100
  • Party Deposit – £30
  • Pony Club Membership – £25
  • Christmas Unicorn – £10

Besides kids events, Liliput Ponies also caters to weddings and they can bring ponies for the little guests on your special day. Liliput Ponies will even match them with your wedding colours.

5. Raspberry Fields Pony Parties

Location: Raspberry Fields Brook Lane Warrington WA36DT

Make magical memories for your child with Raspberry Fields Pony Parties. Located in Warrington, they specialize in providing fun-filled pony parties for boys and girls.

Their most popular package is the Special Pony Appearance. For £150 an hour, they will bring one of their beautiful ponies to your child’s party. Just imagine the joy in your child’s face as a real-life unicorn gets to wish him or her a Happy Birthday!

Besides making an appearance at your child’s party, kids and guests can pamper and give cuddles to the unicorn. They will also have a chance to take photos. For an extra £50, the Raspberry Fields Pony Parties team can stay for 1.5 hours and offer pony rides for all. Travelling to and from your home is £1 per mile. To secure your booking, you need to make a non-refundable deposit of £50.

At Raspberry Fields Pony Parties, they embrace all that the weather sends their way. The party will commence, come rain or snow. They may adjust some of the activities, but they do so to suit your needs and circumstances. For example, when the weather is wet, they may decorate the unicorns indoors.,

6. Equine Dreams of Bawtry

Location: North View Farm, Bawtry Road, Tickhill, South Yorkshire DN11 9HA

Make your child’s party a little special with a visit to Equine Dreams of Bawtry. For £5, your child and guests can enjoy a pony ride – 4 laps around the arena. This is not a lesson but an experience. For riding lessons, parents can book at an affordable price of £5 for a 15-minute lesson. Each lesson is inclusive of body protection and hats.

Equine Dreams of Bawtry also offers unicorn rides. For £10 per child, your child can experience a magical moment. Unicorn rides are available every day except Wednesdays. This is a rest day for the animals.

You can hire unicorns, ponies, horses, and alpacas for your private functions, hen parties, and weddings. The animals are thoroughly trained, and each animal is usually accompanied and supervised the whole time by experts.

Equine Dreams of Bawtry now offers educational days. Open to all ages 7 and over, students can learn what it takes to run a thriving equestrian riding centre.

7. Horsedrawn Occasions

Location: Woodside Farm Far Laund Belper Derbyshire DE56 1FP

Family-owned since 1932, Horsedrawn Occasions has been giving children a magical experience like no other. You can hire their beautiful white unicorns either individually or as a group. You can even hire a unicorn pulling one of their carriages. Choices include the Cinderella carriage or Christmas Leigh.

The Cinderella carriage is suitable for other occasions, including weddings and proms. It has removable, transparent sides and a roof. As such, it’s perfect for use in all weathers. So, if you’re looking for a real fairy tale experience for your child, this is the best option to make her feel like a princess.

As part of the package, Horsedrawn Occasions provides coachmen. They are smartly dressed in top hats and formal attire. Before your wedding or party, you can request a dry run of the route. This will ensure that the coachmen are familiar with it, and the day will go without a hitch.

Horsedrawn Occasions holds a certificate of competence from the British Driving Society. This certificate proves that the coachmen are fully trained to drive horses and carriages on the highway.

8. Clip Clop Pony Rides

Location: 1 Woodhall Farm Cottages, Blenheim Lane, Nottingham, NG6 8UR

Clip Clop Pony Rides specialises in themed pony parties. You can choose from Princess, Disney, Fairy, and SuperHero inspired pony parties and more. For £45, Clip Clop Pony Rides performers will arrive at your venue in costume to make your child’s day special.

There are three more packages to select from:

  • Package 1 – £150
  • Package 2 – £260
  • Package 3 – £330

The ponies are well trained to give rides to children of all ages, abilities and disabilities. They are suitable for children aged 2 to 12 years. However, Clip Clop Pony Rides has set a weight limit of 8 stone.

They also provide free helmets, fencing and safety notices. Their experienced staff supervise the ponies during all visits, rides, meet and greet. For any educational visits, Clip Clop Pony Rides will come along to your venue. The experienced staff will provide educational information on how to clean the ponies, care, and tack up daily.

9. Cheshire Unicorns

Location: Brookfield, Willington Road, Oscroft, Tarvin, Chester Cheshire CH3 8NL

Bring the magic to your child’s party with unicorns from Cheshire Unicorns. Founded by Amanda Keech in 2008, they have been providing a fun-packed party with their white and chestnut unicorns. Suitable for ages 2 to 10 years, the unicorn parties offer an excellent opportunity for kids to groom, decorate and ride ponies.

Cheshire Unicorns offer a range of activities at affordable prices. For £280, your child and guests will enjoy a pony ride around their obstacle trail. Along the way, they will collect goodies. Besides goods, kids will also enjoy creating a unicorn craft item they can take home.

In summer, Cheshire Unicorns have a wildlife theme around the orchard with a few ornaments for kids to spot as they ride ponies. Set in a natural orchard setting, you can have a short unicorn photoshoot to create special memories for your child. Of course, photoshoots may differ and depend on the weather.

Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before the party starts. This gives Cheshire Unicorn time to ensure the unicorns are ready for the surprise at your child’s party.

10. London and Cambridge Pony Parties

Location: Thriplow, Royston SG8 7RS

Take the stress out of your child’s party with pony rides from London and Cambridge Pony Parties. For £250, your child and guests will enjoy 1.5 hours of a pony ride. In addition, they will groom, decorate and cuddle the ponies. This package caters to 10 children aged 2 to 8 years old. Safety hats, trained and uniformed staff are always included.

For £350, London and Cambridge Pony Parties will provide two beautiful riding ponies. Children and guests will get to ride the ponies for 1.5 hours, decorate and groom them. This package caters to 20 children.

You can choose to add a princess character or entertainer to your unicorn party package. London and Cambridge Pony Parties partners with the Play People to provide entertainers. Trained and experienced, the performers will entertain and engage your child and guests all day.

London and Cambridge Pony Parties caters to boys too and there are a lot of boyish characters available.

Hire a Unicorn

11. Suffolk Pony Parties & Events

Location: Glass & Craft, Kersey Mill, Hadleigh.

Suffolk Pony Parties & Events is a family-run pony party and pony hire business. Based in Ipswich, they provide pony rides for children’s birthday parties, school fetes, weddings and corporate events.

There are three packages to choose from:

  • Standard pony party package
  • Unicorn pony party package
  • Kersey Mill Pony and Craft Party package

In each package, children and guests get to spend 1 to 1 ½ hours with ponies from Suffolk Pony Parties & Events. Children will meet, greet, ride and groom the ponies and each child will also receive a souvenir. These packages cater for up to 15 children.

If you’re just after pony rides only for your child’s event, Suffolk Pony Parties & Events will provide a pony for £120. This is for an hour only. For an extra £50, you can add 30 more minutes to your child’s birthday party. This will ensure that each child has adequate time to take part in all activities.

Each child receives a pony postcard to take home besides a fun-filled experience. To secure your booking, deposit £50. If the party is within 15 miles, Suffolk Pony Parties & Events will not charge extra for mileage.

Hire a Unicorn

12. Little Party Heaven

Location: 45 Perth, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 2PT

Meet, greet and ride a magical unicorn at Little Party Heaven. For £175 to £235, children and guests can also decorate the unicorn with bows and feed her carrots. This is not inclusive of travel costs to your location.

Little Party Heaven can also provide 2 ponies for your child’s birthday. For this package, the cost is £500, and children will get to spend 2 to 4 hours with the ponies. You can book additional ponies, but this will cost you £200 per pony.

Throughout your child’s party, Little Party Heaven trained and experienced staff will supervise the ponies. They will also offer pony rides and ensure children and guests have safety wear.

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