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FREE Knitting Patterns

All the Websites where you can find FREE Knitting Patterns Online

Looking for free knitting patterns online? well we have you covered! 

To overcome boredom, many people in the UK have started to knit. Research shows that there are over 7.3 million knitters in the UK. Of these, 86% of UK knitters grab their knitting needles to relax after a stressful day. In fact, most knitters agree that knitting decreases anxiety levels and gives you a sense of happiness.

As a knitting fan, you can create lots of things from blankets and scarves to sweaters and toys. But as a beginner, you’re limited to the basics of knitting. The good news is there are free knitting patterns online! in this guide, we explore free knitting patterns online.

FREE Knitting Patterns

Lets Knit…

Lets Knit has a great selection of free knitting patterns. In fact, the site offers more than 100 knitting patterns for download. The knitting patterns are available in different categories. Such categories include baby items, animals, garments, hats, mittens and gloves. To find a suitable knitting pattern, select one of the categories.

For example, you can select the baby and children’s unicorn dress. This knitting pattern can help you knit the perfect little dress for any unicorn fan. It includes bright colours and designs. If you’re trying the intarsia technique plus the fringed mane and tail, this knitting pattern is for you.

FREE Knitting Patterns

Style Craft Yarns…

Looking for free knitting patterns to make wool jumpers, cardigans and sweaters? Style Craft Yarns is home to all things woolly. Launched in 1989, it quickly established itself as a leading knitting wool and crochet expert. For three decades, Style Craft Yarns has offered high-quality yarns and free patterns to knitting fans in the UK.

To download your free pattern, visit Style Craft Yarns website, and browse the available collection. Click one of the patterns and download the pdf file to your device.

FREE Knitting Patterns


Discover free knitting patterns for everything from cardigans to toys and jumpers at Prima. Prima is a women’s monthly magazine with a readership of 95% female. Of these, 66% are over 55 years. Founded by Axel Ganz in 1982, the magazine has a circulation of 307,012 as of 2014.

One of the most popular knitting patterns offered by Prima is the teddy bear. The pattern can help you create the cutest little bear complete with a knitted jacket that you can take off. As the perfect gift, the finished teddy bear measures 15 cm in height.

The teddy bear’s knitting pattern is in reverse stocking stitch with garter stitch ears. To make the teddy bear, you’ll need two balls of yarn.

FREE Knitting Patterns

Love Crafts…

Love Crafts offers a wide selection of free knitting patterns. Perfect for a beginner knitter, you can make jumpers, blankets and accessories. Founded in 2012, Love Crafts is a global community of happy crafters. As one of the top destinations for knitting supplies, you can download any free knitting pattern for your next project.

Popular knitting patterns available for free at Love Crafts include:

  • Celtic Myths
  • Fox and Bunny
  • David’s hat
  • Back Porch Shawl
  • Bunny Mini Cuddly Blankie
  • Leaves Fingerless Gloves

The free knitting patterns are available as pdf files. To download a free knitting pattern, click on the pattern’s image, then click “Download.”

Yarn Inspirations…

Yarn Inspirations is another website where you can download free knitting patterns. You can find thousands of free knit, craft, quilt, embroidery and crochet patterns. As a great place to source everything crochet and knit, Yarn Inspirations makes it easy for you to begin your knitting journey.

The free knitting patterns are carefully curated, and you can download any pattern you wish. All you need to do is visit Yarn Inspirations website, explore the free knitting patterns and download the pdf file to your device.

Besides free knitting patterns, Yarn Inspirations offers your favourite craft brands. They include Caron, Patons, Red Heart, Bernat and Sugar Bush. Every day, Yarn Inspirations adds new and innovative craft products.


For your next knitting project, check out Gathered for free knitting patterns. Whether you’re into knitting, quilting or crocheting, Gathered has something for you. Gathered is jam-packed with over 1000 free patterns.

You have free knitting patterns that can help you give your house a makeover. Examples include coffeetime, free fair isle big hug and your heart’s desire blanket pattern. Gathered also offers free children knitting patterns such as free baby matinee coat pattern and knit a baby sunhat pattern.

Besides the free patterns, Gathered offers free tutorials. If you want to improve your skills or gain new ones, check out Gathered tutorials. They’ve video guides for beginners which you can upgrade with Gathered’s free masterclasses.


Deramores boasts of a wide selection of free knitting patterns for women, babies, children and men. There are hundreds of free knitting patterns to select from. With everything from jumpers to blankets, the patterns are available in various textures and colours.

With the free patterns, you can create something extraordinary. Deramores adds new patterns every week. There are plenty of patterns to explore. Examples of free patterns include Vixen socks, Dancer socks, Christmas Present Bows and Pastel Mitts.

Using filters, you can narrow down your search of free patterns. You can filter your search by brand, fibre, weight, format, ball weight and more.

Nixi Needles…

Crafting is more than gathering materials for your project. It’s making something with your hands. Nixi Needles has over 100 patterns to choose from. As such, you’ll never run out of inspiration. The knitting patterns are easy to make. You can make knitted bathroom accessories, dishcloths, cushions, scarves and hats.

The patterns are easy to follow, even for anyone new to knitting. They only require a basic knowledge of knitting, crocheting and stitching. They come with instructions to help you select the best materials, size, stitches, colour and styles.

Lion Brand Yarn…

Lion Brand Yarn is a family-owned business passionate about helping knitting fans learn and enjoy to work with yarns. They have been supplying quality yarns and kits for knitting and crocheting projects for over five generations.

Today, they offer free knitting patterns for beginners and intermediates. These free patterns can help you make a pocket shawl, long loop scarf, an easy bulky cardigan, a sierra hat or a forest feline headband. To download your free knitting pattern, visit the Lion Brand Yarn website, and explore the available patterns.

All Free Knitting…

All Free Knitting is another website that offers free knitting patterns. From easy knitted afghan patterns to complex patterns, you can find them all at All Free Knitting. As a wonderful online resource for knitters, the free patterns can help you make cowls, hats, bags and more.

To download your free knitting pattern, visit All Free Knitting website, and search for your favourite free patterns. All Free Knitting allows you to filter the search results by categories. Once you find your free pattern, download the pdf file.

Plymouth Yarn…

Since 1964, Plymouth Yarn has been distributing high-quality yarns and knitting accessories. They make the yarns in angora, linen, alpaca and merino. These fibres are perfect for making adult garments and accessories.

Each free pattern has a unique code. To find a specific pattern, visit Plymouth Yarn website and search for the pattern. You can do so by selecting the brand, yarn number, pattern number, pattern type or weight.

These filters allow you to find the exact pattern you’re looking for. From there, simply download the pdf file to your device and start knitting.


Ravelry is a social networking platform. It functions as an organizational tool for fibre arts such as crocheting, knitting, weaving and spinning. Founded in 2007 by Jessica and Casey Forbes, Ravelry is free to use and has a user-friendly interface.

Headquartered in Boston, Ravelry has made millions of crocheters and knitters around the world happy. Ravelry has a rich database of free knitting patterns. In fact, there are more than half a million patterns available for download.

To find your free pattern, filter your searches using one of the many criteria. But to get started, you need to sign up. This takes a couple of minutes. Once you sign in, you can search the directories for designers, yarn brands and more.

Purl Soho…

Purl Soho is best known for supplying quality yarns made of pure, natural fibres. Headquartered in New York, it provides supplies for knitting, sewing, embroidery and crocheting. Family-owned since 2002, Purl Soho has been sharing free patterns with knitting and crocheting fans.

To find the free patterns, visit Purl Soho website, and under the “Create” menu, you’ll find the patterns. They’re grouped as follows – knit, sew, crochet, embroider, and weave.

Knit Picks…

Knit Picks is a community of fibre lovers committed to working with designers, models, entrepreneurs and knitting fans. Founded in 2002 by Bob and Kelly Petkun, Knit Picks supplies yarn, kits, needles, hooks, and other knitting and crocheting tools.

Besides supplying the tools above, they offer free patterns. To find your favourite pattern, visit Knit Picks website and search. You can filter the search results by categories or patterns.

Vogue Knitting…

Vogue Knitting is a magazine published biannually. It includes yarn reviews, knitting designs and interviews with designers. First issued in 1932, Vogue Knitting publication schedule was five issues a year before they reduced it to two.

As one of the world’s celebrated knitting magazines, Vogue Knitting offers free patterns. Examples of free patterns include amber leafy coat, garter shrug, Celtic flame coat, mobius hat and baby blankets.

Webs Yarn…

Webs Yarn is a second-generation yarn store that has been the destination for crocheters, knitters and weavers. Founded over 45 years by Barbara Elkins and Donna Muller, Webs Yarn started by solely focusing on renting looms and teaching weaving.

Today, it’s located in Pioneer Valley, West Massachusetts. Like other yarn companies, they offer hundreds of free knitting patterns. These patterns can help you make items for people of all ages.

Free Vintage Knitting…

Free Vintage Knitting is home to more than 1000 vintage knits. These darling vintage patterns are full of nostalgic style, and you can create your own vintage-inspired wardrobe.

In this collection, you’ll find 1930’s to 1950’s vintage patterns, including cross-stitch and knitting. These knitting patterns tell a story, and they can give insight into what life was like in the early and mid 20th century.

Free Knit Patterns…

If you love knitting and want to grow your skills, check out Free Knit Patterns. The website has more than 600 free knit patterns and ideas. There are so many patterns to choose that they will keep your needles busy all year round.

With the free knitting patterns, you can update your home decor with new accessories. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, these free knit patterns can spruce up your home. To find the best knitting patterns for your project, visit Free Knit Patterns website and search for free patterns.

Remember, to download the patterns, you must become a member. Joining Free Knit Patterns is free and takes less than 5 minutes.

FREE Knitting Patterns

Fave Crafts…

Fave Crafts has hundreds of free knitting patterns. They’ve got knitting patterns for beginners and seasoned pros. You can make simple and stylish items such as hats or complex projects such as quilts.

To browse the free patterns, visit the Fave Crafts website. You can sort the patterns alphabetically, according to the most popular or most recent. If you’re looking for a specific pattern, use the left panel filters to narrow your search.

FREE Knitting Patterns

Free Patterns…

Get unlimited access to free knitting patterns at Free Patterns. As your #1 source of free patterns, the site has more than 6 million members and growing. It has thousands of free patterns to choose from. You can find patterns for beginners, intermediates and pros.

Free Patterns also offers seasonal patterns such as colour block rug and fall foliage napkins. Downloading a free pattern is easy. Select the pattern you like, click ‘Download’ and save the pdf file in your device.

Knitting Pattern Central…

Knitting Pattern Central is a directory of free knitting patterns. Designed for beginners, intermediates and pros, there are hundreds of patterns waiting for you to discover them.

The free patterns are usually grouped in categories making it easy to find what you’re looking for depending on your skill level and project. To download a free knitting pattern, select one of the categories, and browse the available free patterns. Select a pattern and download to start your project.… is one of the oldest knitting websites. Since 1996, has been an incredible resource on knitting, spinning, and sewing. Founded by Sarah Bradberry, has a vast collection of free knitting patterns.

These patterns are available in the public domain. As such, they’re not copyrighted, and you can use them for your projects and share with family and friends. The site also hosts some of Sarah’s original designs and patterns. You can make stylish items such as bags, bookmarks, blankets, rugs, and cushions with these patterns.

Final Thoughts…

We hope our free knitting patterns guide will inspire you to create unique items such as scarves, hats, cardigans, blankets and more. Even if you’ve just begun knitting, these free patterns can help you improve your skills.

New to crocheting or knitting? We recommend starting with thicker yarn, crochet hook and large needles. Don’t forget to pick a simple knitting pattern. To improve your skills, keep practising with different stitches over and over.

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