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How to Claim FREE Pregnancy Bounty Packs in 2023

During my last pregnancy I shared a photo of the contents of a Bounty pack (which I claimed at ASDA) on my Instagram account and shortly after received lots of messages asking how to claim one (as this has changed throughout the years).

With my first two pregnancies I received all my Bounty Packs from a healthcare professional (after my Midwife appointments and Hospital Scans) but now bounty pack allocations have changed. You will receive your first and last bounty pack from a healthcare professional BUT to claim your second bounty pack you need to download the ‘Bounty App’ on your smartphone and collect your pack at either ASDA, Tesco or Boots.

In this guide I explain everything you need to know about claiming free bounty packs…

Bounty Packs Boots

What are Bounty Packs?

Bounty Packs are bags that you can claim during pregnancy that are filled with freebies for you and your baby.

What are the different Bounty Packs?

There are 3 Bounty Packs you can claim during pregnancy…

The Pregnancy Information Folder – This will be given to you at your midwife booking appointment (this is the folder you will store your maternity records in throughout your pregnancy).

The Mum-to-Be Pack – This pack is available to claim at Tesco, ASDA or Boots when you are 13 weeks pregnant (by downloading the Bounty App) inside this bag you will find a full pack of newborn nappies, a pregnancy buying guide and various other pregnancy related samples.

The Newborn Pack – This pack will be given to you on the Maternity ward after you have your baby. The Newborn pack is similar to the Mum-to-Be pack and contains lots of free samples, nappies and money-off vouchers.

How do you claim free Bounty Packs?

The only pack you need to claim is the Bounty Mum-to-Be Pack (as your first and last Bounty Pack will be given to you by a healthcare professional at your Midwife booking appointment and on the maternity ward when you have you baby). To claim your Free Bounty Mum-to-Be Pack, simply download the Bounty App and claim instore at Tesco, ASDA or Boots.

What Freebies are inside Bounty Packs?

Inside bounty packs you will find a range of baby and pregnancy related freebies. The Mum-to Be Pack which I claimed at ASDA contained the following…

  • A full pack of Newborn Nappies,
  • A Pregnancy Buying Guide with various vouchers,
  • A sample pot of Sudocrem with money-off coupons
  • a Newborn Baby Vest.

Bounty Packs ASDA

What to do if you click to redeem your Bounty Pack but it’s out of stock?

I had this issue! I clicked the button to redeem my Mum-to-be pack when I was at Boots but after checking for 5 minutes the staff couldn’t find any packs in-stock! luckily all I had to do was e-mail the bounty customer service team (via the app) and they reinstated the voucher on my account so I could collect my pack elsewhere.


Are Bounty Packs worth claiming? Definitely! babies are expensive and anything you can get for free is a bonus! personally I recommend claiming your Mum-to-Be pack at ASDA (as unlike Tesco and Boots you get a free baby vest) but no matter where you collect your pack you will still get a good selection of free stuff and money-off coupons.